SilverSingles Free Trial Offer

For men and women over 50 who need and want access to a dating site that is designed just for their needs, SilverSingles is a good overall choice. The site is designed to encourage interactions and chatting with people who are in their 50s or older, which means you can really find people who are in the same phase of life that you are in and not have to worry about those who are not. Most importantly, Silversingles is affordable. While there is no official free trial for SilverSingles, there are some nice free features of this site.

Is There a SilverSingles Free Trial?

There are a few mentions of a free trial for SilverSingles being available online. However, that is misleading. The site itself does not offer a free trial often. If it does, it may offer a discounted service off its membership services as a promotional offer. In other words, you may get to upgrade to a paid membership and try it out for seven days or so before you decide to continue. This type of promo offer may be available at some times, but it is not available frequently.

While you cannot find the SilverSingles free trial you may be after, you really may not need it, especially at first. That is because the site allows you to sign up without any cost. This free sign up is a great place to start because it allows you to compare a variety of features and get insight into how the system works. You will find that the entire process is very easy to do. When you sign up for the free service, you can then do most of what you need to do on the site to find other people.

There are a lot of features available through the free membership. This includes things like checking out other people’s profiles, gathering information about their interests, and flirting with them. While there is no official free trial for SilverSingles, this free service gives you the most comprehensive free trial available – you can do almost everything on the site to have a lot of fun finding people who may be interesting to you.

Free Personality Tests

One of the key reasons to sign up for SilverSingles is the free personality test. This is a nice feature because it allows you to answer a series of questions to learn more about the personality features you may be looking for in someone else. Since the site has so many members, this can help to narrow down the people and profiles you are looking at to make it a bit easier for you to find those that you are interested in.  There is no charge for this test – which is something other dating sites charge for as a part of their elevated memberships.

Should You Upgrade to a Paid Membership?

The key here is that SilverSingles provides a lot of features for free. However, the best features are available through the paid membership. This includes things like being able to send and receive messages on the site and to have your profile positioned better in the search results – allowing you to talk to more people. And there are many other benefits.

What should you do? It is worth signing up for SilverSingles free trial through the free membership. Take the time to explore the site and to get to know how it works. With so many people on the site – about 800,000 people – it is clear this is going to give you a good taste of what the site can offer to you. More importantly, you can check out the profiles of other members to find out if you should upgrade.

Once you find out just how beneficial SilverSingles can be to you, it is worth moving to the paid version of the site. Let’s be clear, the SilverSingles membership is a bit more than other companies at $31.95 a month (if you purchase a 12-month subscription). However, it offers a lot of features and provides plenty of connectivity options for those who are over 50.

You can purchase a three-month subscription instead of $57.95 per month. This may not be the best option in terms of cost, though, due to the significantly higher cost compared to the 12-month program.

Where Should You Get Started?

Since there is not often a free trial for SilverSingles, sign up for the free membership right here. Once you sign up for the free site, you can consider how the site works and check out the features. Then, you can elect to continue and sign up for the 12-month package, which gives you the best pricing available for the site. That way, you get a good idea of what’s available before you commit long term to the website.