2019 Senior Discounts For Grocery Stores

We continue to have an incredible response to all of our senior discount lists, and thank each of you who has contributed input.  Many of the grocers on our new 2019 list of Senior Discounts For Grocery Stores have been verified. We attempted to reach out to all the Grocers on our list, but some were unresponsive. 

Sadly, the list for senior discounts at grocery stores has shrunk over the years.  Stores are utilizing points and rewards cards these days, and discount programs are being cut as a result (Kroger is a good example of a store that dropped their senior discount program – See below).

Be aware that discount policies change from time to time.  They change at the national level, and they change at the local level. Our best advice for discount shoppers is to ask ahead of time so there are no surprises. If you know of a discount not listed, please help us build this list by submitting the information here.

Senior discounts for grocery stores.
Senior discounts are hard to find, but they are out there!

2019 List of Senior Discounts in Grocery

American Discount Stores: 10% off every Monday (62+) verified
Bi-Lo: 5% off every Wednesday (60+) verified
Compare Foods Supermarket: 10% off every Wednesday (60+)
DeCicco Family Markets: 5% off every Wednesday (60+) verified
Fred Meyer senior discount: 10% – 15%, depending on dept., first Tuesday of each month (55+) verified
Fry’s Food Stores: 10% off on the first Wednesday of every month (55 +) verified

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Gristedes Supermarket: 10% off every Tuesday (65+)  verified
Harris Teeter: 5% off every Thursday (60+) verified
Hy-Vee: Says “Yes” (but discount policy varies by locale) verified
Kroger: No senior discounts anymore – Boooo 🙂 verified
New Seasons: 10% off every Wednesday most items (65+), 10% off every Tuesday for military verified
Piggly-Wiggly: 5% every Wednesday (60+) verified
Publix: 5% off every Wednesday ONLY in Tennessee, North Carolina and the northern portions of  Alabama, South Carolina and Georgia (60 +) verified
Uncle Guiseppe’s Marketplace: 5% off (65+ on Wednesdays) verified

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  1. Fry’s (Kroger) in Tucson continues to honor Senior Discount Program the 1st Wednesday of every month. Kudos to these grocers in Arizona

  2. The Lowes grocery stores in the Myrtle Beach, SC area give a senior discount of 5% on Wednesdays. In addition, the Lowes in Murrells Inlet, SC has a related gas station where they give a $0.05 discount per gallon (up to 25 gallons) for every $100.00 spent in the grocery store.

  3. Both Fry’s Foods and Fred Meyers are Kroger, so saying that Kroger has dropped it’s Senior discounts is false. My husband works for Fry’s and as I’m typing this he’s working Senior Wednesday as a Kroger employee.

    1. It might be true that Freddy’s has kept its discounts, but the Kroger’s in South Carolina has definitely dropped it’s Senior Discount.

  4. Well I guess I won’t be shopping at Krogers or Publix anymore. I live in Atlanta which is part of Northern Georgia so this list is incorrect. It’s not like the discount will make or break me but I’m very disappointed that they are disregarding their senior citizen clientele.

  5. My local Giant Food Store in Maryland gives a 5% senior discount every Tuesday. I am not sure if this extends to all Giant stores or not.

    1. We were told the same thing in Marietta, Ga. We are part of north Georgia, so this list is incorrect. Seniors who don’t have computers or smartphones (many don’t) won’t be able to take advantage of the reward points system. Once again, seniors lose. 🙁

    2. The publix at Laurel Canyon ( Canton/ Jasper) GA has discontinued. They just told us that today was the first Wednesday they haven’t given it.

  6. Is not nice for Kroger to end the senior discount when I finally got old enough to take advantage of it. Shame on Kroger.

    1. Yes my husband and I now shop around at different stores for discounts. When Kroger had Senior discounts we shopped there always but not anymore. So very sad !

  7. I thought Albertsons gave a senior discount on the first Wednesday of every month. Does this discount still exist?

    1. You have to check with each Albertsons to see which one gives the senior discount. In Alpine California they do not. In Yuma Arizona they do.

      1. Now that Albertsons has made the smart move to rebrand all of their stores to Safeway (following suit from Federated changing the holding corp’s name to Macy’s, Inc. and all the stores to Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s), due to bigger name recognition, will the Albertsons discounts (still the parent Corp.) pass on to all Safeways?

  8. That’s so sad and I would b ashamed if I was Kroger’s CEO s to discounted their seniors discount program. Most seniors don’t have the knowledge of how to do other programs, or the help to do so.

  9. Grocery Outlet
    S. Euclid Ave.
    Ontario, Ca 91762

    Offers senior Discounts every Wednesday 8-3 pm.
    I believe it is 10% Discount.

    Walgreen’s (all stores to my knowledge) offers 1st Tuesday
    of the Month 20-40% discount for Seniors.

    Hope the info. helps.

    1. Hi all. Fortunately I was mistaken about Gristedes canceling their senior discount. You don’t get it automatically any more. You need to get the loyalty card. Then MAKE THE SENIOR DISCOYNT IS PROPERLY APPLIED IN THE CARD. I was one of many people who got the card at my store who didn’t have the senior discount applied to the card. The manager took care of it and now it’s an automatic part of my card.

  10. I I was just in Publix in Tennessee and they discontinued their senior discount. So no discounts for seniors at Publix in Tennessee.

  11. I was in Giant Food in Fairfax Virginia last Tuesday and got a 5% discount. The cashier said it is every Tuesday. I forgot to go today to see if it worked again.

  12. I live in Fuquay Varina, NC (Raleigh metro area) and I received a 5% senior discount last Tuesday (Jan. 16th) at my local Kroger.

    1. We continued to receive a 5% senior discount at Kroger as long as we shopped there (through June, 2018). But now all the Krogers in Raleigh and Durham, NC are closing. We were able to use our Kroger card at Dillon’s stores out west (Colorado)…

  13. The Kroger stores in the Atascocita or Humble Texas Division DO NOT GIVE DISCOUNTS.. They also eliminated the senior discount card due to abuse they could have eliminated.

  14. Very recently (Nov. 8, 2017) my closest Bi-Lo told me that the 5% sr. discount is no longer. They said the Bi-Lo Plenti card “handles” the senior discount. I do not think so. Please verify.

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