2019 Senior Discounts For Grocery Stores

We continue to have an incredible response to all of our senior discount lists, and thank each of you who has contributed input.  Many of the grocers on our new 2019 list of Senior Discounts For Grocery Stores have been verified. We attempted to reach out to all the Grocers on our list, but some were unresponsive. 

Sadly, the list for senior discounts at grocery stores has shrunk over the years.  Stores are utilizing points and rewards cards these days, and discount programs are being cut as a result (Kroger is a good example of a store that dropped their senior discount program – See below).

Be aware that discount policies change from time to time.  They change at the national level, and they change at the local level. Our best advice for discount shoppers is to ask ahead of time so there are no surprises. If you know of a discount not listed, please help us build this list by submitting the information here.

Senior discounts for grocery stores.
Senior discounts are hard to find, but they are out there!

2019 List of Senior Discounts in Grocery

American Discount Stores: 10% off every Monday (62+) verified
Bi-Lo: 5% off every Wednesday (60+) verified
Compare Foods Supermarket: 10% off every Wednesday (60+)
DeCicco Family Markets: 5% off every Wednesday (60+) verified
Fred Meyer senior discount: 10% – 15%, depending on dept., first Tuesday of each month (55+) verified
Fry’s Food Stores: 10% off on the first Wednesday of every month (55 +) verified

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Gristedes Supermarket: 10% off every Tuesday (65+)  verified
Harris Teeter: 5% off every Thursday (60+) verified
Hy-Vee: Says “Yes” (but discount policy varies by locale) verified
Kroger: No senior discounts anymore – Boooo 🙂 verified
New Seasons: 10% off every Wednesday most items (65+), 10% off every Tuesday for military verified
Piggly-Wiggly: 5% every Wednesday (60+) verified
Publix: 5% off every Wednesday ONLY in Tennessee, North Carolina and the northern portions of  Alabama, South Carolina and Georgia (60 +) verified
Uncle Guiseppe’s Marketplace: 5% off (65+ on Wednesdays) verified

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  1. My opinion is that anyone who is a military vet or has worked to protect this country should be given every discount possible along with FREE HOUSING FOR LIFE. I am not a military person and have had relatives who were that came back after serving multiple tours and worked daily jobs. I am 61 years old and still employed as an elementary teacher in Los Angeles County, CA. I believe that once a person reaches 70 years of life they also should be given a 25% discount on everything. Discounts are a blessing. This just shows me that people in the business arena have hearts!

      1. Wore the uniform ? Free housing for life ? I’m retired ARMY……..honored to wear the uniform and serve with great (and some not so great) people who defend our freedom. But FREE Housing is a bit of a stretch. Somebody (probably young workers) would have to pay for it, and the opportunity for corruption and abuse would be huge. The journey is more important than the destination. Keep working, earn, pay, socialize, live, enjoy………’s all part of the process.
        And FAST FOOD discounts are an invitation to hurt your individual health. None of you should be looking for a discount to unhealthy food places.

    1. I agree with you totally Lynn… Will you please run for president??? It is a blessing to see that another person thinks like I do… Vets have to fight for proper health care… Now with this open burn pit they were exposed to when they were deployed is the new Agent Orange & they are refused treatment… What is wrong with our government??? My heart is broken for the Vet’s and Seniors… God bless America and God bless us….

    2. As a Veteran, i deeply appreciate your sentiment. But we must all be vigilant that in our haste to do good we do not let the Government control too much of our lives. Socialism is not free, it comes at a steep cost to our freedoms and ability to produce an income for ourselves. Serving the country was a great honor for me. It is what I believe I owed this country and my family, to help keep this country free for my future descendants. I would never want my service to be used as a reason to lessen those freedoms by taking money from others to make my life easier when I am able bodied and ready to make a living for my self. That cost is much too high for me.

      1. Thank you .Im 78 soon and I will never forget the lecture from my Father .You will never get anything from the government that’s free someone somewhere will pay.
        Thank you for your service
        Jerry USMC 1960/66

        1. Except the government that has the best pay and free healthcare for life. I feel that our service people should be permitted at least free or 75% reduction on health care along with middle class making only $50,000 a year or less. It’s time for the government to step up and get after the drug and insurance companies that are raping our economy.

    3. I get what you’re saying but I have questions and observations. Q1) who would (not should) pay for all the free? Tax dollars only go so far. You left out police, fire fighters, teachers, other working civil servants… Q2) and why 70? Let’s say you get your wishes and I have an opinion about your wish. I would say only those in active combat situation – because most of them (us) volunteer and qualify (Seal, GBs, PJ, CM, etc). Observation1, based on 35plus years of working with/in Services, DoD and the IC. Most, not all members of the voluntary forces, but a majority others were/are looking for a better life and CHOSE the Military as that vehicle – rightfully so. As a culture, like those who survived and even excelled during the depression, we need to start paying for the choices we make. Karl Marx was/is wrong Socialism (and it’s variants) doesn’t work and has yet to work – ask Venezuela (and there are other failed examples – Argentina). Peace

    4. Mrs Taylor,
      I’m a veteran of a few armed conflicts. I was part of the initial invasion by Special Forces soldiers into Afghanistan back in October of 2001
      (“Task Force Dagger”). And, am touched that many citizens appreciate us that much. I never really gave any thought to being treated any differently than any other law abiding citizen. To me, it was just my time. It was now MY turn to take RESPONSIBILITY (not job) to protect our country. And, to take something to the enemies doorstep, that was far beyond what their mind could have ever comprehended. We did you proud. That’s a promise. Yes, I’m 100 percent disabled now (unemployable), and am unable to work the most menial of jobs. It’s very embarrassing to go from being a Green Beret who could be sent anywhere in the world to take care of anyone else that needed help. Just, to come home and become a broken up gimp who feels he has no worth. There was a time when I had very lucrative job offers given to me if I wanted them. But then, all of a sudden the ability to function physically and mentally, got taken. BUT, IT’S OK..I PROMISE YOU, THAT IT’S OK…Even knowing the consequences, I would do it all over again without hesitation. Our children and grandchildren deserve to right to enjoy the freedoms that we’ve had. Freedom is not a God given right. It’s a God given opportunity. It has been, and will always be up to us to give our posterity that right. And you know what that entails. Of course, getting discounts is really nice. Especially, when your on a fixed income. But, I’ve never expected it from anyone. None of us did what we did for any financial gain. And, I know that you know this… We love our country and it citizens too much, to expect anything from them. My only wish is that I had my health and my family back. That’s all. And, of course, that the VA would at least give half an effort. Many thanks to you, and other like you, that want the best for us. To me…THAT’S GRATITUDE ENOUGH. It only solidifies my loyalty and gratitude to this great nation and it’s citizens. That torch of responsibility has now been passed down to my oldest son and son in law. I just pray to God that they never have to be a part of such inhumane things that we experienced. Again, THANKS for caring so much. It’s much appreciated. We’ll have to see how the discounts go. Either way, it’ll be ok…Last, thing. We didn’t half way do our jobs, nor did we give the enemy any discounts…lol. Thanks to all of you grateful Americans and what you do for us. You’re kindness will never be forgotten.

      1. Thank you for your service and for submitting you heartfelt message.
        Prayers daily for our military as I
        ,Experience many are leaders where ever they call home


    6. Agreed in principle but let’s not overdo it. They are people, not God’s. Most never face combat. Yes, reward them, but don’t give away the store. There are many non-military people that need help to let’s not forget them in a rush to try to make Heroes out of anyone who ever signed up for the military. You can be a deserving person who needs assistance without ever served in the military. Everyone deserves some help occasionally not just soldiers.

  2. I live in Southern California and the only name on that list that is out here is Kroger.Why Is this list so East Coast bias.If that is not it then why aren’t more out here?

      1. I live in the southwest, Henderson, NV 89014 & there isn’t one of those stores on the list out here!! Burger King gave a 10% discount in Iowa, but not in NV.!

      2. Here on Wichita Kansas I saw may a couple of them. We have Kroger, wiggly Piggly, and Hyvee in Manhahatten, KS. This city is very high end. One KS, University ,s is here. College town. It’s a 2 hr drive, it’s not worth it….rr

  3. Would also like to add to my comments is that I am going to the Dollar Tree for the first time in the morning. I am sure going to checkout what deals they have. Thanks for tip. Debbie

    1. I live in Texas. We have the Dollar tree here to and we have great savings. Thanks only thing is our county is poor since we live on the border of Mexico.

      1. I live in Ft Worth and the only stores we have thats on the list is Kroger and some of them don’t give discounts. I hit Dollar Tree alot but some of the stuff I use to get there is cheaper at Walmart so I go both

    2. None of the contributing stores are in the coastal or Central Florida area.
      Does AARP have any grocery discounts

  4. I am 62 and live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan . I have learned a lot from reading all your comments. I am a Registered Nurse but am on disability because I I can’t work anymore. I am going to check out all the grocery stores and find out if any offer a Senior Discount of any type. I am also going to checkout all restaurants and find out the ones that have Senior Discounts. I am like most of you and I live on a very fixed income and need all the help I can get. You will never know about a lot of things if you don’t ask because it is obvious that these discounts are not advertised. I never knew that restaurants that I have been to offered Senior Discounts. I sure will be asking from now on. I hope that everyone will follow suit and do the same, ASSUME NOTHING! Thanks for listening and remember to ask. Debbie

    1. I will! Thanks for the information. I did know that Taco bell and Burgerking has senior discounts. Sammy Lynn

    2. Knowledge is power and the power of connection is what we must do to survive… Our Government is letting an outdated system carry on… Together we stand, divided we fall… Our country is extremely divided… Your journey sounds parallel to mine… Stay strong Debra

  5. I have just read all of your comments. 1. Personally anyone over 55 or 60 should be ENTITLED to all discounts in every store. We have worked a lot harder being baby boomers. 2. Where the hell do these kids think they are entitled to beg, borrow or take money that they need. We never borrowed. We worked went to school and bettered ourselves. Today’s kids (under 50) think they deserve it. People please go spend your retirement on yourself. I know it’s hard to go from month to month, but even if you put $50-$100 away a month, you can go on a cruise. I’m in the same boat as far as my kids are to busy and they live 15 minutes away. Go figure. My husband and myself have given up. Now it’s our turn. I couldn’t be happier. They call when they want something, but we are busy. It has worked to the point of they will come over to our house now. I think they got the hint. Point is please do what your heart says. God bless and live life to its fullest. ❤️

    1. No one deserves any kind of reward for living. I don’t care how old you are. But to imply you should be entitled to it is awful.

      I am 68. Worked my butt off my whole one owes me anything, nor do I think I should be rewarded just because I didn’t die early.

      Young people are helping pay my Medicare bills.
      Young people are helping pay for my grandchildren’s education. And help with my roads, etc.

      If I get senior discounts, I am grateful, not entitled.
      Thank you for doing that.

      1. I’m sorry but I am retire I paid in to my retirement insurance and my social security benefits is not welfare I earned every penny and if I can get a Senior citizens discount don’t think I won’t

      2. I’m 65 and don’t get any senior discounts. I live in Nevada and the only store near my is Kroger’s. What about Wal-Mart?

    2. Amen, Linda… Same here!!! I set boundaries & yes it stings a bit… As you said, boundaries has warranted I am able to put $50 to $100 in my savings because I set boundaries… It is my turn … I am 71 & on a fixed income… I am not selfish, generous to a fault & was sinking fast… Until I lovingly set boundaries…

    3. Here and Virginia senior drinks at Wendy’s or quarter also McDonald’s at Burger King give a drink discount also. I usually ask for a discount wherever I go doesn’t hurt to ask you never know.

  6. 99 cent stores in southern California have great buys. Some things clothing, books etc cost more but fruits, vegetables, staples -bread, cookies, candy cards, etc are 99cents When I go to Cali. the first stores I hit are 99 cents. Same items not always in each store. Hope this helps.

    1. Along with Smith’s and City Market in Utah, king Soopers in CO . KROGER owns lots of other stores and they really tried to stop union involvement for insurance, pay, keeping hours below 36 per week. Knew one of their area mgrs who made a high 6 figure salary.

    2. Krov

      Kroger is unionized and service sucks at times also

      The parking is bad and not that cheap 2 shop. I use bashes more friendly service and not union!!!

      1. Unions were created to protect employees and to make sure their salary is steady and fair. Without unions you would not be getting raises for ‘cost of living’ and more. So stop knocking Unions, please.
        As far as service, I agree. I had my groceries stolen right in front of a Publix and the cart girl helped the thief load my groceries into the thief’s car. Employees are for certain not trained in personable customer service regardless if Union or non-union.

        1. Thanks unions made America strong. Kroger’s treats their employees well. Customer service leaves something to be desired in all stores. Note I am not or have been an employee of kroger’s.

  7. Check with your Dr sometimes they will give you samples of your med helps alittle or check with drug company who makes your med some give discounts ….I have Bl cross Blue shield federal from working Cival Services and pay $150 a month and chose not to take medicare….why pay both….thank God…it works for me…for now…Flordia….dont be proud always ask for discount…and some restrauants allow you to eat off kids menu…Winn Dixie in Fl has alot buy one get 1 free….maybe shop with a friend and split your groceries even eat out and share a meal we dont eat as much…nice food good company…

  8. I pray God Jesus Christ will take care of all of us seniors as we need all the help we can get. I am 73 and am tired of being treated so bad by my blood family. I never hear from them, and all I ask is for them to text me saying “hi, how are you” God bless you, Margaret

    1. Dearest Margaret, My heart aches hearing that your family isn’t as supportive as you need them to be. I pray that God sends you a true friend or companion to assist each and helps to fill up your day with no strings attached. God bless you.

      1. It’s time 4 u 2 adopt an outside family. Visit a nursing home & take them a fruit tray; volunteer 2 read 2 kids @ school; lead a group of women ur age 2 collect items 4 other seniors who aren’t as active ( u may find them n ur church). I visit the sick from my church on Sundays after church services. There r ways 2 adopt a family even if ur blood family is missing n action. No time 2 pine over what u don’t have!

        1. Saying no time to pine, in this case is rude and hurtful. Unless you find yourself in that position, hooky can’t understand. Your advice was good, up tho that point.

          1. Very true Barb. You never know what the extent of another’s burdens in life might be. Too bad it’s not so cut and dry or easy.

        2. Hi.. you say that Publix gives discounts in northern Alabama… can you tell me if that includes Huntsville/Madison stores.. that is where I shop when I visit family there.

        3. Great comments Earnie!
          I’ll pass your thoughts to my son since he was s long haul trucker for many years.

        4. Thank you, Earnie for your message… This is how I grew up & carry on the tradition as this is what my parents would want me to do… Doing this fills my ❤️… Be well and carry on… God bless you for being an Earth Angel….

    2. Hello Mrs. Margaret’ I don’t know you. But I read your post about your family. I am so sorry that they don’t check on you from time to time. But if it helps in anyway. I’m saying GOOD morning to you and hope you have a blessed day. Enjoy your self and know that GOD always answers prays. Love you and continue to 😃.

        1. Hello Ms Margaret, I feel like almost everyone I love has left this world. Parents, 4 brothers, husband, so many close friends. I do have a small family left and 2 little dogs that love me always. Couldn’t have made it without my faith in Jesus. I thank him daily. So my point is, you already have new friends on here. If you feel safe, share a text number or facebook. I would check on you. Maybe you know a safe way we could just say hi.

    3. We feel the same way, just a tiny text
      Now & then would make a big difference in feeling loved or not loved, but dont count on others for that , wha,wha, do something for others ,that’s where we will feel love ,in your home town,not your family, family can take advantage or you.👍🤛

    4. I know the feeling, God Bless. We have Kroger’s but it’s called King Soopers here and they Don’t know if they’ll get their contract renewed

    5. I’m so sorry you are being mistreated, I’m 67 and have wonderful children but my so called family never hear from any of them….. if you need a friend I’m here for you

        1. Me too! My family used to be VERY caring, but in the last 15 years they just forgot, me –
          starting when I bought a new home on acreage in the country.
          Jealousy? They used to visit all the time, now never. I adopted a 3 day old baby at 60, and grow fresh produce for a food pantry nearby
          I am physicslly and mentally like I was 50 and I am almost 78!! You have to go on living.
          Take control of your own life, and live it to the fullest, doing for others. you will mever regret it!!

          1. You go girl! Sounds like you have little time to dwell in the valley of shoulda coulda woulda.

            And what remains is it all works out in the end so if it hasnt worked out it’s not the end!

            Still trudging that happy road to destiny!

            Just plain Susie

        2. There are very few discounts in Rochester New York such as the grocery stores we have rite aid and Walgreens we need discounts in our grocery stoess here

    6. Good morning Margaret! 😎 (girl with glasses is me) I know how you feel Margaret. I only have 1 child, a son, 44 yrs old. He & his family moved from Florida to MN where I live almost 3 years ago, and I still have not met his wife or my 2 grandchildren. They live about 200 miles away from me. I get no texts, no phone calls, no birthday or mother’s day or Christmas cards. I also receive no gifts and not any pictures of my grandchildren. 12 years ago, I borrowed them almost $20,000, which was an inheritance I received from my father. They said the money was to buy a house and they would make payments to me. I found out that the money was being used to pay their bills, but eventually a year later they mailed me monthly payments for 10 months. They paid $5,000 back, and since then I have not received a penny of the $15,000 they still owe me. Not one penny for 10 years. So when I found out that they bought a $225,000 home this summer, I sent an email to him, saying that I was going to put my house on the market next summer, sell everything I own, and move to another state, & I just wanted to let him know that. I received back from him one NASTY email yelling at me, cussing me out, & calling me names! I replied back, “what’s your problem?” I got back another NASTY email, and another and another. I couldn’t take it any more and told him that since he has purposely not paid me back, not allowed me to see my grandchildren, and have to put up with his abuse, that I never wanted to speak to him again. My sister told me to check to see if he has used my house as collateral for the quarter million dollar house they just bought, but I don’t know how to go about it. But my sister said maybe that’s why he got so ugly, when I said I was going to sell my house, because he might have used my house as collateral behind my back. I believe they bought their house on contract for deed, but am not sure. Does anyone know how to see if he used my house for collateral? It’s a bad bad bad morning for me. I just had the Dept. of Education take $42 of my $792 monthly social security check as payment for my education loans. I am barely living on the $792, and the $42 they took they plan on taking until I drop dead. The school loan that I defaulted on was around $7,000, but with interest, they now want over $30,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sitting her with a severe anxiety attack, tears, and big time depression. I have 3 rare diseases that cause me a lot of pain, and stress causes one of the diseases to grow… it was in remission but is now actively growing, but I’ve been trying to take care of the house alone, but with winters, I just can’t do it any more. That’s why I wanted to sell my house, but I need the money my son owes me to repair the house & get it ready to sell. I am basically up shit river with no paddle. My one and only friend died of a sudden heart attack 2 years ago, my folks are passed, and my only relative is a sister who doesn’t contact me unless I contact her first. I hate feeling sorry for myself, but I just can’t help it. Sometimes I just want to give up. I pray several times a day, but nobody up there is listening. So sorry for sounding like a putz, especially when so many are so much worse off than I.

      1. There is no debters prison in the United States so put all the stress behind you who cares whether you can pay back that bill or not it’s not important put it on alower level.figure some other way of saving money to accommodate the lossof the forty two dollars not worth your life or stressing over it.go to a community center to make friends play ping pong have a good life .

        1. Wow! I do not know in what state you are, but you might check out doing Home Healrh care a few days a week for
          extra money. My mom-in-law does that, so she could buy a car. Check with the local Area Agency On Aging for help.

        2. Sheri M, I totally agree that stressing is not worth it but Mary’s situation may not be that simple.
          It sounds like you are carrying this burden alone Mary. I can’t imagine being in that place myself.
          I empathize with you. I have a child that has owed me a few thousand for years and another who has an uncaring husband so she tries to appease him and I barely see them and their 4 children. The children have been used as pawns. I also have illnesses that have brought me to a place of being cut off from the friends and church I have. Much of time I can’t get out. Unfortunately in our busy society it’s out of sight, out of mind ( barely any contact now).
          Our finances are very tight now too since both my husband and I are disabled. He started Medicare this year. There was a small increase in his check but now a premium of $135 a month much outweighs the increase and has put a huge burden on us. God is our provider so we trust in Him to help and to provide. He always has through the years! You may want to try to build a closer relationship to God and “do it afraid”. I have fear and anxiety but I determine to trust Him anyway and remind myself of His promises in the Bible and of all the times He’s been there for us. I too lost my best friend in July. My brother who truly understood my life was killed by a tree falling on him. He was the only one helping with our mom in a nursing home. Now I have her business/finances to carry as well as my brother’s estate. It’s not easy but it’s coming along day by day, PTL.
          I hope that you are able to get out Mary and be involved with others. We all need that in our lives. We need purpose and we need to give whatever we can in any way possible. Even if it’s only a smile or expression of appreciation to another. That goes a long way! I’ll pray you.

          1. There are two things you can do. One, you can get a special rate of interest to fix up your home, Check banks and credit Loan companies. Two, (I know this will hurt you, but you gotta do what you gotta do) I had the same problem. There is a site called Senior Abuse, Also. you can take hjm to court. It makes us sick when we have done so much for them. My son was caught with a gun. No license to own one, It was a 2 year prison. I went to see him once a month.
            He owed me money too. But, guess what? He had aa lot of time thinking, When he got out and went to work, I got my money back. He didn;t come to the house to pay me, he had it taken from his pay ($175.) a month until it was paid. It is paid in full. He said he learned something in paying back this loan. It didn.t hrt a bit because he never handled the cash to me, He also realized how hard it was for me working and raising 2 children. He said he hated the clothes that I bought him when he went to school, While he was thinking, he realized how hard I worked and took care of him andhis sister, I lived with a very mean man, It took me 2 years to get my divorce.

            He gave the office permission to send me an amount every month from his wages He said it wasthe best thing he did.
            If you have an attoney, he could send a letter to your son TELLING HIM that he is going to take your case to court,
            Let the lawyer explain why he is doing this. You won’t have to say a word. That is why you are paying him, Look up SENIOR SERVICES, They will help u to retain a lawyer that won.t cost you much. Sometimes they get that wake-up call. Maaybe it will work. I hope so.

      2. If you were married to your husband for 10 years you get his Social Security! Go to a social security agency and ask the free question if you are available to receive it! More power to you it is free to ask them if they got a reverse Mortgage on your place! A lawyer will do it for a discount , ask for it and let him have the reins to do so! He can sue them for the 15,000. they owe you! Since he was so upaty Tell him your situation , he may do it for nothing! My sons live here on my property, I know their busy with their lives and are tired when they come home! I don’t bother them but my one son has said we were to old to be his parents! I said to him, I hope your kids won’t tell you that one day! I’ve gotten to the place in life I hope they make it and go about my own life! My older son I had the most trouble with helps me more! I feel for you but you know you’ve done your job of raising them and that said you can relax and do what you want to in life! Gold detecting is what you need to do! Get out there with a small sluce on Washington State beach and make your money of 1300,oo a day! On the beaches of the great lakes look for black sand and scoop just that up and put it thru the sluice! You will feel better and get in better shape ! God love you and bless you !

      3. Call your county to see if there are any leins on your home. If he is on the deed of your home, then he can use it as collateral but he would need to have you sign the new note as well when he closed on the home. This is required for him to get a loan by every lender. If he signed your name without your permission, and without power of attorney, then he has committed mortgage fraud which is a federal offense.
        He was most likely upset if you sell it as he may think he was going to inherit the home when you pass.
        Look into doing a reverse mortgage and see if this is something that may benefit you. It is not for everyone, but you never know.

      4. I understand because I have tried to rescue everyone from their circumstances. All I have now is social security,very poor health,and a mountain of debt. Seems like no one in this world cares about me, but I have good news for you. Jesus absolutely is listening and hears every prayer. This situation on earth is only temporary. Those who wrong you and take advantage of you will be severely punished by God.In the meantime, the Bible tells us that we must forgive them, as he forgave us. Even if they don’t ask to be forgiven. If that seems impossible, ask God to help you. When we keep unforgiveness in our heart, it only hurts us, not them.I am 75 year old widow and mostly isolated from people at present. God causes good things to happen as a result of circumstances that seem horrible to us. I have come to realize that God has me isolated for a reason. I have prayed to understand the truth about many things and God has shown me so much. I know that I am a blessed woman.We are living in the endtime and there is no hope for mankind except God. We must completely trust him. He hears every prayer and sees every tear that you cry. I feel your pain and have prayed for you after reading your words.Most people who have not experienced this do not understand what it feels like to have friends and family turn against you. Jesus has the answers, but we must seek him and have a communication with him. It hurts him when we don’t want to talk to him and read his instructions to us. Your reward will be great in heaven. I understand getting what you call nasty messages. It is best not to keep responding back and forth.The hearts of these evil people cannot be changed by you, only Jesus can change them. Keep praying. If you need someone to talk to, send me an email.

      5. God Bless you, my heart goes out to you. I am in Idaho and got here most ago to bury my 38yr old daughter. Now I am stuck.

      6. FYI many student loans can be totally forgiven if you have a disability and there are also programs you can apply for that waive all or part of payments based on income. Good luck! Just plain Susie

    7. Dear Margaret, I am so sorry to hear the lack of caring from your family. I hope you are having a better day today. I want to ask a couple questions I want you to ask your self. Have you ever let the family know how you feel. Some times families just don’t get it. Like blind eyes. The other question have you reached out to your church for help on this matter. Please push your self with these two questions. Hopefully they will bring some brightness to your life. Take care. Vicki

      1. There may be a Legal Aid Society in your area where there could be someone who can help you get some legal answers for free. If there’s a college near, that’s another way to ask for help. Also your bank can see the record on your property. Hopefully you do not have him on the deed to your property. I had a husband that did that to me. Gave 20 years to him who really turned out to be selfish. Good luck.

    8. Please never feel along. I have a small family on my mom side of the family however, I have large family on my dad side. My mom’s one cousin keeps in contact because my mom passed away a year ago. I can’t not Imagine not having my family. I have one cousin which is like a big sister we talk almost every day. Your family really love you but just don’t check on you. Maybe you should contact one family each week.That will open their eyes.You are not alone you have Gid always. And I will could talk to you if you would loke.

      1. I know what she is talking about.and I know what she is feeling .The same thing is happening to me. My heart goes out to her and the other parents living the same. God Bless .

    9. I totally understand. If it wasn’t young grandson,I would never hear from my daughter. She recently told me, “You’ve never done anything for me”! I guess she forgot all the travels, beautiful clothes and especially all the love I have always had for her. Oh yes, there was all the free babysitting for 5 years!

    10. I bless you Margaret! I am a Cancer survivor, l have been twice divorced, l lost 3 pregnancies, l have one sibling left in my family and he lives in his own world. But God is still GOOD! I wake each morning with the joy of the Lord! Jesus Christ has kept me all of these years through all my trials and tribulations! I pray for the mighty love of Jesus for you. His love makes everyday sweeter than the day before! And taking advantage of our senior discounts don’t hurt either! Amen! Be encouraged Sweetie! Accept Christ and serve Him. He will satisfy your lonely heart and even touch your family! I’ve seen it in my family. Just Believe. God bless you! Peace!

    11. Margaret I agree. God said he would never leave or forsake us. I have found as he retire and get older family gets farther away but God draws closer. Pray for and I’ll remember you in my daily prays and study.

    12. I understand Margaret. It’s difficult when you feel your not important to your family and your grown children. I want more time with them before I have to go to heaven. They however don’t think the way I do possibly because they aren’t my age. It’s a shame that they don’t seem to care about being with me.

    13. Margaret C.
      Yes we do need help from our families, i imagine there was a time when you supported them and did for them. I will pray that God gives you a extra special blessing to make up for your family. GOD says what you do to the least of these you do to me! All we have is our family here and our heavenly family with GOD! God Bless you and keep you Margaret.

    14. Hi Margaret, sorry your family doesn’t check in with you. Know that you have a lot of folks out here that are thinking of you and wishing you well!! I hope that wherever you are, something wonderful happens to you today. Big hug to you Margaret!

    15. Hi may god bless u. He loves u and will never fortget u. Pray for your family so they find
      it in their heart to. do the right thing.

    16. Margaret, I know how you feel. I do not hear anything from my family. No calls, no visits, and not even a Christmas card. I am myself. It is hard at times . I just hang on to my faith. God is all I have. I will have you in my prayers.

    17. God richly bless you abundantly with love from your friends and family. This is my prayer for you. Most importantly, may The Lord God Himself rain His love down upon you. Hang in there. He is ALWAYS with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. That is His promise to His children……

    18. Hi Margaret, I’m Mildred I wish you love , joy and peace, from Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior . Jesus loves you and so Do I You are my Sister in Christ, God Bless you press down full measure and running over.


    20. Awww Margaret, I am so very sorry for your family and how alone you must feel. I hope they have second thoughts and that maybe you can find a family that may not be your family, not by blood but by friendship. Oftentimes they understand you more than your own real family and are there for you thru all the times you need someone. God bless you, sweet lady, and know that you mean more to others than you can ever realize. ❤

    21. Hi Margaret, So sorry to hear you don’t have family around you. I have run across this with other people too. However, you can’t let that get the best of you. There are so many people that would just love to have you as a mother, grandmother, or friend. Mainly because they don’t have a mother, grandmother or friend to be close to. I would be happy to help you. Where do you live Margaret? I live in California. I would be glad to write to you, we could share thoughts, ideas, what is going on with us, just things. Hope to hear from you soon. Beverly

    22. God bless you dear. I am blessed to have three sons who take care of my husband and I when we need help. I had wonderful parents to. I was just remembering that the scriptures say that the fathers will turn against the child and the child against the parents. I see this happening so much all over the world. You are not alone. Seek help from the Lord and then a lawyer.

    23. I can relate. I’m 77 live alone, have lung cancer and a very low disability income. I have 3 sons in their 50’s and they can’t call or text me I guess they’re to busy. God help me!

    24. Hello Margaret
      I am here to talk to you, to laugh with you and just to see how your day went.
      My friend thats here is 75 years of age we work out together, go to breakfast and talk.
      So whenever you feeling lonely love yourself and change the way you are feeling about your family and make yourself happy. Once you get involve in different actives the family will notice you are busy and you don’t have time for negativity. Love yourself and get to moving.
      Loving life!!

    25. Margaret, I see this situation all to often & it breaks my heart… Social isolation is taxing of your health… Please take care of yourself and God bless you always… Pick up the phone when you’re ❤️ hurts & call your children… Be well!!!

  9. Keth Richardson –
    If you have a Walmart nearby Novolin N and R are both available (at least in CA) over the counter for $24.88 per 100 units/mL 10 mL vials. Hope this helps.

  10. I live in Lincoln, IL and our Kroger just recently closed. Now all we have is Walmart, IGA(very expensive) and Aldi’s. I don’t care for Aldi’s brand. I do buy milk there at times. But most of my money goes to Walmart. It is terrible when we old people have to choose between Food and Medicine! These suckers sitting in Washington, DC can make these dumb laws but nothing is done for the seniors, I have insurance with Tricare for Life. Didn’t used to pay a copay for medicine and this year Congress made it a law that we have a copay.. Suckers! They can do that when WE pay all their medical bills for them while they become millionaires!

    1. I know what your saying and I agree
      Some of us did not have high paying jobs. ex I was a school teacher. We make very little. Now I’m being penalized again. Thank you State and Federal taxes. You just take and take and take. If I had known my Education courses would amount to nothing in my retirement age.

    2. I’m a certified nursing assistant and I have an elderly man in my home I’m paid to take care of him but even if I wasn’t I couldn’t imagine how he could make it financially without me helping it’s unbelievable we had this Lottery that’s supposed to be helping the seniors he wouldn’t be getting the right medical treatment if any at all he wouldn’t understand about his insurance they know the older you get the slower your mind yet as well it’s just a part of nature so how did they expect them to do all this there’s a coordinated it overseas us that does absolutely nothing for him and they are 8 to $10,000 in debt with me thank God has blessed me to help financially keep stable but it just isn’t fair I can’t speak on my own though and who do we speak up to I went to my state representative and they said honey you’re going to have to get a lawyer who can afford that so here I am stuck thanks for listening and keep praying like I do

      1. Fighting for a kidnapped 7 yr old grandson who was stolen almost a year ago. The attys suck the blood out of your body in Family Court. No rights for Fathers in USA. They are just ATM machines

    3. So true. So sorry. I know sorry doesn’t help pay the bills. However my heart goes out to you as my mother is facing the same.

    4. Corporations haven’t been paying their share for decades. The CEO of the places make millions a year and pay less tax percentage-wise. When the top 4% make more than the rest of us, like teachers, and police and fire persons, we will continue to pay. Both sides in Congress get lots of payoffs by the lobbyists who work for big pharmacies, corporations to vote for the companies. Like one of the Koch brothers paying $11K for a bottle of wine and it turned out to be vinegar. Sure would be nice to have that for house payment or repairs on my 26 year old car. My teacher retirement is only up to 764.00 a month after 23 yrs of teaching and having to go back each summer for more certifications at University prices. Think about the people who own Walmart, one of the richest families in the USA.

      1. If you haven’t found an answer yet Victoria I would suggest checking in with your counties Office of the Aging. They are a great resource.

    1. But they should know that only their tier 1 and 2 meds are free. Diabetes still get shafted as insulin is a tier 3 and wxpensive.

      1. My daughter is Diabetic also the Dr. took her off needle shots and put her on the pin. Insulin here in Calif is 580.00 per bottle used to be 1.75 per bottle and went up to 3.80 co- pay a bottle her pins are 3.80 co=pay retail is 1299.00 per pen which is 10 does. If a person don’t have insurance they have no meds.

  11. The Kroger stores in Denton TX don’t have the senior discount any more, they also took away all places where we could sit while we waited for our ride. A lot of us don’t drive any more. Our retirement place took us to Kroger once a week, but we go to other stores now where we can sit while we wait.

      1. I thought Kroger would give the discounts. If they would give the discounts to seniors they may just more business. SHAME ON KROGER . I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN Y’ALL.

    1. Kroger: that was a mean thing to do, by taking away seats for them to wait…………………!!! I have a Kroger within one mile of me in Katy, TX and would call and order groceries. No More I will order from HEB now. I am a young 71. but have a bad knee and would be very hurt if I couldn’t sit down and wait for a ride when I did go to the store.

    2. That was mean of the store to take the seating away. I don’t blame you for going to a different store where they have seats while you wait for your ride. Some people think we have always been old. Not that we used to be their age when we were younger. And remember it when they get our age they will look like us. With age comes wisdom.

  12. I think it’s so sad all the problems seniors have trying to get what they are entitled to. Then you have to figure out who still takes what. I call bullshit.

  13. Hi,Iam Giving a shout out. Iam a 65 year old woman
    Who needs to know about Discounts out here for st.louis,mo. (South City) area. Everytime I ask for my discount,Iam told they don’t have one.Iam talkn
    About stores, restaurants and grocery stores.

    1. I have also faced the same thing! Next time ask the waiter or cashier first & when they say no, get the person’s name and ask for the manager! Turn your phone on to record, then ask again for the discount. If he says no contact corporate, post your recording! It puts them in a bad light

  14. I am 83 years and thank God
    The government raised 2.8 %
    To retirement people here in
    Florida after I don’t remember
    How many years passed by
    With no increase.
    But I receive food coupon for
    $16.00 which covers milk and
    Bread for 10 days maybe.
    But well still alive.

    1. Yes they raised the 2.8 percent here in Arizona for the ones that is on ssi and social security plus the ones that have survivors and widow benefits I am 65 and I can pay a few more bills then I did before we got the raise

      1. Yes yes yes…iwas a kroger discount senior shopper but aldis always has fresh veg for a 1.00. & oleo 78c cheese 1.88 good lunch meat 1,2,3 milk,1.88gal, eggs fair price, fresh meat, fresh fruit may not carry everying as a big store such large variety of cakes ect. Except @holidays. But you can eat good and enjoy the fun of a small store and everything you could want or need..cheaper. Our fave potatoe
        Chips like ruffles 89c. Girlscout type of chocolate mint cookies 1.09 & pecan sandies 1.09 &tortilla chips 99c …i could go on &on !!! Have Fun! Oh yes they have a hard line that changes every week that can meet R beat the other…bye…

        1. Yea aldis u can get a good budget going with their prices.the hard part is staying within that budget.lots of goodies at a good price.

          1. I have found that aldis here in LAGRANGE Ga is a good place to buy. Groceries. Price wise. But Wal-Mart here is not bad..and I am a senior citizen.if 86 would be a senior citizen.

        2. Hey, I discovered Dollar Tree! I live in Marlin, Tx. Everythi g is $1.00 or less. Eggs are $1.00 for 1 1/2 doz. Eggs
          All kinds of frozen foods canned and box foods.
          I shop there FIRST and then go to my local HEB, which is next door to the Dollar Tree! I also save over $100 per month, using on line coupons, which I print out. I save $4-5 just on a bag of dog food!

    1. Thank You for your posting of the dIscount ..I never knew Brookshires had for Seniors..I have been living in the area for 7 years and unaware of it..I will pass it on to others!

  15. Burger King: 10% off for Seniors (60+) Not in North GA.

    Dairy Queen: 10% off for Seniors Not in N. Georgia

    IHOP: Discounted Senior Exclusive Menu

    KFC: Seniors receive a free small drink with any meal (55+) Not in North Georgia

    McDonald’s: Discounts on coffee (55+) And soft drinks

    Subway: 10% off (60+) may vary by location Not in N. Georgia

    Taco Bell: 5% off and free beverages (65+) HA HA NEVER in north Georgia

    TCBY: 10% off (55+) Not In North GA.

    Waffle House: 10% off on Mondays (60+) No discount in North GA.

    1. Has anyone wondered about no discounts in N.Georgia area. Could it be to tourism or our clean living, they may have to offer it to too many seniors. SHAME ONE THEM.

    2. I think it’s a shame that McDonalds as big as they are only have discount on coffee and sodas
      I’m sure there are a lot of Grandparents that take their Grandkids there all the time so don’t we deserve to get more discounts. I think.its a shame so everyone needs to.quit taking their Grandkids there

        1. WALMART stopped price matching last year here in Henderson, NV 89014 after making a big deal of it for the previous 10 years.

  16. I’m 69 Feb.10th
    My wife and.i need all discounts.
    We can get. Fix income limits your
    Ability to purchase items of high cost.
    Heath food, and supplements, for good health. Medication / Doctor visits.
    Forget it.

          1. Not with auto nor home owners insurance-they really bleed you when you are single-old and single even worse!!

        1. And that’s pretty shitty if a couple has been for any number of years together, they need to divorce to get better discounts.

          1. We were told that same thing by a SS rep. We would get a lot more if we weren’t married (married for nearly 54 years); so I guess the government approves and encourages promiscuity.

          2. Hi, Lois Kratzner, You should, indeed, be able to receive some benefits, such as food stamps, help with heating, and more IF you qualify. It depends on your income. I don’t know where you live, but most states have programs for low-income seniors. If you are living on only Social Security, it should be available to you.

            Here in PA, there is a STEP program – Office for the Aging that can be of great help. They also have Meals on Wheels for those who may be home bound, as well as offering people to do light house-keeping, etc. They were of great help to my folks in their late 80s & early 90s, although my folks did their own meals. I was living out-of-state so it was a relief to me, knowing they had some help.

            Best wishes………..
            Hoping this may help for you and any others who don’t know who to contact.

            This is my first time here so hope this goes into the right place for an answer. I was checking to see if Wegman’s have discounts, but don’t see their name. 🙁 They DO have a wonderful store though with lots of organic and healthy foods.

        2. Thats not %100 true. It depends on individual income after divorce or death of spouse. Here in Wichita Kansas none of the stores exist that give discounts. If your a senior and divorce & go on medicare depending on your gross income you may qualify for medicaid. Not a locked deal. Thanks to taxation rates I could not stay in my home. I,m taxed approximately twice what I paid for my home. A neighbor with2 1/2 acres more + comprable house paid less taxes on property they purchased. It happened to a friend…she did research & appealed and won. My vision is poor & I can’t read all fine print

    1. Try aarp for Medicare supplement and do a 90-day Optum RX because as long as it’s 90 day there is no co-pay if it’s less than 90 days then there’s a copay however I live in Colorado. Happy birthday

      1. Not on Medicare yet. Been on my husbands work medical insurance. But I know soon I will have to go on Medicare. Can you tell me my Best options I live in Illinois? Thank you.

        1. Since you’re both on his ins already there should be a way to transition to Medicare w/the current ins becomes your supplement ins. Call the office at work that takes care of ins.

        2. We are on Humana Gold, and we love it. I live in Louisiana, so you would need to see if they offer it in your area. We have no monthly premium and our Co-pays to our primary MD is free, $30 to Other doctors. I have had a lot of surgeries and test and they have ever turned me down on anything. Lot better than just regular Medicare.

          1. I have Humana also and I have my medication delivered right from their pharmacy. No copay and right on time. If I have a question about anything I get an answer, they don’t put you on hold or transfer you unless necessary.

        3. I don’t know about your state but in Virginia it’s disgusting the rate for medicare premiums. I just turned 65 and was told I had to be 66 before I am eligible for retirement age. This is a COMMEN-WEALTH state and they suck you dry for being old. I pay over $ 200.00 a month for healthcare and live off of $ 453.00 a month, it’s killing me.

      2. Also my cardiologist several yrs ago prescribed the double amount of my tablet type medication. I cut it in half and the prescription is less expensive. Can’t do this with several but the ones that can be cut. Saves

      3. BEWARE OF AARP for medicare!! I am suing them gor FRAUD

        HOWEVER. Medicare supplement G is a good deal with several other companies
        ( I have it with Humana). I pay NO copay for Dr, Specialists, ER, etc. Check it out ( and also supplement F) and you can sign up ANYYIME. But, you have to sign up for F this year, as it is not offered to NEW people after 2019. But you can still KEEP it as long as you want

  17. It would be nice if United or Walmart would give Seniors a discount. Some of us are on Social Security only and it’s hard to buy food and medicine you need.
    I do not find any Senior Discounts in grocery stores in Amarillo, Texas.

        1. Stop shopping at Walmart. If all seniors stopped doing business with Wally World they might pay attention to our needs

        2. Don’t hold your breath with Walmart. They aren’t going to give anyone, anything. Most stores would rather take to landfill than give anything to the needy.

          1. They have enough customers with families with kids to make their billions plus for 40 years they’ve bought samples of things from other stores, sent them to China to have them built/ made there and sent back to us.

    1. I agree with you Lavinia. I’m in the same situation. And find no real discounts here in the Kansas City, MO areas. I’m actually in Independence but still no discounts

    2. Taco Bell gives senior discounts. El Tap Mexican Restaurant, El Tap Mexican restaurant in Sparta, TN also gives senior discount. Thanks to McDonald’s for $1.00 drinks. They have good sweet tea!!!

      1. Taco Bell in Georgia gives NO discounts anymore. No one gives discounts here. McDonald’s give EVERYONE $1.00 drinks, not just seniors. They DO give senior drinks though, 60 cents for small soda and small coffee.

  18. I’m 75 years old. My daughter lives in Florida and I have being going to Florida since I was 50yrs old. I remember starting getting all those discounts there all the time. But here in NY it’s so hard to find out where they have those discounts. I hate to ask because they look at you like they want to kill you. I have worked all my life and never had anything free in this country.


    1. We need discounts In SS we live in a fixed income Meds are high cost It’s very hard we work all our life to be like this conditions sad

  20. It would be nice,if all states dropped the taxes on Seniors ! Starting at55 -or 60; that would be the best deal . All Seniors have enought trouble making it, on the Soc. Ser. they have to make it on! If all Congressmen or Senitors had to make it on what the rest of us have to live on they couldn’t do it !

    1. Right on , but I feel we need an entirely newer gov’t, younger gov’t one that sees sensible ideas. Snr’s need less taxes…and inflation is a joke.

      1. The people that run Washington should be ashamed of them self ,how do they leave Washington as millionaire and they want us to have health care that they wouldn’t have ! They would still have there top of the line healthcare !

        1. I think congress & senators shoul have medical as other state employers. Plus a limit of services.. no lifetime salaries/ healthcare.
          I have to grow food discounts, no tav break unaffoable medical & medicare. Illegals get better care

        2. What they get in retirement is outrageous and unfair…especially when they rest of us got laid off during one or another oil boom crunchs or it got faded out or better like i worked at K-mart EARNED by working the hours to become eligible for 40hr vac.. AND full time hours Came back from vacation and my hours were cut to 4 for the week & the next & the next then told they had to recoop my vac. time & and talk about unfair and used ..not only quit but it effects your income levels way down the road at SS time…

    2. I agree. Plus, taxes and premiums on Medicare and S.S. That reduces our income greatly. Some people, like my Sister has 2 jobs and she is 72. No end in sight.

    3. I agree with you there, I just retired and now see what it’s really like to live on a fixed income…Don’t know how we are going to
      make it when our property taxes come due…I see why a lot of seniors have to sell their homes after they retire. I have always
      said, you work all your life and your parents have done the same, but you have to do without. Now all these illegals are coming
      in and we are paying for them for free medicine and health care and we have to decide do we eat, or do we buy our medicine.
      It’s not right. we have paid our share what right do they have….I hope before I leave this world, I will have something for nothing !
      It makes me sick seeing the ones crossing the boarder and having babies and they are given free medical !!!

      1. Why is it when we have tough times it’s always the “illegals” fault? The ” illegals” don’t qualify for anything!
        They contribute to the community by working jobs most US citizens won’t do ie work in the fields. The crops this year were rotting in the fields because the “illegals” were not there to pick them. They work hard doing back breaking work for little pay and no benefits.

      2. Actually, the immigrants coming over here do not get Welfare, food stamps, free Medical and housing because they have to have Social Security cards which they can not get without paying enormous amounts of money!

    4. Have you thought about people like Orrin Hatch or Mitch Mc Connell. Paid by our taxes for years. McConnell is married to a woman I’m the current administration
      She is the daughter of one of the wealthiest shipping millionaires in the world. These people in the corporations get old too and the ‘ death tax’ doesn’t help me and most of us who are writing. In order to get help from the ‘ death tax’ we’d have to be worth over at least 6 million because the rich get to take it off their taxes. Look stuff up on Google ask questions. Waiters in restaurants pay higher taxes percentage wise than many well off as they are taxed as commissioned sales people and they pay a percentage on tips even if they don’t make the tops.

      1. I think a lot of people in the Goverment treat us bad like me thay took my sec 8 houseing a way from me because I had to many people come visit and check on me after I had a heart attack and surgery I need it help so I called onmy famley and my friends to help me till got better and back on my feet that was all I did and thay took away my houseing sec 8 and put me out in the streets with my 6 year old son for trying to take care of my self and they my son to and from school I am 63 years old and I am sick.

    1. Highlight and print whatever you choose to print oopy and paste into note pad or office product of choice and print.

    2. Brad- Highlight by holding down your left mouse, then click on the right mouse and click print. That should do it….I think.

  21. Hi. It’s nice to know that seniors can get discounts on the east coast. I’m looking fot stores in So Cal that give discounts on the west coast. Any info for those of us on the West Coast would be a great help. The prices out here are so high it really hard to make ends meet out here.
    Best Regards, Vickie

    1. At Walmart you can get insulin, the old kind, N & R for much cheaper than if you use insurance for it. I pay 24.99 a bottle. That does help a lot. Lilly brand now cost over $175 a bottle.

  22. Fry’s (Kroger) in Tucson continues to honor Senior Discount Program the 1st Wednesday of every month. Kudos to these grocers in Arizona

  23. The Lowes grocery stores in the Myrtle Beach, SC area give a senior discount of 5% on Wednesdays. In addition, the Lowes in Murrells Inlet, SC has a related gas station where they give a $0.05 discount per gallon (up to 25 gallons) for every $100.00 spent in the grocery store.

  24. Both Fry’s Foods and Fred Meyers are Kroger, so saying that Kroger has dropped it’s Senior discounts is false. My husband works for Fry’s and as I’m typing this he’s working Senior Wednesday as a Kroger employee.

    1. It might be true that Freddy’s has kept its discounts, but the Kroger’s in South Carolina has definitely dropped it’s Senior Discount.

  25. Well I guess I won’t be shopping at Krogers or Publix anymore. I live in Atlanta which is part of Northern Georgia so this list is incorrect. It’s not like the discount will make or break me but I’m very disappointed that they are disregarding their senior citizen clientele.

    1. Grocery stores in Denver do not charge tax on groceries if you are in Denver city limits. Also .10 discount on gas for every $100 you spend at Kroger’s -and I think Safeway I’m not sure- up to a $1 per gallon discount.

    2. Publix gives discounts to seniors on WEDNESDAY. Atlanta is not North Georgia. Above Canton is considered N. Georgia. I don’t even have a Publix where I live.

  26. My local Giant Food Store in Maryland gives a 5% senior discount every Tuesday. I am not sure if this extends to all Giant stores or not.

    1. We were told the same thing in Marietta, Ga. We are part of north Georgia, so this list is incorrect. Seniors who don’t have computers or smartphones (many don’t) won’t be able to take advantage of the reward points system. Once again, seniors lose. 🙁

    2. The publix at Laurel Canyon ( Canton/ Jasper) GA has discontinued. They just told us that today was the first Wednesday they haven’t given it.

  27. Is not nice for Kroger to end the senior discount when I finally got old enough to take advantage of it. Shame on Kroger.

    1. Yes my husband and I now shop around at different stores for discounts. When Kroger had Senior discounts we shopped there always but not anymore. So very sad !

      1. i have shopped at king soopers (kroger) over 50 years in the denver area….nothing here… except the stuff nobody buys…offered @ discounted prices….maybe like i said…stuff nobody buys or uses …gets discounted on your king sooper card.

    2. Krogers has an excellent program for discounted gas and I ALWAYS buy my gas at their stations, but SHELL also discounts Kroger fuel points. I live inTennessee and am 85. I now usually eat only once a day, seldom twice, and NEVER three meals because meical bills take most of my money. Nothing left from my social security, but when I applied for food stamps was told my income was 200 a year over their limit- so NO help from the food pantry! I buy all I can at Dollar Tree, but I REALLY prefer FRESH fruit and veggies.

  28. I thought Albertsons gave a senior discount on the first Wednesday of every month. Does this discount still exist?

    1. You have to check with each Albertsons to see which one gives the senior discount. In Alpine California they do not. In Yuma Arizona they do.

      1. Now that Albertsons has made the smart move to rebrand all of their stores to Safeway (following suit from Federated changing the holding corp’s name to Macy’s, Inc. and all the stores to Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s), due to bigger name recognition, will the Albertsons discounts (still the parent Corp.) pass on to all Safeways?

  29. That’s so sad and I would b ashamed if I was Kroger’s CEO s to discounted their seniors discount program. Most seniors don’t have the knowledge of how to do other programs, or the help to do so.

    1. Most of the Seniors these days did got to high school and probably 45-50 percent went to college. All seniors these days know how to manage their money. Lots of them just don’t have enough for a lot of reasons like taking care of grandkids or their own Kids etc.

      1. My husband is in assisted living and we pay over 9,000 per month. I live in senior living and pay 3,000 per month. We also have to pay for prescriptions from the VA. I pay for mine with part D. Try doing this on SS and retired teachers retirement.

  30. Grocery Outlet
    S. Euclid Ave.
    Ontario, Ca 91762

    Offers senior Discounts every Wednesday 8-3 pm.
    I believe it is 10% Discount.

    Walgreen’s (all stores to my knowledge) offers 1st Tuesday
    of the Month 20-40% discount for Seniors.

    Hope the info. helps.

    1. Hi all. Fortunately I was mistaken about Gristedes canceling their senior discount. You don’t get it automatically any more. You need to get the loyalty card. Then MAKE THE SENIOR DISCOYNT IS PROPERLY APPLIED IN THE CARD. I was one of many people who got the card at my store who didn’t have the senior discount applied to the card. The manager took care of it and now it’s an automatic part of my card.

  31. I I was just in Publix in Tennessee and they discontinued their senior discount. So no discounts for seniors at Publix in Tennessee.

  32. I was in Giant Food in Fairfax Virginia last Tuesday and got a 5% discount. The cashier said it is every Tuesday. I forgot to go today to see if it worked again.

  33. I live in Fuquay Varina, NC (Raleigh metro area) and I received a 5% senior discount last Tuesday (Jan. 16th) at my local Kroger.

    1. We continued to receive a 5% senior discount at Kroger as long as we shopped there (through June, 2018). But now all the Krogers in Raleigh and Durham, NC are closing. We were able to use our Kroger card at Dillon’s stores out west (Colorado)…

  34. The Kroger stores in the Atascocita or Humble Texas Division DO NOT GIVE DISCOUNTS.. They also eliminated the senior discount card due to abuse they could have eliminated.

  35. Very recently (Nov. 8, 2017) my closest Bi-Lo told me that the 5% sr. discount is no longer. They said the Bi-Lo Plenti card “handles” the senior discount. I do not think so. Please verify.

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