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Everything Medicare Covers around the House: Home Modifications, Equipment, Qualifying for Benefits and How to Prove Medical Necessity

June 8, 2020
Walk-in tubs, hospital beds and wheelchair ramps are among the many home modifications and devices keeping seniors safe. They don’t come cheap, but government programs such...
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Caregiving and Senior Safety Products

June 4, 2020
Whether they’re a trained professional being paid to visit a client’s home so they can dispense medication and help them with physical therapy or they’re a family member driving...
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Living Will and Advance Care Directive: Stats and Facts to Know in 2020

June 1, 2020
What makes life worth living to you? At any age, but especially as you advance in years, it is important to consider what kind of care you would want if you were suddenly not able...
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Nine Studies and Statistics that Show We Get Better With Age

May 30, 2020
Some things only get better with age, and we aren’t just talking about fine wine! Young people may worry about getting older, but seniors know you are as young as you feel. While...
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