TJ Maxx Senior Discount in 2024

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TJ Maxx Senior Discounts: What You Can Expect

  • As of 2023, TJ Maxx does not offer a company-wide senior discount.
  • Some TJ Maxx locations do have senior discounts that offer 10% discounts on regularly-priced merchandise.
  • For stores that offer these discounts, a person must be age 55 or older to qualify.

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Does TJ Maxx Have Discounts for Seniors?

TJ Maxx does not currently offer a company-wide discount for seniors; however, some individual locations do. After surveying dozens of locations across the country, we found the following potential discounts for people ages 55 and older:

  • 10% off regularly priced merchandise
  • 10% off regularly priced merchandise on Mondays
  • 5% off regularly priced merchandise

That said, roughly half of the locations we contacted did not offer any senior discount whatsoever. Because of this, we recommend contacting your local TJ Maxx store to find out their specific policy with regard to senior discounts.

TJ Maxx
TJ Maxx. Image via Shutterstock.

TJ Maxx Military Discount

TJ Maxx does not offer a company-wide discount for active-duty military members, veterans, or their families. That said, some stores will offer a 10% discount to these groups with proof of identification.