Dunkin’ Donuts Senior Discounts in 2024

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Dunkin’ Donuts Senior Discount: What You Can Expect

  • As of 2023, Dunkin’ Donuts (now known simply as Dunkin’) does not offer a company-wide senior discount.
  • Dunkin’ may have dropped their senior discount, but several other breakfast chains, like Denny’s, still have theirs. To learn more, read our updated list of senior discounts on restaurants.
  • Dunkin’ used to have a partnership with AARP, wherein AARP members would receive a free donut with the purchase of a large drink. This partnership ended in 2018.

Dunkin’ Donuts Senior Discount

While Dunkin’ does not offer a company-wide senior discount, in our nationwide survey, we found that a number of Dunkin’ locations did offer a 10% discount to those aged 55 and older.

This discount, however, was available at less than half of the locations that we contacted. Next time you’re grabbing a cup of coffee, be sure to ask them if they have any type of discount for seniors.

Dunkin’ Donuts Military Discount

Dunkin’ does not offer a discount to veterans or members of the military. In some airports, however, you can find an airport-wide discount that will apply to your Dunkin’ order.