The Best Months to Travel in the Best Years of Your Life

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Are you thinking about a late summer vacation? You should be! There are so many wonderful reasons to take a vacation in August, September, or October. As a senior living out your retirement, you are no longer burdened with a work rigid schedule or the challenges that come with back-to-school activities. Take advantage of your freedom and read about the perks of taking a late summer vacation!

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August: The World Is Calling

A cost-effective way to check-off “exotic world travel” from your bucket list is to book your dream vacation for mid-to late August. Prices start to drop as tourists head home.

While the Mediterranean countries are still basking in hot sun, the Scandinavian countries, with their comfortable temperatures and Northern Lights, make memorable travel destinations.

August is the vacation month for many Europeans, so crowds on the streets of Paris and London start thinning. Europe offers a wealth of urban delights such as Prague in the Czech Republic, Budapest in Hungary, or Vienna in Austria. Since you have the luxury of leisure, instead of a hectic tour of 10 cities in 10 days, pick one spectacular location and savor the sights. Linger in the outdoor cafes. Enjoy a less demanding itinerary.

Closer to home, golfers and anglers will find the mountains of Pennsylvania, New York, and New England abound with the top-rated greens, fast-moving streams and quaint little towns.

Splurge with an overnight at a local B&B, or a couple’s day at a spa. The latest trend in B&B hospitality includes fresh-from-the-garden meals.

With no school groups to crowd your view, enjoy the exhibits at local museums, historic homes, or gardens. Some of the best reasons to retire to Pennsylvania are also the best reasons to visit! Imagine exploring your nation’s birthplace without fighting traffic and waiting in line with other summertime tourists.

Check out end-of-the-season group rentals. Beaches and lakes make an inviting girls-only trip.

Senior Safety Travel Tip: Be sure to wear flats on cobblestone streets. Use the hotel safe for your valuables, passport, etc.

September: Water Temperatures Are Ideal, Crowds Have Checked Out

September may be the perfect month to head to the beach, as temperatures, crowds, and lodging prices all tend to start dropping around this time of year. Your only company on the sand may be a flock of seagulls and a few treasure hunters. There will be no long waits at restaurants. Don’t forget to schedule a boat trip, fishing trip, or for the more adventurous, an evening kayak paddle on the ocean.

If you find that you like off-season vacation style living, you may want to check out Acts Retirement’s 10 Reasons to Retire to South Carolina. Here’s a hint, southern style hospitality combined with coastal views tends to make people very happy.

Take a drive or bus ride through the countryside before the leaf peepers jam the roads. Don’t miss the antique stores and roadside produce stands along the way. Local apple orchards often include a taste of fresh made cider, slices of apple pie, and bags of your favorite Macs (not the computer!).

Bring back childhood memories with a trip to a country fair. Take a selfie with a prize-winning sheep, thrill to the roar of tractor pulls, or enjoy a nostalgic ride on a merry-go-round. Of course, you’ll ruin your diet with the pleasure of sampling funnel cakes, sausage smothered in onions and peppers, and cotton candy. But what are vacations for if not letting loose and enjoying life?

Organize your own bus trip. Limousine rental companies welcome mini-bus or six passenger town car rentals during the week. Gather a group of history buffs, art lovers, or other like-minded day trippers and split the rental. You are the masters of your travel itinerary and can stop along the way at cute stores and eateries.

Senior Safety Travel Tip: Leave your expensive jewelry at home.

October: Harvest Celebrations Abound

October brings harvest season, Octoberfest merriment, and dozens of other reasons to get out of the recliner. Check your local newspaper for all the Fall events in your area or enjoy a vacation filled with crisp autumn sights, sounds, and smells.

All natures lovers must experience the beauty of the northeast’s changing seasons. The vibrant colors of the leaves mixed with a slight chill and warm cider is enough to make anyone giddy to pull our their plaid and travel to Pennsylvania, New York, or Connecticut. Rent a cabin and make a week or weekend of it!

Combine a visit with grandkids and a weekday tour. While the kids are in school, explore the local area. Make a family visit an opportunity to expand your horizons. Looking for more family activities for your late summer travels (or stay-cations)? Check out these bonding activities for grandparents and grandchildren.

Senior Safety Travel Tip: Don’t hesitate to tell your innkeeper or hotel concierge your itinerary. Tell them where you’re going and when you expect to be back. Keep a cell phone on you at all times, along with your hotel and family contact information.

Retirement should be some of the best years of your life! Open yourself up to new experiences and new possibilities. You’ve worked to build the world we live in, now it’s time to pick your head up and experience it. Still unsure of how or where you want your retirement expedition to begin? Start by reading Acts Retirement’s 4 Tips for Summer Travel After Retirement.


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