OurTime Dating Site for Seniors

Love is timeless. Whether you’re 21 or 71, finding a partner to enjoy life with is an important experience. Relationships shift and end throughout our lives for different reasons, but it’s never too late to start a new one and develop a connection with somebody special. This is the philosophy behind websites such as OurTime Senior Dating. Aimed at men and women over the age of 50, this dating community lets singles meet online—and eventually offline—to foster the connections that can build a romance.

Seniors who are considering a dating site like OurTime will want to understand its services better. Continue reading if you’re considering membership at OurTime or are simply curious about what it entails.

Understand the Costs

As is the case with most premium dating services, membership at OurTime is based on a paid subscription that recurs on a monthly basis. There are varying levels of membership you can pay for, as well as different features available for additional fees. At times, you may be able to find deals or trials to help you save money. To better understand how it works and what expenses to expect, reference the information below:

Membership OptionDurationBilling TotalAverage Weekly CostFeatures
Value6 monthsOne payment of $107.76$4.49 per week·        Full mobile access

·        Read receipts on messages

·        Profile highlight

·        Message highlight

Standard6 monthsOne payment of $90.00$3.75 per week·        Full mobile access


Full Price1 monthOne payment of $29.96$7.49 per week·        Full mobile access


As the table shows, OurTime offers three different subscription options, with the Value selection offering a range of additional features that the Standard and Full Price tiers do not. If you are unsure about whether you want to fully invest in the service and would rather dip your toes in the water first, the Full Price option demands the least commitment. If saving money is more important to you, though, the Standard option offers a considerable discount. If you want the full OurTime experience, with all its bells and whistles, the Value option is your best bet.

How To Communicate With OurTime

OurTime, like all dating sites, is ultimately about communication. You want to talk to people, get to know them, and forge connections. OurTime offers several different ways to communicate with other members on the website. Here are some of the options you have for reaching out to other 50+ singles:

FavoriteMarking  profiles as a “Favorite” adds them to your favorite list and notifies them that you’ve done so.
  • Bookmark promising profiles you want to message or email later
  • Test the water to see if somebody favorites you back
  • Initiate interaction with low stakes
FlirtEach profile has a button that allows you to “Flirt” with that member. Like adding somebody to your favorites, this notifies the person and indicates that you’re interested.
  • Go a step further than adding to favorites
  • Maintain low stakes of interaction
  • Invite somebody to view your profile too
ChatIf you want to take things past favorites and flirting, you can initiate instant message chats with other members. If they’re online, they’ll be able to talk to you in real time as though you were texting.
  • Talk in real time so you can have a conversation
  • Move towards more personalized interactions
  • Develop familiarity with somebody
EmailEmail is perhaps the most formal of all the communication options OurTime offers. If you’d like to send a personal message, but don’t necessarily wish to maintain a real-time continual chat, you may send a profile an email through the website’s internal inbox and outbox system.
  • Send a personalized message indicating your interest
  • Avoid the pressure of real-time chatting
  • Communicate at your own pace

Additional Features for Purchase

Once you’ve chosen your subscription level and activated your profile, additional purchases can be made through OurTime’s token economy. You can get 25 tokens for $0.99 or up to 280 tokens for $9.99. These tokens are used to purchase additional features such as the following:

Promote MeFor as little as an hour or as long as a day, Promote Me will elevate your profile to the top of other users’ search results to boost visibility and increase chances of getting a match.Depends on duration, starts at 20 tokens
Notify MeFor a week, receive notifications every time a specific member logs onto OurTime. This is great if you’d like to instant message them, which can only be done when two members are both online at the same time.20 tokens
Virtual GiftsVirtual gifts can accompany emails and add an extra allure. Gifts are special images, such as a rose or teddy bear.Between 10 and 75 tokens
MatchMeOne of OurTime’s features is the match lineup: The website’s algorithm predicts the profiles you are most likely to be interested in and presents them in the lineup. MatchMe boosts your profile so that you will appear in other users’ lineups, including specific users.20 tokens
ConnectMeFor most users, the goal of OurTime is to find an offline romance, so it’s natural that you would want to call or text a potential match. ConnectMe allows you to do so without actually revealing your number.Varies
ProfileProProfilePro is an ideal service for members who want to ensure they are putting their best foot forward. With this option, you can have one of OurTime’s professional writers craft a bio for you and ensure your profile is the best it can be.Varies

Deciding If OurTime Is for You

There are plenty of reasons why seniors would consider membership at OurTime, and there are many reasons why a subscription could be a great investment. As with any dating app, results will vary based on the person, but OurTime does offer a great way for 50+ singles to test the waters, meet other singles, and have fun conversations with people in their area. Flexible membership options and a range of features make for a comfortable and customizable experience. Before making the leap, review the info above and in the OurTime review to decide whether it offers the features you’re looking for in a senior dating website.

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