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Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids of 2021

Bluetooth hearing aids are an excellent tool for those looking to simplify listening across different modes, allowing for direct streaming from your phone, television, or other devices.
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While most hearing aids are compatible with cell phones, televisions, and other sound devices, a Bluetooth hearing aid can streamline this form of connection. For example, if you want to listen to music from your iPhone, a Bluetooth hearing aid can allow you to directly stream to your hearing aids, rather than forcing you to take out your aids and put in earbuds.

Currently, there are a wide variety of Bluetooth hearing aids available on the market. After extensive testing of many different brands, here’s who we came up with as our favorites.

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How We Chose Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids

When looking at the many Bluetooth hearing aids, here’s how we chose our three favorites:

FYI: The hearing aids on this list can all be purchased directly through the internet, making them over the counter hearing aids, a solid alternative to prescribed technology.

Best Bluetooth-Enabled Hearing Aids of 2021

1. MDHearingAid CORE - Best Affordable Bluetooth Hearing Aids

4.8 / 5
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What We Like Most:
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • 45-day risk-free trial
  • Starting at $1,199 for a pair
  • Customized sound settings


The MDHearingAid CORE is our favorite Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid, due to its combination of remote adjustments, low pricing, and stellar customization to your hearing experience.

MDHearingAid’s most advanced model, the CORE features a full range of Bluetooth functionality. With these hearing aids, I was able to stream music directly from my phone, in addition to remotely listening to my smart TV. What’s more, I could switch sound settings on my hearing aids by using my smartphone.

In addition to smartphone controls, the CORE also features dedicated sound control buttons on the aids themselves. However, in my tests, I hardly had to use these buttons, as CORE featured smart audio technology that automatically switched my sound settings. For example, upon leaving a restaurant, my hearing aids automatically lowered the background noise reduction, allowing me to hear the sounds around me better.

Pricing: The MDHearingAid CORE can be purchased as either a single device or pair, costing $959.99 and $1,199.99, respectively. They also offer 18-month financing plans.

Batteries: My CORE hearing aids used 312 batteries, and each pair lasted me about four days, which is pretty good for disposable batteries.

Support: Unfortunately, MDHearingAid doesn’t offer the extensive and personalized customer support of other providers. Still, while you won’t find audiologist support here, you will find a helpful team of people that will sort out any technological issues.

  • Bluetooth models starting at $1,199 per pair
  • Can be purchased as single devices or pairs
  • Great background noise reduction
  • 45-day trial period
  • Smartphone sound adjustments
  • Automatic environment adjustments
  • App not required to use hearing aids
  • Larger than other aids on this list
  • 90-day warranty
  • Limited customer support

Our Verdict: Offering some of the most affordable hearing aids on the market, backed by a 45-day return policy, MDHearingAid is a great company to rely on. What’s more, their CORE hearing aids offer a great Bluetooth experience to augment the functionality of traditional hearing aids.

To learn more about this company, read my rundown of MDHearingAid Digital Hearing Aids.

2. Lively Hearing Aids - Best Customer Support

Lively Hearing Aids Logo
4.8 / 5
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What We Like Most:
  • FDA-approved devices
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Access to audiologist care
  • Rechargeable options


Lively keeps it simple with only one hearing aid model for purchase. Despite this small lineup, Lively’s hearing aids are some of our favorites, as they include rechargeable batteries, nearly invisible construction, and — yes — Bluetooth capabilities.

Lively offers hearing aids for direct purchase through the internet. Although a pair of these hearing aids requires no visit to the audiologist, you won’t be short on professional guidance with Lively. With the purchase of their hearing aids, you’ll receive three years of professional support from their team of audiologists. By using the Lively app, I was able to ask questions and even receive remote adjustments to the settings on my hearing aids.

In terms of Bluetooth, Lively supports direct streaming to a phone, television, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. Additionally, I was able to utilize the Bluetooth connection to make adjustments to the volume and sound profiles on my hearing aids.

Pricing: When purchased online, Lively Hearing Aids cost $2,000 per pair for the rechargeable battery version. The traditional battery version goes for $1,450. Financing options are also available for both versions of the Lively aids.

Batteries: My rechargeable hearing aids from Lively lasted nearly two days on a single charge. What’s more, the portable charging case carried extra charges, allowing me to have nearly a week of use before having to plug my hearing aids back into the wall.

Support: Lively impressed me with their thorough and professional support. I received 24/7 access to audiologist support, giving me both technical and medical advice related to my aids and hearing.

  • Easy and Comfortable to Wear
  • High Quality Sound
  • Ongoing Support from Hearing Professionals
  • Easy to Adjust Settings
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • Rechargeable Option
  • Only One Hearing Aid Model
  • Relatively Costly

Our Verdict: While Lively hearing aids cost a bit more than MDHearingAid’s devices, they undeniably justify this price point with an extended warranty, great battery life, and stellar overall sound performance.

To learn more about this company, read my Lively Hearing Aids Reviews.

3. Eargo - Best Customer Support

Eargo Logo New
4.7 / 5
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What We Like Most:
  • Virtually invisible in-ear models
  • Can be purchased online
  • Two-year warranty with a 45-day return window
  • No professional evaluation required


Eargo hearing aids come in four different models, all of which feature Bluetooth capabilities. Our favorite, however, would have to be the Eargo 5, a result of its streaming, customization, and remote support capabilities.

From start to finish, Eargo offered me a great customer service experience. My hearing aids arrived at my house, and upon putting them in my ears and syncing them with the Eargo app, I was able to use the Sound Match technology. This feature allowed me to have what was essentially a virtual fitting for my hearing aids. After responding to a series of noises and questions, my hearing aids were tailored to my unique type of hearing loss.

The support didn’t stop there. After I began using my hearing aids, I could also contact an Eargo hearing specialist at any time through the app. I always received quick responses, whether it was about my hearing health or simply a technical question related to my Eargo hearing aids.

With their Bluetooth connectivity, my Eargo 5 hearing aids could be remotely adjusted, both through my smartphone app and on the end of the Eargo’s support team. Additionally, I could stream directly from my smartphone to my Eargo hearing aids. Since Eargo hearing aids are so small and discreet, I thought they made a great substitute for traditional earbuds.

Pricing: The Eargo 5 costs $2,950 for the pair, including the portable charging case. With that said, their other hearing aids can cost as low as $1,500 per pair. Additionally, they offer financing plans.

Batteries: My Eargo 5 batteries only lasted me for a single day per charge; however, this will be enough in most cases. Just be sure to charge your aids every night. Additionally, the charging case could come in handy for on-the-go charging.

Support: Hands down, Eargo offered the best customer service experience. Their team of hearing health professionals were knowledgeable, both in terms of Eargo devices and overall hearing healthcare.

  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Stellar Sound Quality
  • Attentive Customer Service
  • Secure In-Ear Fit
  • Suitable Only for Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss
  • No In-Person Fittings

Our Verdict: Eargo hearing aids are the most expensive on this list; however, their sound performance, Bluetooth capabilities, and 2-year warranty on the Eargo 5 make them well worth the price of entry.

To learn more about Eargo, read my Eargo reviews.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids Frequently Asked Questions

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