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Lively Hearing Aid Cost and Pricing

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Lively is an online hearing aid retailer that aims to take the stress and struggle out of getting hearing aids that fit well and work effectively.

Lively hearing aids offer a unique online experience – customers get truly personalized aftercare which elevates Lively far above the level of most online hearing aid retailers. Because Lively sells via the internet there are no in-person appointments to attend, which reduces the cost of hearing aids considerably.

History of Lively

Lively was founded by Adam Karp, whose father was reluctant to purchase hearing aids. Karp and his small team saw a gap in the market for hearing aids that were powerful and comfortable, but small and discreet enough to stay hidden. Lively is all about removing the stigma of wearing hearing aids by providing a caring and customer-centered online service – without compromising on quality.

Lively Hearing Aids

Lively offers one device – the Lively hearing aid.

Lively is a behind the ear (BTE) hearing device that’s small enough to fit comfortably behind your ear for all-day wear. Lively uses a combination of state of the art hearing aid tech with powerful noise-canceling to give wearers the kind of high-quality hearing support they need.

Lively aids prioritize voices above other sounds, which means you can hear music and TV more clearly than before, and keep track of conversations even in noisy places.

As well as making it easier to hear conversations, TV, and all the sounds around you, Lively can also be used to stream music and phone calls directly into your ear for the ultimate clarity.

Lively Hearing Aids Pricing

Lively hearing aids are sold in a bundle for $1,450 per pair (many traditional hearing aids cost as much as $5,000 per pair.) The price includes a pair of Lively hearing aids, plus the Lively app, two years of follow up care, two years of damage and loss protection, and a year’s worth of batteries. Financing is also available, starting at $47 monthly.

Lively Hearing Aids Customer Service

One of the things that make Lively stand out is their personalized care – both before and after purchase. Before signing up for Lively, customers take an online test to make sure they’re a good candidate for Lively hearing aids. After sign up, a hearing professional programs each set of hearing aids before shipping them out. Once the hearing aids arrive, customers can contact trained audiologists through the Lively app at any time for personalized support and real-time adjustments as needed.

Lively Hearing Aid Warranty and Money-Back Guarantee

Lively helps customers feel secure at every stage of the hearing aid process. As well as highly personalized customer service, a two-year warranty, and two-year loss and damage cover, Lively offers a generous 100-day money-back guarantee so you can try them for yourself secure in the knowledge that you can return them if need be.


Lively offers an excellent alternative for seniors who need hearing support but don’t want to or can’t get to an audiologist. Their hearing aids are light and comfortable and offer good quality sound that can be tweaked and adjusted as needed. When you add in two years of support from professionals who can help adjust the hearing aids to be just right, it’s clear that Lively offers excellent value for the money while still keeping a firm focus on quality.

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