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Our research division actively studies aging in place and regularly publish independent content covering social, economic political and geographic topics for seniors.
Striking It Rich

Top 10 Late Bloomers For every overnight sensation, there are probably at least a dozen others who don’t get to the pinnacle of their careers until they’ve been at it for quit...

Which States Have the Worst Senior Drivers?

The average American drives more than 13,000 miles every year, and for those who have long commutes to and from work, the figures are even higher. And for many of us, getting a dr...

Which States Have the Best & Worst Nursing Homes?

As the U.S. population continues to grow older, it seems likely that more and more of us will require the care offered by nursing facilities in our later years because we need the...

Senior couple
Best And Worst States For Finding Love After 50

It would be easy to read that data as a bad thing, and, no doubt, it felt bad for everyone involved in all those divorces. But every ending is a chance for a new beginning, and fo...

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