Cox Senior Internet

While the internet can prove quite useful for any age group, it’s especially so for senior citizens. This is because the internet can make elderly individuals feel independent, keep them well-informed, stimulate their minds and keep them connected. That said, the cost of internet service can be rather expensive for those on a fixed income. Thankfully, Cox senior internet seeks to change that for the better. Learn more about what the provider has to offer.

Cox Internet Starter 10

Cox’s introductory internet package is Cox Internet Starter 10. With it, you get up to 10 Mbps download and up to 1 Mbps upload speeds. The starter package is ideal for households with no more than two devices that connect to and browse the internet. For instance, you can connect a streaming service or device from the TV and have a tablet connected at the same time. The Internet Starter 10 package costs $30 a month, and there is a one-year service agreement to consider.

Cox Internet Essential 30

For the Internet Essential 30 plan, subscribers enjoy as many as 30 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds. In regard to the number of internet devices ideal for this package, it’s anywhere from three to five. That said, it’s best to limit that to light internet usage. Senior citizens who do a lot of online gaming (it happens) or file sharing may find they need something faster and more robust. Internet Essential 30 starts off at $40 a month, and there’s also a one-year service agreement.

Cox Internet Preferred 100

Pricing for the Cox Internet Preferred 100 package starts at $60 a month. Like the rest of the above plans, this one also has a one-year service agreement requirement. You enjoy 10 Mbps upload speeds and 100 Mbps download speeds, allowing you to have as many as seven devices linked up, ideal for heavy internet usage. Smartphones, tablets, laptops/personal computers, streaming devices, home security systems and more can all easily connect to the internet to keep you safe, entertained and informed with the Internet Preferred 100 package.

Cox Internet Ultimate

For senior citizens with smart houses or as many as nine devices used for heavy internet usage, Cox’s Internet Ultimate plan could be the perfect match. This specific package features up to 30 Mbps upload speeds and 300 Mbps download speeds. As for pricing, the package starts at $80 a month with a one-year service agreement.


When nothing but the absolute fastest and best internet speeds will do, Cox offers the Gigablast package. With it, subscribers enjoy up to 1 Gbps download and as many as 35 Mbps upload speeds. In addition to being ideal for more than nine devices and substantial internet users, Gigablast also comes with 10 email accounts with 15GB storage … each. Package pricing starts at $120 a month, with a one-year service agreement.

Internet Plan Features

No matter which of the above plans you choose, each comes with additional features to enjoy. The Cox Security Suite Plus, backed by McAfee, offers online protection and peace of mind. The company also offers access to more than 500,000 Wi-Fi hotspots, but only for Internet Preferred 100 plans and higher. You also have the option of upgrading to panoramic Wi-Fi, which eliminates dead zones in your house and maximizes your internet speeds.

Quick Comparison Chart

To make it quicker and easier to compare Cox’s internet plans for senior citizens, we’ve made a quick comparison chart below, which includes packages, features and pricing:

Cox Internet Starter 10Cox Internet Essential 30Cox Internet Preferred 100Cox Internet Ultimate Gigablast
Upload1 Mbps3 Mbps10 Mbps30 Mbps30 Mbps
Download10 Mbps30 Mbps100 Mbps300 Mbps1 Gbps
Number of internet devicesNo more than two3-5 (light internet use only)5-7 (with heavy internet usage)7-9 (with heavy internet usage)More than 9 (with heavy internet usage)
Pricing (with one-year service agreement)$30 a month$40 a month$60 a month$80 a month$120 a month

Cox Senior Discount and One-Year Service Agreement

One thing to make clear here is that as of this writing, Cox does not specifically offer a discount for senior citizens. That said, you are free to ask about any current discounts offered in your specific geographic location.

We’d also like to touch on the one-year service agreement included in all the internet packages above. If you change your mind about your package within the first 30 days and decide to cancel it, you can sidestep the fee for early termination. After that 30 days, you have to maintain the agreement, and you cannot alter any of the equipment, services or features, which would change your agreement. If you don’t uphold the agreement for the full 12 months, you will be charged as much as $120 as an early termination fee.

Other Pricing Factors

Besides the monthly pricing charge, senior citizens have to factor in additional costs. Even if you aren’t on a fixed income, this information goes a long way in helping you create and successfully maintain your budget. With Cox internet service, there are activation fees, taxes and surcharges to consider. Reading over all paperwork and pricing details before agreeing to anything is always a good way to avoid financial surprises.

Another good idea is to look into bundling Cox’s services to save money, just like you can do with your insurance plans. For instance, Cox offers cable services, home security, home automation and landlines, all of which can be bundled together to help save money. To make the most of bundling, it’s best to get an idea of which additional services will do you the most good and how much of a discount bundling each specific service comes with – some may be better than others. You may find you (and your finances) are better off sticking with streaming instead of cable and with your cell phone service instead of getting a landline installed. Again, do some research and cost comparison to see what saves you the most without compromising on overall quality.

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