2019 Senior Discounts For Grocery Stores

Last Updated On: January 25, 2019

We continue to have an incredible response to all of our senior discount lists, and thank each of you who has contributed input.  Many of the grocers on our new 2019 list of Senior Discounts For Grocery Stores have been verified. We attempted to reach out to all the Grocers on our list, but some were unresponsive. 

Sadly, the list for senior discounts at grocery stores has shrunk over the years.  Stores are utilizing points and rewards cards these days, and discount programs are being cut as a result (Kroger is a good example of a store that dropped their senior discount program – See below).

Be aware that discount policies change from time to time.  They change at the national level, and they change at the local level. Our best advice for discount shoppers is to ask ahead of time so there are no surprises. If you know of a discount not listed, please help us build this list by submitting the information here.

Senior discounts for grocery stores.
Senior discounts are hard to find, but they are out there!

2019 List of Senior Discounts in Grocery

American Discount Stores: 10% off every Monday (62+) verified
Bi-Lo: 5% off every Wednesday (60+) verified
Compare Foods Supermarket: 10% off every Wednesday (60+)
DeCicco Family Markets: 5% off every Wednesday (60+) verified
Fred Meyer senior discount: 10% – 15%, depending on dept., first Tuesday of each month (55+) verified
Fry’s Food Stores: 10% off on the first Wednesday of every month (55 +) verified

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Gristedes Supermarket: 10% off every Tuesday (65+)  verified
Harris Teeter: 5% off every Thursday (60+) verified
Hy-Vee: Says “Yes” (but discount policy varies by locale) verified
Kroger: No senior discounts anymore – Boooo 🙂 verified
New Seasons: 10% off every Wednesday most items (65+), 10% off every Tuesday for military verified
Piggly-Wiggly: 5% every Wednesday (60+) verified
Publix: 5% off every Wednesday ONLY in Tennessee, North Carolina and the northern portions of  Alabama, South Carolina and Georgia (60 +) verified
Uncle Guiseppe’s Marketplace: 5% off (65+ on Wednesdays) verified

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  1. The Kroger stores in Denton TX don’t have the senior discount any more, they also took away all places where we could sit while we waited for our ride. A lot of us don’t drive any more. Our retirement place took us to Kroger once a week, but we go to other stores now where we can sit while we wait.

  2. I think it’s so sad all the problems seniors have trying to get what they are entitled to. Then you have to figure out who still takes what. I call bullshit.

  3. Hi,Iam Giving a shout out. Iam a 65 year old woman
    Who needs to know about Discounts out here for st.louis,mo. (South City) area. Everytime I ask for my discount,Iam told they don’t have one.Iam talkn
    About stores, restaurants and grocery stores.

    1. I have also faced the same thing! Next time ask the waiter or cashier first & when they say no, get the person’s name and ask for the manager! Turn your phone on to record, then ask again for the discount. If he says no contact corporate, post your recording! It puts them in a bad light

  4. I am 83 years and thank God
    The government raised 2.8 %
    To retirement people here in
    Florida after I don’t remember
    How many years passed by
    With no increase.
    But I receive food coupon for
    $16.00 which covers milk and
    Bread for 10 days maybe.
    But well still alive.

    1. Yes they raised the 2.8 percent here in Arizona for the ones that is on ssi and social security plus the ones that have survivors and widow benefits I am 65 and I can pay a few more bills then I did before we got the raise

      1. Yes yes yes…iwas a kroger discount senior shopper but aldis always has fresh veg for a 1.00. & oleo 78c cheese 1.88 good lunch meat 1,2,3 milk,1.88gal, eggs fair price, fresh meat, fresh fruit may not carry everying as a big store such large variety of cakes ect. Except @holidays. But you can eat good and enjoy the fun of a small store and everything you could want or need..cheaper. Our fave potatoe
        Chips like ruffles 89c. Girlscout type of chocolate mint cookies 1.09 & pecan sandies 1.09 &tortilla chips 99c …i could go on &on !!! Have Fun! Oh yes they have a hard line that changes every week that can meet R beat the other…bye…

        1. Yea aldis u can get a good budget going with their prices.the hard part is staying within that budget.lots of goodies at a good price.

  5. Burger King: 10% off for Seniors (60+) Not in North GA.

    Dairy Queen: 10% off for Seniors Not in N. Georgia

    IHOP: Discounted Senior Exclusive Menu

    KFC: Seniors receive a free small drink with any meal (55+) Not in North Georgia

    McDonald’s: Discounts on coffee (55+) And soft drinks

    Subway: 10% off (60+) may vary by location Not in N. Georgia

    Taco Bell: 5% off and free beverages (65+) HA HA NEVER in north Georgia

    TCBY: 10% off (55+) Not In North GA.

    Waffle House: 10% off on Mondays (60+) No discount in North GA.

    1. Has anyone wondered about no discounts in N.Georgia area. Could it be to tourism or our clean living, they may have to offer it to too many seniors. SHAME ONE THEM.

  6. I’m 69 Feb.10th
    My wife and.i need all discounts.
    We can get. Fix income limits your
    Ability to purchase items of high cost.
    Heath food, and supplements, for good health. Medication / Doctor visits.
    Forget it.

          1. Not with auto nor home owners insurance-they really bleed you when you are single-old and single even worse!!

        1. And that’s pretty shitty if a couple has been for any number of years together, they need to divorce to get better discounts.

          1. We were told that same thing by a SS rep. We would get a lot more if we weren’t married (married for nearly 54 years); so I guess the government approves and encourages promiscuity.

        2. Thats not %100 true. It depends on individual income after divorce or death of spouse. Here in Wichita Kansas none of the stores exist that give discounts. If your a senior and divorce & go on medicare depending on your gross income you may qualify for medicaid. Not a locked deal. Thanks to taxation rates I could not stay in my home. I,m taxed approximately twice what I paid for my home. A neighbor with2 1/2 acres more + comprable house paid less taxes on property they purchased. It happened to a friend…she did research & appealed and won. My vision is poor & I can’t read all fine print

    1. Try aarp for Medicare supplement and do a 90-day Optum RX because as long as it’s 90 day there is no co-pay if it’s less than 90 days then there’s a copay however I live in Colorado. Happy birthday

      1. Not on Medicare yet. Been on my husbands work medical insurance. But I know soon I will have to go on Medicare. Can you tell me my Best options I live in Illinois? Thank you.

        1. Since you’re both on his ins already there should be a way to transition to Medicare w/the current ins becomes your supplement ins. Call the office at work that takes care of ins.

        2. We are on Humana Gold, and we love it. I live in Louisiana, so you would need to see if they offer it in your area. We have no monthly premium and our Co-pays to our primary MD is free, $30 to Other doctors. I have had a lot of surgeries and test and they have ever turned me down on anything. Lot better than just regular Medicare.

          1. I have Humana also and I have my medication delivered right from their pharmacy. No copay and right on time. If I have a question about anything I get an answer, they don’t put you on hold or transfer you unless necessary.

        3. I don’t know about your state but in Virginia it’s disgusting the rate for medicare premiums. I just turned 65 and was told I had to be 66 before I am eligible for retirement age. This is a COMMEN-WEALTH state and they suck you dry for being old. I pay over $ 200.00 a month for healthcare and live off of $ 453.00 a month, it’s killing me.

  7. It would be nice if United or Walmart would give Seniors a discount. Some of us are on Social Security only and it’s hard to buy food and medicine you need.
    I do not find any Senior Discounts in grocery stores in Amarillo, Texas.

        1. Stop shopping at Walmart. If all seniors stopped doing business with Wally World they might pay attention to our needs

    1. I agree with you Lavinia. I’m in the same situation. And find no real discounts here in the Kansas City, MO areas. I’m actually in Independence but still no discounts

    2. Taco Bell gives senior discounts. El Tap Mexican Restaurant, El Tap Mexican restaurant in Sparta, TN also gives senior discount. Thanks to McDonald’s for $1.00 drinks. They have good sweet tea!!!

      1. Taco Bell in Georgia gives NO discounts anymore. No one gives discounts here. McDonald’s give EVERYONE $1.00 drinks, not just seniors. They DO give senior drinks though, 60 cents for small soda and small coffee.

  8. I’m 75 years old. My daughter lives in Florida and I have being going to Florida since I was 50yrs old. I remember starting getting all those discounts there all the time. But here in NY it’s so hard to find out where they have those discounts. I hate to ask because they look at you like they want to kill you. I have worked all my life and never had anything free in this country.


    1. We need discounts In SS we live in a fixed income Meds are high cost It’s very hard we work all our life to be like this conditions sad

  10. It would be nice,if all states dropped the taxes on Seniors ! Starting at55 -or 60; that would be the best deal . All Seniors have enought trouble making it, on the Soc. Ser. they have to make it on! If all Congressmen or Senitors had to make it on what the rest of us have to live on they couldn’t do it !

    1. Right on , but I feel we need an entirely newer gov’t, younger gov’t one that sees sensible ideas. Snr’s need less taxes…and inflation is a joke.

      1. The people that run Washington should be ashamed of them self ,how do they leave Washington as millionaire and they want us to have health care that they wouldn’t have ! They would still have there top of the line healthcare !

        1. I think congress & senators shoul have medical as other state employers. Plus a limit of services.. no lifetime salaries/ healthcare.
          I have to grow food discounts, no tav break unaffoable medical & medicare. Illegals get better care

        2. What they get in retirement is outrageous and unfair…especially when they rest of us got laid off during one or another oil boom crunchs or it got faded out or better like i worked at K-mart EARNED by working the hours to become eligible for 40hr vac.. AND full time hours Came back from vacation and my hours were cut to 4 for the week & the next & the next then told they had to recoop my vac. time & and talk about unfair and used ..not only quit but it effects your income levels way down the road at SS time…

    2. I agree. Plus, taxes and premiums on Medicare and S.S. That reduces our income greatly. Some people, like my Sister has 2 jobs and she is 72. No end in sight.

    3. I agree with you there, I just retired and now see what it’s really like to live on a fixed income…Don’t know how we are going to
      make it when our property taxes come due…I see why a lot of seniors have to sell their homes after they retire. I have always
      said, you work all your life and your parents have done the same, but you have to do without. Now all these illegals are coming
      in and we are paying for them for free medicine and health care and we have to decide do we eat, or do we buy our medicine.
      It’s not right. we have paid our share what right do they have….I hope before I leave this world, I will have something for nothing !
      It makes me sick seeing the ones crossing the boarder and having babies and they are given free medical !!!

      1. Why is it when we have tough times it’s always the “illegals” fault? The ” illegals” don’t qualify for anything!
        They contribute to the community by working jobs most US citizens won’t do ie work in the fields. The crops this year were rotting in the fields because the “illegals” were not there to pick them. They work hard doing back breaking work for little pay and no benefits.

    1. Highlight and print whatever you choose to print oopy and paste into note pad or office product of choice and print.

    2. Brad- Highlight by holding down your left mouse, then click on the right mouse and click print. That should do it….I think.

  11. Hi. It’s nice to know that seniors can get discounts on the east coast. I’m looking fot stores in So Cal that give discounts on the west coast. Any info for those of us on the West Coast would be a great help. The prices out here are so high it really hard to make ends meet out here.
    Best Regards, Vickie

    1. At Walmart you can get insulin, the old kind, N & R for much cheaper than if you use insurance for it. I pay 24.99 a bottle. That does help a lot. Lilly brand now cost over $175 a bottle.

  12. Fry’s (Kroger) in Tucson continues to honor Senior Discount Program the 1st Wednesday of every month. Kudos to these grocers in Arizona

  13. The Lowes grocery stores in the Myrtle Beach, SC area give a senior discount of 5% on Wednesdays. In addition, the Lowes in Murrells Inlet, SC has a related gas station where they give a $0.05 discount per gallon (up to 25 gallons) for every $100.00 spent in the grocery store.

  14. Both Fry’s Foods and Fred Meyers are Kroger, so saying that Kroger has dropped it’s Senior discounts is false. My husband works for Fry’s and as I’m typing this he’s working Senior Wednesday as a Kroger employee.

    1. It might be true that Freddy’s has kept its discounts, but the Kroger’s in South Carolina has definitely dropped it’s Senior Discount.

  15. Well I guess I won’t be shopping at Krogers or Publix anymore. I live in Atlanta which is part of Northern Georgia so this list is incorrect. It’s not like the discount will make or break me but I’m very disappointed that they are disregarding their senior citizen clientele.

    1. Grocery stores in Denver do not charge tax on groceries if you are in Denver city limits. Also .10 discount on gas for every $100 you spend at Kroger’s -and I think Safeway I’m not sure- up to a $1 per gallon discount.

    2. Publix gives discounts to seniors on WEDNESDAY. Atlanta is not North Georgia. Above Canton is considered N. Georgia. I don’t even have a Publix where I live.

  16. My local Giant Food Store in Maryland gives a 5% senior discount every Tuesday. I am not sure if this extends to all Giant stores or not.

    1. We were told the same thing in Marietta, Ga. We are part of north Georgia, so this list is incorrect. Seniors who don’t have computers or smartphones (many don’t) won’t be able to take advantage of the reward points system. Once again, seniors lose. 🙁

    2. The publix at Laurel Canyon ( Canton/ Jasper) GA has discontinued. They just told us that today was the first Wednesday they haven’t given it.

  17. Is not nice for Kroger to end the senior discount when I finally got old enough to take advantage of it. Shame on Kroger.

    1. Yes my husband and I now shop around at different stores for discounts. When Kroger had Senior discounts we shopped there always but not anymore. So very sad !

      1. i have shopped at king soopers (kroger) over 50 years in the denver area….nothing here… except the stuff nobody buys…offered @ discounted prices….maybe like i said…stuff nobody buys or uses …gets discounted on your king sooper card.

    2. Krogers has an excellent program for discounted gas and I ALWAYS buy my gas at their stations, but SHELL also discounts Kroger fuel points. I live inTennessee and am 85. I now usually eat only once a day, seldom twice, and NEVER three meals because meical bills take most of my money. Nothing left from my social security, but when I applied for food stamps was told my income was 200 a year over their limit- so NO help from the food pantry! I buy all I can at Dollar Tree, but I REALLY prefer FRESH fruit and veggies.

  18. I thought Albertsons gave a senior discount on the first Wednesday of every month. Does this discount still exist?

    1. You have to check with each Albertsons to see which one gives the senior discount. In Alpine California they do not. In Yuma Arizona they do.

      1. Now that Albertsons has made the smart move to rebrand all of their stores to Safeway (following suit from Federated changing the holding corp’s name to Macy’s, Inc. and all the stores to Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s), due to bigger name recognition, will the Albertsons discounts (still the parent Corp.) pass on to all Safeways?

  19. That’s so sad and I would b ashamed if I was Kroger’s CEO s to discounted their seniors discount program. Most seniors don’t have the knowledge of how to do other programs, or the help to do so.

    1. Most of the Seniors these days did got to high school and probably 45-50 percent went to college. All seniors these days know how to manage their money. Lots of them just don’t have enough for a lot of reasons like taking care of grandkids or their own Kids etc.

      1. My husband is in assisted living and we pay over 9,000 per month. I live in senior living and pay 3,000 per month. We also have to pay for prescriptions from the VA. I pay for mine with part D. Try doing this on SS and retired teachers retirement.

  20. Grocery Outlet
    S. Euclid Ave.
    Ontario, Ca 91762

    Offers senior Discounts every Wednesday 8-3 pm.
    I believe it is 10% Discount.

    Walgreen’s (all stores to my knowledge) offers 1st Tuesday
    of the Month 20-40% discount for Seniors.

    Hope the info. helps.

    1. Hi all. Fortunately I was mistaken about Gristedes canceling their senior discount. You don’t get it automatically any more. You need to get the loyalty card. Then MAKE THE SENIOR DISCOYNT IS PROPERLY APPLIED IN THE CARD. I was one of many people who got the card at my store who didn’t have the senior discount applied to the card. The manager took care of it and now it’s an automatic part of my card.

  21. I I was just in Publix in Tennessee and they discontinued their senior discount. So no discounts for seniors at Publix in Tennessee.

  22. I was in Giant Food in Fairfax Virginia last Tuesday and got a 5% discount. The cashier said it is every Tuesday. I forgot to go today to see if it worked again.

  23. I live in Fuquay Varina, NC (Raleigh metro area) and I received a 5% senior discount last Tuesday (Jan. 16th) at my local Kroger.

    1. We continued to receive a 5% senior discount at Kroger as long as we shopped there (through June, 2018). But now all the Krogers in Raleigh and Durham, NC are closing. We were able to use our Kroger card at Dillon’s stores out west (Colorado)…

  24. The Kroger stores in the Atascocita or Humble Texas Division DO NOT GIVE DISCOUNTS.. They also eliminated the senior discount card due to abuse they could have eliminated.

  25. Very recently (Nov. 8, 2017) my closest Bi-Lo told me that the 5% sr. discount is no longer. They said the Bi-Lo Plenti card “handles” the senior discount. I do not think so. Please verify.

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