McDonald’s Senior Discounts- Are they still out there?

McDonald's Senior Discounts

The Senior List publishes the biggest list of senior discounts on the web.  We receive plenty of feedback regarding local McDonald's restaurants with varied results about individual franchise discounts.

Some McDonald's franchises offer discounts on coffee (or even a free coffee). Others require minimum purchases to receive a discount, and there are even reports of no senior discounts being offered at many locations.

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What is the corporate policy about McDonald's Senior Discounts?

Our writing team thought it was time to inquire about a national (corporate) discount policy for seniors and veterans.  After repeated requests, we finally heard back from McDonald's USA about the availability of corporate-wide McDonald's senior discounts AND discounts for veterans.

We heard from McDonald's and it's clear now (kind of).

Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald's. We truly appreciate customer feedback and welcome the opportunity to share some information with you.

More than 90 percent of McDonald's U.S. restaurants are owned and operated by independent businesspeople. As independent owners, McDonald's franchisees have the authority to make certain operating decisions as they relate to their McDonald's restaurant operations. We recommend inquiring directly with your local McDonald's in regards to any senior discounts or Veterans's discounts they may offer. –

Again, thank you for contacting McDonald's. We hope to have the opportunity of serving you again soon under the Golden Arches – Caroline, McDonald's Customer Response Center

As you can imagine, McDonald's response is very safe (and vague) for a reason.  McDonald's wants to give it's owner owned franchises the opportunity to make local discounting decisions independently of the mother ship.  I certainly understand this, and know that many local franchise owners offer a variety of restaurant senior discounts like a “senior coffee” (special price for those 55+) across the country.

Remember, it never hurts to ask, and if you feel the need to ask for a supervisor, do it! We have heard of situations where an employee wasn't aware of the discount policy, but a quick chat with the supervisor or manager revealed that there were in fact discounts available for honored citizens.

Does your local McDonald's franchises offer a senior discount? Let us know in the comments section below 🙂

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  1. Hi, my issue is I am a Sr. 68 yrs old. Age, not being the issue, the issue is as follows: at Mcdonald’s @2781 Dufferin Toronto, Ontario, (store # 40448) the store sold me an sr. small coffee @ $1.23, and tax on top, but at 1890 Avenue rd. store (# 1975) sold me a coffee for 1.19+ tax on top. Did I get taken, why the difference of price?
    1. Ron, it’s like purchasing gasoline — different stores can charge different amounts for things because they’re owned by different people/companies.
      1. I’m senior 64 yrs I bought 3 senior decades the employee said he can only sell me 2 my question is why .
  2. Wendy’s has a 10% discount on all purchases for seniors. 60 and over. It’s posted on their doors. I’m going to get a Dave’s single today at lunch and get my 10% off, which will take care of most of the sales tax. This particular restaurant is on Yonge Street, north of Sheppard in Toronto.
    1. Do Mcdonalds in the UK give discount to senior citizens, we collect the stickers to get one free, but just been reading some give a discount
  3. I like the way the employees get to make up the price for a senior coffee. I have paid a different amount several times at the same location. Terrible policy. If you are going to give a discount, give it. If not, just tell us we are not welcome there and we can go somewhere else. And for heavens sake fill the cup up please!!!
  4. If your too cheap to pay 70 cents for a coffee, I doubt very seriously you have donated much in your lifetime! Nothing is free, people are actually working to serve you that coffee.
    1. A senior discount is no more than a coupon it’s there to lure people in so they’ll buy that biscuit and and a hash brown that’s where they make their money.
  5. All McDonalds are owned by separate individuals . There are no blanket discounts. If you are unhappy discuss with the owner, not the manager- it’s not up to Corporate.
  6. Why be embarrassed asking for a senior coffee? McDonald’s has no shame in charging the same price for a cup of ice as they do for a fountain drink.
    1. You’re absolutely right about that. So when I go to Mc’s I always ask for a large drink with no ice. Let them keep their ice and give me more soda for later.
  7. I can get a 20 ounce at any gas station with my own cup probably less than that 75 : 81: 96: with my choice of creamer ! As a bonus I’ll just have it my way😊 I’ll eat later
  8. Introduction of the kiosk has dehumanized the McD’s experience,along with the inconsistencies of senior discounts. But one thing we can all depend on is the solicitation of a charitable donation. Why is that?
    1. If they can’t give away a small coffee to a Senior Citizen that has probably patronized them since junior high school, I can’t support them. No Ronald McDonald house donation, no local charity donations that benefit McD’s name or anything else that can have even the smallest effect on McD’s. Having spent nearly 50 years in the fast food industry, I know how much a small coffee costs, including the coffee, cup, lid, and condiments. (prices may vary) Employees steal, give away, damage, discard or get rid of in any way, more products than you can imagine. Theft and inventory loss accounts for over 5% of total store gross profit. I guess you have to plug the hole somewhere!
      1. I too am a senior, and I want to say this attitude of entitlement is not the characteristic of our generation. Take what is given in thanks, demand nothing, be willing to pay your own way.
        1. Very well said. I’ve worked hard my whole and never expected a handout from anyone. Would be embarrassed to complain that I didn’t get one.
      1. They don’t have a counter to order at one of the McDonalds near me in IL. I had a feedback receipt in the past for buy one get one free when they had both counter and the kiosks and had to use the counter. I get free drink at Wendy’s.
  9. Mc Donalds Mega Mall branch, they don’t give discounts even, I have the authorization from my mother. This is my first time to encounter. I always bring pasalubong to my mother since she’s always at home that’s why I have her señior ID and authorization letter. The store manager said, they only give discounts if the señior is around or thru delivery. This is not right, please do some actions here!
      1. When You get old and have all your money siphoned away by your kids and gov, you will see how important it is to save a dollar a week. That’s 4 bucks a month for food. Yeah, might sound like nothing to some but it’s everything to most. Kids & Seniors should get discounts. They are the ones that are most on poverty level.
  10. I asked if they take AARP, the manager stated – what’s that? This person should not be a manager, she did not know what the nation wide AARP card is. Pitiful Store 10394, 4625 Kirkwood Hwy. Wilmington, Delaware,
  11. McDonalds in Mahwah, NJ (Rt 17S) does not give senior discounts, but they give a discount to students from Ramapo College. Very disappointed!! Good news…just down the road.. Donuts and Wendys both do. My advice.. go Dow the road ??
  12. No, McDonalds in Hayti MO used to give a discount on senior coffee. They no longer offer the discount. Kennett MO still offers discounts on senior coffee.
  13. hey, there is nothing wrong for asking for a free coffee or discount if you are entitled to it. If you have worked hard all your life, perks are a nice thing for seniors on fixed income….my grandparents would be proud….nothing to be embarrassed about…to the young people. …you will appreciate what I am saying when you are older, hey kids get free stuff, so why not seniors
  14. McDonald’s know longer give senior’s discount on coffee at the Lenox Ave location in Harlem. I will go to Dunkin Donuts instead ?? You cheapskate
    1. How small some minds can be when compared to the opening on front of the face. This has nothing to do with being able to afford or not afford. Small discounts are still a way to say thank you to the elders of the world and their contribution, who spent plenty on drive-thru’s with the kids, grandchildren Aand birthday parties hosted at MacDonalds!!! Also, if someone is too poor to afford a coffee is not reason not to be gracious. Poor is not a crime just a circumstance. Blessed are the merciful…….for they shall obtain mercy. Not a bad deal, don’t you think?
  15. I am not sure how other senior citizens feel but i have worked in the work force for over 45 years and now that i am 65 and retired i feel that i have work for this privilege to receive a senior discount. I understand that most McDonald’s are franchised and they have the right to set there own price but they still represent McDonald’s and its not a good practice to not give our seniors any kind of a discount. Because of this i will no longer stop at McDonald’s i will find another restaurant suce as Wendy’s or burger king to see if they give there senior discount. These franchise owners need to understand that most seniors are on a fixed income and anything they can do to help them will be mostly appreciated. Its my personal opinion that I don’t believe even a 10percent discount will brake the bank we need to take care of the people who have taken care of them for so many years. This is all my opinion take it for what its worth thank you for your attention
      1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Maybe McD’s does not give out free stuff in some locations because their prices are so cheap to begin with. I pay $1.10 for a cup of coffee. The same size at Starbucks would be almost $4.00. I really like McD’s coffee. Worth the cheap price.
        1. The coffee was $1.00 for any size for a couple of month’s here in Ohio. It just went back up and they raised it another $.010 from last years prices. $1.39 for large. Will try Tim Horton’s.
        2. Exactly, Michelle. Just because you are 55+, it doesn’t entitle you to anything. If you’re going to complain about McDonald’s not giving you a senior discount on a simple cup of coffee, here’s a suggestion… brew a nice pot of coffee at home. Save yourself some gas money and don’t drive to McDonalds. Just because we all are getting older doesn’t mean we get free things. A discount for veterans… yes. A discount for being old… no.
          1. Steve – hope you feel the same when your a senior on a fixed income. Might be at McD for social contact, on way to volunteer at your hospital, library or elementary school. Thanking seniors for creating this country and buying more products daily should be of interest to all of us. Bet you do not distinguish giving a discount to a real VET in a war zone versus your local clerk at a US base?
    1. I agree with you 100%, and i don’t even go to McDonld’s any more, and if they do give a discount it’s only on coffee ha ha from age 55 and up seniors do not start at 55 it’s 62 big mangement companies. Also the Wendy’s i go to give a 30% discount hooray for them, i don’ t know about Burger King yet, but i hope they open their minds a say these people been with us from the beginning and now as the years rolled by they need our help, brcause one day we could be where they are now.
    2. I agree. I would like to know just how many of these franchisees each month sell senior coffees and cokes? I do agree they have the right to question in specific cases, like big quantities – but to believe you can save money by not offering two beverages at discount – especially when they make residual sales when they buy other items is astounding. If they want to really tackle fraud then these owners need to go undercover – and find out how their business is run when their not around. I know from my local Mcdonalds going there at all hours of the day and night there are major problems, and it’s not the senior discount that is eating their profit margins. PLus, don’t pretend you care for Seniors on a national level only to look for ways to discriminate against them – and the very people and family members who help them as frauds for ordering a senior drink.
  16. McDonalds franchises are a dicey proposition just as the various discounts offered! Comparing Dunkin’ Taco, Wendy, Burger King there seems more of continuity across the stores policies. Discounts are nice and often a surprise to me. Good service (from underpaid, often overworked) employees and managers is also a pleasant surprise. Handle the lack of both with unemotional honest responses or nothing at all (not a popular choice however!) stores may change their minds with the times or large number of legitimate requests (say Vet or Senior health, example). I want everyone to know McDonalds can arbitrarily walk in and fleece a franchisee who has ponied up a million bucks over a supposed civil rights infraction, product supplier or advertising misstep. Walk Proud and when appropriate Walk Away never lose your cool Just State your case and don’t act a fool. (Yes, a sixties Vet) I’m right this minute playing my Oscar Schmidt 12 String on Byrds song TurnTurn Turn and sipping my first ever free McDonalds (courtesy of appreciative first Vet request ?) coffee with my regular order of big breakfast.
  17. My McDonald’s just discontinued the 1$ coffee. Funny they still have the 1$ soft drinks. I blame this sense that restauranteers feel coffee is worth more than 1$ a cup on Starbucks and the millenials who agree to pay for it. I appreciate places like Bucky’s who understands that drinks shouldn’t be overpriced just because people seem to agree to pay for it. In most instances your just getting hot brown water to start with anyway.
  18. Mc Donald’s 52 and Chicago Ave in Port Richey, FL claims a dollar coffee for seniors. That’s the regular price. Lol. What a deal!
  19. I’m at the McDonald’s on Sahuarita Road in Sahuarita, Arizona, as I write this. I thought the senior coffee here used to be free. Now they charge 70 cents. There was no other discount given on the other food items I purchased.
  20. Have been going to various McDonald’s since early 60’s. I now live in Tillamook, Oregon and went to their McDonalds after checking menu prices on line, and was told they don’t advertise military discount but if you show valid I.D. proof the will give it. I bought 4 items and showed them my military I.D.,( four tours of Vietnam), and was told they don’t offer discounts for Veterans. Also, prices on line for Oregon updated and when I got their bill everything was 50 cents to $1..10 more on each item. Burger King across the street offers 10% discount to Veterans, plus sends flyers with discount. Will no longer be going to McDonalds, as big as they are they need to have all stores honor Military and Senior discount..
    1. Thank you for your service to our country Willie! I certainly agree with you regarding the discount policy 🙂 Have a great day.

  21. Seymour CT McDonald’s gave my husband a 50% senior discount last week. Today I asked for a senior discount and was told no they don’t have one?
  22. I live in the land of seniors. south east Florida. Today is my last day with Mcd I am not so discouraged because my visit today offered no discount…I am totally sour on the fact that my purchase is now 1/3 more in dlrs and cents than a while ago. Mcd sneakidly raises its prices via the OUR FRANCHISEES do as they please explanation from corporate.. My small coffee was $.139 (never knew they raised it last month it was $1). the buritto also $1.39. So the price was $2.95 for what was, a very short time ago.
    1. Meant to say in last line of my comment above — for what was a short time ago $2 and tax. Sorry has a senior moment in ending my comment there.
  23. I’m a big fan of McDonald’s coffee and think it’s better than Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. The McDonald’s I go to in Athens, GA has a senior coffee for under 40 cents (with two creams included). The McD’s in Atlanta on Roswell Rd. charged almost $1.00 for a senior coffee. The price varies with each location.
  24. At my local McD’s this morning (North Baltimore, Ohio) I ordered a small coffee at the drive thru. At the window, the lady said, “I changed your coffee from small to senior. It is exactly the same but 31 cents cheaper. ” The senior option does not appear on the menu, you just have to know about it I guess. That’s what I call good service.
    1. I had the same experience at the Eola Road McD in Aurora IL. She told me she charged me for a Senior Coffee. I had no idea what that was until that day, and I had been going to McD for my coffee for years.
    1. I dont know if this is what you talking about but in nampa idaho a McDonalds close to where i live small iced coffees excluding house black is 2 dollars. House black is 99cents
  25. I agree with the other people that a senior citizen discount is a courtesy, not a right.. I am pleasantly surprised when I get one, not ask for the manager and owners phone number if I don’t. People need to quit feeling that they are entitled. If this doesn’t suit you then either forget about the 50 cents you will save or go somewhere else. Especially do not take it out on the employees. Besides you will probably end up on you tube by someone video taping your tantrum.
  26. I have 2 local McDonalds here in Barrow County Ga. the 1 in the town of Winder does give the senior discount …free drink with a purchase …I know of for sure …the other 1 in Bethlehem does not give free drinks but does give a discounted drink ….I will b trying to only visit the location with the free drink since i think it is ridiculous that they r so close to each other and have different policies.
  27. McDonald’s Restauration rapide 6581 Forest Hill Blvd (561) 969-0715 Ouvert jour et nuit at this place no discount for senior! Near the custom at Vermont McDonald’s they give discount.
  28. I never asked for a free cup of tea for years it has been offered to me. McDonalds in the Illawarra have always been good with excellent service. I ordered two meals for my Wife and I and was refused the free teas. I asked why and they told me I could have them if I buy Burgers. I don’t like Burgers but our meals were 6 Nuggets and small chips. I thanked them and vacated without buying lunch. I would have paid more for the meals I ordered. The reason I left was I was refused in front of a line of people.
  29. What this tells me is that McDonald’s as a company does NOT honor any kind of senior discounts – as they could by allowing franchisees to purchase replacement supplies at a discount for items that were SOLD at a senior discount! They expect the franchisees to bear all the financial burden – to sell at a discount and yet require full price replacement for such discounted sales. They want the CREDIT and PR for having a “senior discount” while shunting all of the RESPONSIBILITY off onto their so-called “franchisees”. (i.e. capitive purchasers), who are NOT “independent” business people because they have no freedom to purchase FRESH food where they wish at their best quality/price, and carefully follow recipes, but MUST purchase EVERYTHING (frozen, etc., down to napkins – and probably toilet paper, for all I know) from corporate McDonald’s at a monopolistic price – a captive purchasing base.. And no, I have never been a franchisee, nor have I ever known anyone who was. I just despise corporate traps and unbridled greed. I’ve known for some time that this was corporate McDonald’s attitude, which is one of the main reasons I have not purchased ANYTHING from McDonald’s in 14 years, and I let people know they are supporting rampant greed from a corporation that cares NOTHING about seniors.
    1. Why is the talk about seniors? Younger people go there also. While its true a lot of businesses try to claim discounts for senors like AAA. its not required or guaranted. I myself is on ssdi dont hardly go out to eat. No company mostly.i cook at home in the apartment were i live. Shure its boring but i feel usful to me.
  30. I too have nearly stopped going to McD’s. Burger King, Taco Bell, Arby’s and nearly ever other fast food has a senior program. McD’s, we don’t need you. Your food isn’t that great and you service leaves much to be desired. You’ve chosen to ignore seniors, I have chosen to ignore you…
    1. I’m not sure about specific McDonalds locations Helen, but perhaps one of our readers does. Best idea would be to call them and ask. – Have a wonderful day!

  31. Just stumbled on this site and find all the comment’s, interesting and agree with many however it is true that the discounts are a courtesy. The comment about the financial condition of the owner is a bit misguided since a McD franchise cost is over 1 million
  32. I am a senior and am surprised by the remarks on here. Not having much money, living off of social security, I appreciate all discounts that are given to seniors. However, I do not feel we are ENTITLED to expect them just because we reached some magic age. The comments sound incredibly selfish and rude when discussing today’s youth. They may not be perfect but then again I am sure neither were any of you when you were younger. Age has not seemed to improve your value of respect. You show no respect for the individuals who own these franchises, you have no clue what their finances are and if they can afford at the moment to afford discounts. You have no clue or respect as to what it is like to attend to and listen to elderly people who feel ENTITLED and take it out on servers when they can’t get their own way. Age cannot be responsible for forgetting to treat people with respect and not to be so self centered. A discount is a COURTESY, a GIFT, not a mandatory thing stores have to do. Once you realize that maybe you will become nicer to others. I believe those that need the discounts the most are NOT the ones who complain. …………….. Kathy
    1. Kathy, Your comment is so true. I just wanted to see if I can save a few pennies but I am not about to argue about someone so petty. My grown daughter says that many seniors think they can do or say what they want because of that “magic age”.
    2. Get off your pedestal, I don’t need a lecture from you. McDonalds is wealthy because today’s seniors supported them their entire lives, If they don’t appreciate that fact by a lousy coffee discount, I can take my business elsewhere. Your grown daughter is a judgmental ass.
    3. Thank you Kathy…I read all the comments up to yours and really wasn’t that upset with them. If any company is going to offer a discount then it should be across the board. Do they discount monthly franchise fees for anything? I doubt it… Corporations are not people and neither are the righteous.
    4. 71 years old here and agree completely with Kathy. Where did this idea that we are entitled because we are older come from? It’s nice when it’s offered but certainly not required for me to buy items from stores or restaurants.
  33. I do not drink coffee… I get my caffine from Cola..So in the morning when I order my breakfast sandwich meal, I want a senior Coke… because any size larger is just a waste for me.. When I order I get told almost every time that I can NOT get a senior coke with the meal .. please fix this problem… there should be NO reason I am denied the drink size of my choice… by the way… I AM a senior.
    1. I too wish McDonalds would be more consistent where senior discounts are concerned Peggy. Hope you are well!

  34. McDonald’s Epping VIC are claiming that McDonald’s have had a policy change and that a minimum of $6 has to be spent on food to qualify for seniors coffee for 2 seniors. This would appear to be a local franchise decision and not McDonald’s policy. Should they be claiming that it is a blanket McDonald’spolicy?
  35. Good Morning, I have a question to ask you. I go to McDoalds every Sunday after church for your delicious oatmeal and my free senior’s coffee. I am 70 but don’t look my age, on 2 occasions I was charged for my seniors. Is it no longer available free in Canada? Thank you, a valued customer for many years. Yours truly, Jacki – Lynn Essex
  36. I can only comment on the senior discounts in the Memphis area. About 75% of the McDonald’s locations around here have senior coffee for 69 cents. The other 25% give seniors coffee for free.
  37. The teens of yesterday are the srs. Of today. If McDonalds won’t give sr. discoints to the boomers that made them who they are today, then all these boomers and their families should make another fast food chain and break mcDs.
  38. A problem at Micky D’s is the quality of their help. So ask for the manager if you have a question. Note* the store manager will often be better Informed than the shift manager. If you get no satisfaction, then ask for the phone number of the owner.
  39. i went to mcdonalds at ballou park, in danville, virginia. i questioned them about receiving a senior discount….they told me they don’t give it. i used to go there quite ofter…but i wont anymore…if they won’t give me a discount…i know that wendy’s does. thanks donna

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