Free Online Dating for Seniors

Finding a senior dating app that is free and will allow you to meet and freely communicate with other members and will never require you to pay a fee for any service – is not the easiest thing to do.

Typing in “free dating apps” will routinely bring up tons of search results, but closer scrutiny reveals that “free” applies to “free sign-up” or “free browsing” for the first few days of use. After that, if you want to be matched up, to communicate with other members, or to enjoy other features of the senior dating site or app, you will have to pay.

That doesn’t mean there are no free dating sites, but using one means sacrificing some elements you’d get with a paid membership site. Depending on your dating preferences, though, these omissions might be worth it.

Is There Such Thing as a Free Dating Site?

The definition of a totally free senior dating site is one that will never charge their members a fee for the use of the site but permits each member full access. But if the site is not getting money from their members, how can it sustain itself? By getting funds strictly from their advertisers.

Most of those using free dating sites have had cause to complain about ads and pop-ups. Annoying as they can be, it’s just the price one must pay for the free use of the site. Some sites do offer the option of a small fee to dispense with the ads.

Some free dating sites may not offer a downloadable app. Also, the recurring ads can be annoying and since a free dating site is not supported by members, there may not be much effort extended to the vetting of members; there is always a possibility that a member is not what they seem.

It is true, though, that even those apps that claim to vet their subscribers carefully can only do so much. Each member is obliged to exercise caution when communicating with another member. It is wise to pay attention, ask questions, and avoid being taken in by charm and good looks.

Pros and Cons to Free Senior Dating Sites

There are pros and cons to using a free dating site or app.


  • This can be the easiest, and certainly the cheapest, way to discover if online dating is for you.
  • You will be not be expected to answer innumerable questions that would be used for your profile. Instead, you set up a brief profile, upload at least an image or two, and start exploring.
  • You will be free to use the site’s features – such as browsing pictures and profiles, communicating with other members, and whatever else the site permits – without having to wait for suggested matches.
  • Even if the site does engage in matchmaking, you will not be expected to supply your life story and an extensive list of likes and dislikes.


  • The dating site (and app, if there is one) will not have as many features or communication options as sites one pays for.
  • There will be lots of ads, interfering with efforts to browse or email. A small fee, though, may do away with that annoyance.
  • There may not be much if any, member support offered. Subscription sites often provide at least some tips for making the most of the app if not also actual dating advice from members of the staff.
  • The look of the site may be less appealing, more clunky, than the member-supported sites.
  • Members are not likely to be well-vetted; as a result, there is more pressure on each member to look out for themselves.

Free Dating Sites for Christians

Among the few totally free dating sites there are several sponsored by EDating for Free, Inc. All these sites are designed for straight Christians and are global in nature, including ChristianDatingforFree, CatholicDatingforFree, and BlackChristianDatingforFree.

Dating is an option, but you could choose to search for a pen pal, new friends, an activity partner, or a life partner.

These dating sites are also advertiser-supported, though for $4.95 a month you can get rid of the ads. Also, the sites offer free mobile apps for Android and IOS. You can also keep up with these sites up on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

According to various reviews, this could be a good place for Christians to get their feet wet in online dating. They are easy to use and uncomplicated, but a member can enjoy all the features that are offered at no charge.

These same reviews point out that the ads may be annoying; the profiles are not that revealing; the look may seem outdated. Still, it appears that those members who persevere make connections, and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

As is so often the case, even these sites offer a subscription membership. For a fee, you can upload more images, you can find out if your messages were deleted, and your profile will be promoted more heavily. However, unlike so many other sites, you are not forced to become a paying member if you want to continue with the site, and free access can net you positive results.


Socializing – whether via email or face-to-face – is important for a person’s emotional and mental well-being. Free dating sites and – where applicable – apps can be a useful way to refamiliarize yourself with the dating scene.

Such sites and apps can also be used for creating new friendships, finding like-minded people to converse with or share activities with, or even finding a romantic partner.

When looking for such a site, take the time to study the site carefully, and to read client reviews as well as critiques.

Age is no barrier to experiencing life and relationships. The opportunities are out there, and new ones are developing daily. Don’t hesitate to explore those possibilities.