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Keeping on top of medications can be challenging for seniors and their caregivers. People with memory issues might struggle especially with sticking to an accurate medication schedule.

This is a source of worry for caregivers, too. We all want to know that our loved ones are taking their medications without skipping doses, or accidentally taking too many doses.

PharmAdva loaned The Senior List® a MedaCube automatic medication dispenser and paid for an unbiased review and hands-on test of the product. All opinions expressed here belong to the writer and reviewer of the product.

Rochester NY-based company PharmAdva have developed an easy-to-use solution that takes all the worry out of medication dispensing.

MedaCube is an automatic medication dispensing system designed to make taking medicine simple for seniors, and to provide peace of mind for caregivers.

There are many automatic pill dispensers on the market today, but PharmAdva has gone the extra mile. They poured years of research and testing into their product, including seven different prototype stages, and over 600 versions of the software.

Product Review: MedaCube Automatic Medication Dispenser
MedaCube Automatic Medication Dispenser

Accurate Medication Management: The Results Are In

As part of their rigorous testing process, PharmAdva ran a clinical study at the St. John Fisher College Wegmans School of Pharmacy. The results were striking: The percentage of patients adhering to the correct medication schedule rose from 48% to 97%.

To our knowledge, this is the only medication dispenser on the market that has been clinically proven to improve medication adherence.

We’re impressed by how easy MedaCube makes it to take medications on time. This could have a real impact on seniors who have difficulty with scheduling and precise dosing of their medications.

Having an accurate, reliable automatic medication dispenser means they can stay independent, without the need for a caregiver present to supervise every dose.

Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

MedaCube Makes Loading Medications Easy

One of the things we love about MedaCube is how easy it is to load. Many pill dispensers rely on the user or a caregiver pre-sorting pills and carefully arranging each dose.

With MedaCube, caregivers can simply pour up to 90 days’ worth of doses into the machine’s bins, and tell the machine how much to dispense, and when.

With MedaCube, you can load up to 90 days worth of medications.
With MedaCube, you can load up to 90 days worth of medications.

There’s even a setting for as-needed medications, so users can access those when they need them, with no danger of overdosing. This could be especially significant for people taking pain relievers (opioids) or other mental health-related medications.

Caregivers are able to set maximum doses per day on as needed medications and if the user continues to attempt to get additional medications, the caregiver can be set up to receive a notification.

If the medications come from a pharmacy that uses QR codes on their bottles, the process is even faster. Caregivers can use the built-in barcode scanner on MedaCube to scan the bottle, and the unit will automatically enter all medication and dosing information into the software, ready to be dispensed.

MedaCube can also issue reminders for other kinds of medication such as inhalers or insulin. Although it can’t store these kinds of medications, it can send an alert when it’s time to take them.

Safety Features Add Extra Reassurance

PharmAdva have put a lot of thought into how to provide extra safety and reassurance for seniors and their caregivers:

  • Each MedaCube features a PIN feature that caregivers can use to prevent the user from accessing the meds once the doses are set – this is especially important for people with memory impairments, who might accidentally mess up the dosing schedule.
  • MedaCube has a 24 hour backup battery in case of power outage.
  • All medication bins are covered and sealed. The designated caregiver is the only one with access to medications.
  • Tilt-aware software means the unit knows if it has been tilted or dropped, in which case it locks down dispensing and sends an alert to the caregiver.
  • You can record a loved one’s voice to play at dose time and even have the MedaCube call the user to remind them to take their medications.
  • There is no chance of taking multiple doses together ever
Dispensing medications correctly and on time with MedaCube.
Dispensing medications correctly and on time with MedaCube.

Alerts For Users And Caregivers

Another thing we love about MedaCube is its intuitive alerts. Users can choose to receive their alerts by text, email or phone:

  • First, the system alerts the user when it’s time to take their scheduled medication. All the user has to do when they hear the alert is touch the screen on the MedaCube, and a drawer pops out with their medication dose ready to take.
  • If the dose is missed, MedaCube sends another alert ten minutes later.
  • Caregivers (and any other members of a “care team”) receive alerts whenever a dose is late or missed, and they can view a secure record of all doses dispensed (and which ones were missed or late) via MedaCube’s secure web portal.
  • Caregivers also receive alerts if the machine loses power and switches to battery power, if it is dropped or tilted, or if it runs into any errors such as machine faults or lack of internet connection. In the case of the machine switching to battery power, caregivers are sent a second alert when normal power is restored.
  • MedaCube also helps seniors and caregivers keep on top of refilling prescriptions by way of sending out alerts to caregivers several days before the supply of a medication is used up.

The alerts are one of our favorite things about MedaCube – caregivers can rest easy knowing they’ll be contacted at once if something is amiss.

What’s In The Box

Every order contains:

  • A MedaCube device
  • 8 regular and 4 large medication bins
  • All the necessary software pre-installed

What Does It Cost?

There are three ways to purchase MedaCube:

  • A one time no-contract purchase of $1,499
  • A lease-to-own arrangement of $59 monthly for 36 months
  • A cancel-anytime rental contract of $99 monthly

In comparison to several other automatic medication dispensers we have looked at, MedaCube is competitively priced with the lease-to-own option.

We love how intuitive and easy to use MedaCube is. PharmAdva has made it incredibly easy for caregivers to load the machine and set it to dispense up to 90 days’ worth of meds. We also appreciate the addition of extra safety features and alerts that will help keep seniors and our loved ones safe.

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  1. I want to purchase 6 smaller containers to go with the 16 cups that I ordered with the medacube that is on order now. Can you provide me the address, e-mail or phone number when I can get them. Thanks.
  2. Have owned my Medacube for a month, and I cannot say enough good about this machine. It is simply unbelievable what this machine does. 100% Pleased in every way, and would strongly recommend it, to anyone who might be in doubt about purchasing the Meda Cube. I have used other dispensing machines, and NOTHING comes close to Meda Cube
  3. My father-in-law is hard of hearing. How loud is the alert? Is it high or low pitched? Is there a flashing light as well?
  4. I travel frequently and require something that can pre-dispense medication into my travel med pouches. Does this allow for pre-dispensing of medication? I currently sort my meds monthly to avoid the daily hassle but even the monthly sorting is a chore at times so I may end up a few days of not taking my meds until I get a block of time to sort my medications and supplements. An automatic dispenser would handle that inconvenience but also need to be able to take my meds while I travel.
  5. This device is so much better than the other medication dispensers in its class. I’ve tried the Livi – hated it. The Hero can’t do half the things this machine can do. It is so intuitive and user-friendly. I have owned mine for a little over a week now, and cannot say enough good things about it. The best part is that PharmAdva lowered the price $200 to $1299, which made it much more budget-friendly. While this a major expense at the time of purchase, it will pay for itself over and over through many years of use.
  6. I currently live in Korea and am considering purchasing a MedaCube for my wife. I have an APO military address cand I receive a Cube via USPS?
    1. This think is life changing! I was always forgetting to take medications but now I never miss a dose. It was always a pain the the rear every week making up 3 sets of medications for morning, evening and bedtime. Now it’s automatic! Our daughter has an autommune disease called ‘mysinna gravis musk’ and has to take several medications several times a day. We bought one for her and I can’t tell you how much it has changed her life! She is just thrilled with it. This thing even makes my dog’s life better. I would keep forgetting to give him his flee and tick medication some months. Now my Medacube reminds me every month! One other thing that’s really cool about the reminders feature is it reminds you to take medications it can’t dispense like liquids, liquid filled packages etc. Lastly. it’s not cheap but I can assure you from my point of view that it has changed my life so much for the better!
    1. There is a section (above) called “Alerts For Users And Caregivers” that explains the missed dose verification process.

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