Xfinity Cable for Seniors

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Cable TV is one of the easiest ways for older adults (or anyone, really) to keep themselves entertained during downtime. All you need is a reliable and ‘pocket-friendly’ cable service that delivers a diverse array of channels and packages. Xfinity, formerly known as Comcast, offers just that. Being the largest cable TV company in the USA, Xfinity promises to deliver entertainment to fit every need, but do they have what you’re looking for? Let’s take a closer look.

What Xfinity Cable Can Offer Me

In over 20 years of working in geriatric care management, I have yet to meet an older adult who doesn’t love a good Internet experience, staying up-to-date with the latest news and sports, movies, and weather. Xfinity brings a superior digital and live cable TV experience to the table, with over 200 channels to choose from. This company also has an all-in-one DVR set-top TV box X1 with a Netflix integration and a diverse on-demand content library. Xfinity Cable subscribers also gain access to its over-the-top streaming service Peacock TV, since the operator is the parent company of the international media company NBCUniversal.

Is Xfinity Cable Available in My Area?

You can be certain of gaining access to Xfinity Cable if you live in California, Florida, or Illinois, as these are the states the operator has maximum coverage in. In total, its cable connection is available in 39 states across the USA. To find out if Xfinity Cable can be availed at your residence, just enter your address on the website. In case Xfinity does not service your area, the website will offer up options of alternate providers who do. And as with most other reputable providers, Xfinity Cable has the most robust network and service in the USA’s suburban and urban regions.

An Overview of Xfinity Cable Offerings

Xfinity has two cable plan types: Flex and X1. Xfinity’s Flex TV comes with 10,000+ free shows and movies, a 4K streaming device, a voice remote, and open access to Peacock Premium. All of this is free to subscribers of Xfinity Internet, and it can be returned at any time without facing any penalties.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to X1. This has all Flex’s features while also giving you access to live networks (ABC, NBC, and Fox), Cloud DVR service, and Sports Zone app. Finally, if you wish to get more than one service from Xfinity and save on costs, you may purchase discounted bundles that feature the likes of the Internet, landline, and home surveillance services.

Basic Preferred Extreme + Extra Performance Starter + Preferred + Xfinity Voice Blast! (with Flex TV) Blast! + Extra + Xfinity Voice + Xfinity Home Security
Extra Services N/A N/A Up to 300 Mbps Internet Up to 25 Mbps Internet + unlimited phone calls Up to 300 Mbps Internet Up to 200 Mbps Internet + Professional monitoring + unlimited phone calls
Channels 10+ 200+ 125+ 200+ n/a 125+
Option to Rent TV Box Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Suitable for Older Adults Who Are On a tight budget and use the TV sparingly. Keen on having lots of channel options but do not wish to be bound by contracts Heavy TV and Internet users. They regularly have family over, so the Internet connection can handle up to 11 devices. Really love watching TV. Also, they are old-school and require a landline connection. Comfortable getting their dose of entertainment through television and the Internet. Heavy users of TV and the Internet. They also have a home security system.
Cost per month $20 (no long-term agreement) $80 (no long-term agreement) $80 (with a two-year agreement) $100 (with one-year agreement) $50 (with one-year agreement) $110 (with a two-year agreement)

Remember: The packages and offers vary based on the location of your home.

If you prefer to watch Spanish content, Xfinity has relevant plans starting at $35 per month with a one year contract. There is even a bilingual voice remote for hand-free search and navigation capabilities.

At checkout, you may further customize your service by adding on a TV box ($5 per month) and several premium channels.

Xfinity Plans for Seniors

Xfinity doesn’t have any specific plans for older adults. With that said, they do have some really affordable options, such as the basic TV-only plan that lets you watch 10+ channels at just $20 per month. There are other cable-only plans ($60 to $80 per month) that come with a wide range of news channels, perfect for older adults who still heavily depend on TV for their news. Since these plans are contract-free, older adults may cancel or switch plans at any time. If budget isn’t a constraint, there are plans that offer 125+ channels, up to 200 Mbps Internet, and unlimited phone calls along with professional monitoring services to keep your home safe from environmental hazards and external threats. This would cost around $110 per month.

If you choose to rent out a TV box from Xfinity, you also get 20 hours of DVR cloud storage (in addition to the hard drive). This allows you to stream all your recordings onto mobile devices and computers with the Xfinity Stream app or web portal. All of Xfinity’s cable plans also come with a voice remote that allows older users to simply dictate voice commands to access different OTT app-based content without switching apps or TV inputs. This means you don’t need to struggle to type out the name of each show or movie title with the small keys on the remote. Such features are really helpful, considering 65 percent of those with visual impairment are over 50 years of age.

How to Purchase Xfinity Cable

I have noticed that most older adults prefer to visit the store and speak to a sales representative before making any long-term purchase decision. The same is true for renting cable TV plans. Since Xfinity’s stores are now fully operational with COVID-19 measures in place, you can afford to visit and scope out the best deals suited to your needs.

However, if you would like to take extra precautions, I would recommend purchasing from Xfinity’s website. You can either take a simple quiz that matches cable TV bundles to your requirement, or you may build your own package.

Alternatively, you can chat with customer care reps on-call or the website’s chatbox for guidance on what plan to pick. Once the package is selected, the website’s super-intuitive interface allows you to glide through the remaining purchase steps easily.

Xfinity Cable Pricing

Xfinity’s cable services, without any contract, cost between $20 and $80 per month for 10+ to 200+ channels. If you do not select paperless billing and automatic payments, the monthly charges will be hiked by $10. There is also extra that needs to be paid for any equipment, installation, taxes, and fees. On the other hand, you get additional discounts as you add on more products to your plan. For example, choosing the Internet blast package with 125+ TV channels, landline, and home security services will get you a discount of around $60.

Top Tip: The brand offers you the option of saving on rental fees by using your own TV box, modem, or router, as long as it’s compatible with Xfinity.

Xfinity Installation Process

Once you place your order for the cable service, a self-installation kit will be delivered to your doorstep. This will have all the relevant equipment and installation instructions. If you have trouble setting up the service or are not super tech-savvy, you can simply pay $70 for installation by professionals. Otherwise, installation should take no longer than thirty minutes. Then you’ll be ready to go!


Americans aged 50 and above watch TV for about 5.5 hours per day. Considering this level of dependency on the service for information, entertainment, and news, what you need is an affordable but reliable cable operator. As one of the biggest cable operators in the USA, Xfinity is a safe bet. With packages starting at just $20 a month, and no contractual obligations, older adults can safely subscribe to the service and cancel without penalties.

Additionally, there are bundled packages featuring cable, broadband, home surveillance, and landline services that require one to two-year contracts but deliver incredible value for money. No matter which option you end up choosing, rest assured for the plans come with a 30-day trial period with a money-back guarantee.

Xfinity Cable Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I choose one of Xfinity’s contract-free cable plans?

    The biggest benefit that agreement-free subscriptions offer is flexibility. You don’t need to be stuck to one operator or plan. On the other hand, most of Xfinity’s plans with long-term agreements offer substantial discounts that improve their affordability.

  • What is Xfinity’s guaranteed 2-hour appointment window?

    Xfinity ensures that your installation or complaints are resolved within the two-hour timeframe that you choose to schedule your technician visit. In case the technicians don’t get to your residence on time, you’ll receive $20 for the inconvenience.

  • What happens to my cable connection if I move to a new home?

    Since the equipment is really simple to install, all you need to do is input your move details on to the Xfinity website. If the cable service is applicable in your new location, Xfinity will send across instructions on how to install and uninstall the devices. The operator will also send any new equipment if required. If you are moving to someplace where Xfinity doesn’t have its reach, you will have to return their equipment.

  • What does Xfinity's 30-day money-back guarantee entail?

    This offer allows you to try out the cable service and cancel within a month’s time if it doesn’t meet your expectations without paying any termination fees. This money-back guarantee also covers standard installation charges up to $500.