MedaCube Automatic Medication Dispenser

MedaCube Automatic Medication Dispenser Review

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MedaCube Automatic Medication Dispenser

In my many years working with older adults, I have seen that it’s often the little things that end up chipping away at one’s independence. Case in point, always needing to have someone around to sort, dispense and remind them to take their medications. In this respect, having an automatic medication dispenser can make a world of a difference.

I recently tried out MedaCube which has a reputation for being a dependable machine. Ever since I started using it, I have come to appreciate its reminders that encourage me to consume my supplements, in the right dosage and at the right times. I also appreciated the ease with which I used my MedaCube dispenser, making it ideal for the less tech-savvy among us. Read on as I take you through my experience of using MedaCube.

MedaCube Automatic Medication Dispenser
MedaCube Automatic Medication Dispenser

MedaCube Pros and Cons

In order to properly administer medications, many people make use of memory aids such as linking each dosage to specific daily tasks (like eating a meal); however, such mental strategies are seldom foolproof. That’s where MedaCube comes in handy, taking the dependence on memory out of the equation. In my few months of testing the device, all I had to do was place each of my multivitamins into its separate storage compartments and input my preferred dosage schedule. From then on, the dispenser would alert me with a chime or a pre-recorded message from a caregiver whenever I needed to take my pills. I only needed to press the touchscreen for the dose drawer to pop out and dispense my medicine.

Even when I forgot to take my medication (because I was not at home) I got notified on my phone. This was just 10 minutes after I missed the dosage time which is a helpful feature. Thanks to these reminders, as soon as I got home, I just pressed the get a missed dose button on the LED panel in order to prepare my medication. Then I clicked on the panel again, and the machine popped out the relevant pills. Talk about being user-friendly!

Note: If you wish, you can set your caregiver’s email and contact number for alerts, so that they can remind you to take your medication. It will also alert them if it’s time for a refill or if the machine doesn’t have access to power.

I was also impressed that MedaCube doesn’t require the pills to be pre-sorted. It automatically picked each dose as a set without any errors. It also shared alerts when my medication supplies ran low. To ensure continuous support, even in case of power-cuts, it also has a 24-hour backup battery, which I think is a pretty handy feature.

But, of course, with the good comes the not-so-great. Sure, the product adds great value in the lives of older adults, by ensuring their wellbeing. After all, according to the AARP 1.3 million people are injured per year owing to medication errors. Still, all of this comes at a premium. The cheapest MedaCube model comes in at $1,199. The machine also requires the user to tilt the dispenser’s medication drawer to secure the medicines. In the event of the machine falling, the dispenser’s tilt safety sensor would be immediately activated and would result in a complete lock-down of all the drawers to avoid spillage.

If you want to know more about what features to look out for in a medication dispenser, before making a decision, don’t forget to check out my article on best automatic pill dispensers.

Purchasing My MedaCube

Purchasing MedaCube was a breeze. All I had to do was scan their website to understand the product. Then I was asked to choose between a dispenser that either works on a built-in cellular network or Wi-Fi connection. I decided to go with the former to see how well it would function in homes of people that do not have Wi-Fi. I also had the option to pick how many medication bins I want in the device. Here, I went with a mix of four large bins and eight standard bins.

After making the product selection I had to decide whether to purchase from Best Buy, Amazon or the brand website. I chose to buy my new MedaCube from the company’s website. I simply had to fill out my shipping and billing information. MedaCube also shared suggestions on the best cellular carrier for my residence, which would come at an additional cost of $30 per month. And that’s it! The device was shipped to my house for free.

Did You Know: There is a cheaper option to buy a refurbished dispenser. It even comes with the same one year warranty against manufacturing defects as a new model.

The MedaCube in Action

My first thought upon unboxing the MedaCube was how sleek it was. It came with the medication bins, instructions manual, power cord, keys to lock the pill bin slot, cell modem (for cellular connectivity), and all the necessary software pre-installed. Eager to get started with the dispenser, I plugged it into the wall socket and pressed the cell modem into a USB port in the back of the MedaCube. Then I toggled the power button which made the device boot-up. This was followed by a 5-10 minute set-up, which included connecting to the cellular network and registration process (including setting up your caregiver pin). Next, once I entered the newly minted caregiver pin, I was presented with a bunch of options on the device’s LED ranging from adding new medicines to setting up audio reminders and scheduling medications.


It was quite easy to add medications to the unit, considering I just needed to input the name into the machine for it to pull up a record of medication variants. When I chose the exact strength and type from the list, I was shown a picture of the pill and asked to identify it. Since the list did not have an image of one of the multivitamins I was using, I decided to simply scan the barcode of the medicine with a camera situated in the front of the dispenser. The MedaCube can identify your medication via name, barcode or NDC. Then, I entered the size of the pills, accordingly selected a bin-size and specified whether it was a one-time or ongoing medication, and keyed in the schedule. Finally, I filled that medicine into a jar within the dispenser. I repeated these steps for all 5 multivitamins that I take regularly.

FYI: It can save you time if you get your pharmacy to add QR codes to your medication label, that can be scanned to MedaCube.

I also took some time to record a few personalized audio reminders for my night-time multivitamins, so that even if I fell asleep a little earlier, the machine could alert me of the dosage. When all was said and done, it took me about 3-4 hours to complete the initial set-up, but after this, refilling the machine was a breeze. When it was time to take the medication, I found the voice alerts weren’t quite loud enough. Then, I realized that there is an option to increase the volume of the notifications, via the caregiver menu! That fixed the volume problem right up!

Admittedly, it is a lot easier to manage medications with this device, over the standard pill boxes that require sorting and dropping each pill. There were even 20 customizable dispensing times to choose from to devise a medication schedule. While I did not assign a caregiver for my dispenser, it’s great that the device allowed caregivers to have complete control over changes in schedule, on-demand medicine restrictions, missed dose consumption, refills and even deletion of doses. This is especially critical considering 50% of older adults take medications incorrectly.

I even used MedaCube’s real-time, cloud-based portal to remotely manage schedules and monitor adherence, misdose notifications, low medication supply and power outages. I also thought it quite handy that dispensing information can actually be shared with my doctor or pharmacist.

MedaCube Costs and Competitor Comparison

MedaCube has a high one-time cost starting at $1199. Luckily, after this initial payment, there is no membership cost that needs to be doled out each month. The device was mine for the keeping, and I didn’t have any long term contracts to be worried about.

Unit type Price Cellular option Free shipping One year warranty 60-day money-back guarantee Other features
MedaCube (new) $1,399 Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • 90-day supply for up to 16 different medications
  • Recorded or pre-recorded voice alerts
  • Bar-code scanner Secure portal to access medication management data
  • Choose from 16 regular bins, 12 bins (4 large and 8 regular bins) and 8 large bins
MedaCube – Factory Refurbished $1,199 Yes Yes Yes Yes
MedaCube (new) – Best Buy $1,499 Yes Yes Yes Yes
MedaCube (new) – Amazon $1,499 Yes Yes Yes Yes

In comparison, brands such as Livi charge rentals of $99 a month, apart from an upfront cost of $130. So, effectively, within the first year itself, Livi will end up costing the user $1318. In terms of value, I think MedaCube is a much better option, since you at least end up owning the device.

I completed my trial well within MedaCube’s 60-day money-back guarantee period, and so the return process was quite smooth. I didn’t even have to pay return shipping. My experience with the unit was great, but in case you do need to return the working unit after 60 days, you receive a buy-back rate of around $250.

MedaCube Automatic Medication Dispenser
MedaCube Automatic Medication Dispenser

MedaCube Customer Support

There were some moments in the trial that I felt like needed some help. For instance, figuring out how to set non-pill dose reminders was a bit tricky. So I did what any consumer would do, called up MedaCube’s responsive customer support team. They were very attentive and explained each step of the process in detail. The MedaCube website also has a bunch of ‘how to’ videos to guide you through potential confusions on the product usage. This, coupled with the instruction manual that came with the product, is fairly comprehensive. So, it’s unlikely that you will need to interact with MedaCube’s customer team too much.

Final Word

From dementia to having a full-time job or a busy social life, there can be many reasons for forgetting to pop your pills or, worse, consuming expired medicines. Especially since 28.5% of those 65 and up live alone, it’s important that there is someone (or something!) who can manage your medication for you. In that respect, I saw that MedaCube ticks all the boxes when it comes to being a dependable and easy to use device that fit well with my lifestyle. Sure, the cost may be a concern; but if you have multiple medications that are tricky to manage, then this is well-worth the investment. It will also give your caregivers ultimate peace of mind via regular alerts and updates of your medication-related activity.

With that said, it can’t be denied that MedaCube does not pair up with pharmacies to offer free delivery of medication like Hero does. Another missing feature that stuck out to me was the lack of mobile apps for remote management of medication. For now, though, MedaCube’s web portal (with its detailed records of the user’s medication history) should do. Still, based on my experience, I would wholeheartedly recommend this medication dispenser. It’s a great way for older adults (or people of any age) to manage their meds safely and responsibly.


  • What are the best automatic pill dispensers?

    In my experience, automatic pill dispensers such as MedaCube, Hero, Livi, and Philips Lifeline are quite popular across senior living communities and older adults who wish to remain independent.

  • How does the MedaCube dispenser work?

    Once the unit is set-up by the caregiver, with scheduling of all the medication that is filled into the bins, it automatically alerts users (with an audio and textual alert) about when they need to consume their pills. Then, the user only needs to press a button on the unit’s screen for the right set of pills to be dispensed.

  • How can caregivers know for sure if need-based medicines are consumed?

    The device takes pictures before and after the medication is taken from the tray to make sure that the right medication has been consumed.

  • Does Medicare cover MedaCube pill dispensers?

    Medicare doesn’t cover the costs of any automatic pill dispensers, including MedaCube. But, what patients can try to avail is the Medication Therapy Management Program that will guide them on how to best consume their existing medications.

  • How much does the MedaCube pill dispenser cost?

    A new MedaCube dispenser costs $1399, while a refurbished one is $200 cheaper. There is no activation cost or long term contract. But those who choose to buy the cellular plan with the unit, will need to spend an extra $30 per month.


  1. Want to order 4 my granddaughter. She is left handed and can’t use her right hand. Will something ie saucer or? fit under the pill dispenser to catch them?
  2. This is a follow-up to my earlier post of November, 2019. I have now owned my MedaCube for over a year, and I am still in love with it! I have not encountered one issue with any facet of the machine. I stand by my original post that this is the best medication dispense out there – by far! Don’t even hesitate a moment if you are thinking about making this purchase. Yes, it is expensive – but in this case, the quality and the reliability of the device justify its initial cost.
    1. Thank you for the follow-up and feedback Nick, I’m so glad to hear it’s working out for you. Best, Amie
  3. I am right handed. The way the pill container opens is to the left, meaning you need t9 turn your left hand to get the pills and then put them in your right hand. It looks like it can be uncomfortable to turn your left wrist in order to get the pills. Does anyone have any comments on this before I purchase?
  4. I want to purchase 6 smaller containers to go with the 16 cups that I ordered with the medacube that is on order now. Can you provide me the address, e-mail or phone number when I can get them. Thanks.
    1. What is the cost of the machine when using the maximum amount of pills daily? I would need all 16 bins?
  5. Have owned my Medacube for a month, and I cannot say enough good about this machine. It is simply unbelievable what this machine does. 100% Pleased in every way, and would strongly recommend it, to anyone who might be in doubt about purchasing the Meda Cube. I have used other dispensing machines, and NOTHING comes close to Meda Cube
  6. My father-in-law is hard of hearing. How loud is the alert? Is it high or low pitched? Is there a flashing light as well?
  7. I travel frequently and require something that can pre-dispense medication into my travel med pouches. Does this allow for pre-dispensing of medication? I currently sort my meds monthly to avoid the daily hassle but even the monthly sorting is a chore at times so I may end up a few days of not taking my meds until I get a block of time to sort my medications and supplements. An automatic dispenser would handle that inconvenience but also need to be able to take my meds while I travel.
  8. This device is so much better than the other medication dispensers in its class. I’ve tried the Livi – hated it. The Hero can’t do half the things this machine can do. It is so intuitive and user-friendly. I have owned mine for a little over a week now, and cannot say enough good things about it. The best part is that PharmAdva lowered the price $200 to $1299, which made it much more budget-friendly. While this a major expense at the time of purchase, it will pay for itself over and over through many years of use.
  9. I currently live in Korea and am considering purchasing a MedaCube for my wife. I have an APO military address cand I receive a Cube via USPS?
    1. This think is life changing! I was always forgetting to take medications but now I never miss a dose. It was always a pain the the rear every week making up 3 sets of medications for morning, evening and bedtime. Now it’s automatic! Our daughter has an autommune disease called ‘mysinna gravis musk’ and has to take several medications several times a day. We bought one for her and I can’t tell you how much it has changed her life! She is just thrilled with it. This thing even makes my dog’s life better. I would keep forgetting to give him his flee and tick medication some months. Now my Medacube reminds me every month! One other thing that’s really cool about the reminders feature is it reminds you to take medications it can’t dispense like liquids, liquid filled packages etc. Lastly. it’s not cheap but I can assure you from my point of view that it has changed my life so much for the better!
    1. There is a section (above) called “Alerts For Users And Caregivers” that explains the missed dose verification process.

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