Speed-Dating for Mature Adults: Is It for You?

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The first speed-dating event took place in Los Angeles in 1998. This innovative way of meeting as many as 25 (though most events top out at 14 or so) possible love interests at one time was created by Antony Beilinsohn, a Los Angeles-based television executive and clearly very creative person.

Speed-dating brings together a group of folks in one space, who have a few basic things in common, including that they are each looking for a relationship. This could be long-term, casual dating, companionship, or some variation on these themes.

Baby-boomers and seniors, no longer into the bar scene or willing to go on a lengthy and possibly unpleasant blind date, have embraced this partner-seeking method more than any other age groups.

One of the benefits of being a mature adult is getting to know yourself and what you want from life and from those who are close to you; speed-dating is peculiarly suited for people who have a powerful sense of self.

Speed-Dating for Older Adults: Is It for You?

How Does Speed-Dating Work?

The following are some of the most common characteristics of speed-dating events:

Before the Speed-Dating Event

  • Pre-registration is required, during which you provide basic information about yourself, including age. Only do this after you have determined you are attending a safe and legitimate service. This helps to match you with those events that will most likely benefit you.
  • Each event is designed for a specific age range.
  • Expect to meet anywhere from six to 14 possible connections.
  • Events are available for all ages, as well as all sexual orientations, and may revolve around a shared religion or other interest (work, hobbies, and so on).

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During the Speed-Dating Event

  • Give yourself permission to enjoy this experience and to simply “be present.”
  • Each couple is allotted, a predetermined time slot, which can be anywhere from two to possibly as much as 10 minutes to chat and size each other up.
  • When the group is made up of men and women, generally the women remain seated while the men rotate. (If there are, say, 12 women, then there will be 12 men.)
  • Even if there is no chemistry, it should not be that difficult to keep up friendly chatter until the time is over. Once that bell (or buzzer) sounds, you two are done, and each get to move on.
  • Try not to plan beforehand what to say; instead, just be in the moment. You don’t want to seem shallow, but a light-hearted attitude works; these few minutes are to be used to assess if you two want to get to know each better, not to delve to the core of the other’s – or your – very being.
  • Do be prepared to change subjects if the other brings up something either off-the-wall or very personal in nature.
  • Even if there is a strong attraction, no one is to give out contact information during the session.
  • Again, even if there is a strong attraction, do not ask if the other person is going to mark your name as someone they want to get to know better. If they want to, they will; if they don’t then, just like you, they won’t.
  • When the allotted time is over, the facilitator will indicate that it’s time to switch partners.

After the Speed-Dating Event

  • At the end of the event, the participants each fill out a sheet indicating who they want to get to know better. Both parties would have to indicate a desire to meet again before the event planners would allow an exchange of contact information.

Why Should I Try Speed-Dating?

Here are some of the best reasons to give speed-dating a chance:

  • Participants can be reasonably confident they are all there to make a connection with someone who interests them.
  • The venue should be comfortable, permitting the participants to easily hear each other (unlike in, say, a bar or restaurant).
  • The stress that goes along with a typical blind-date is greatly reduced. If any, or even all, of these “dates” go poorly, each will be over in just a few minutes. Plus, you never have to see these people again! So, enjoy the excitement of searching for treasure.
  • It only takes four minutes (or possibly just a few seconds) to decide if you’re interested in someone. Why subject yourself, or anyone else, to a potentially painful hour or more when a few minutes will do?
  • Each participant has the freedom to accept or reject those they meet, but only after the event is over and without having to do it face-to-face.
  • You can attend as many of these events as are available, and as you choose to.
  • There also is online speed-dating. The major drawback to this is that you can’t get the full sense of the other person via a computer screen. Body language, and other signals, however subtle, that would strike you in-person may be completely lost online.
  • The rate of successful matches, according to assorted studies, ranges from two to three per in-person speed-dating event per individual. This is versus possibly one out of 99 encounters in traditional online match sites.

The Pros and Cons of Speed-Dating

As for the pros and cons of speed-dating, the in-person version seems to have only one possible drawback: the participation fee. This amount will vary depending on the who’s sponsoring the event, though the likelihood of a “match” is statistically higher at in-person venues.

An online speed-dating web site, in contrast, could much more easily be a sham, though there are some legitimate websites. Sites do come and go, but there are those that have been around for several years.

Even when considering those sites, peruse it carefully to determine how that site operates, what services they can offer you, and what is required of you. Never hand over personal or financial information until you are confident you can trust the site you are relying on.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Speed-dating is such a popular event that there are opportunities across the US. Ask friends and family – you could be surprised at who has used in-person or online services. For more information, search online to find speed-dating in your area. While you’re at it, look for client reviews that are available, as well.


  1. I love in Charlotte, NC. I am a widow for 6 years, 69 years old (do not look my age), and I am looking for a date. Is there senior speed dating in Charlotte?
  2. I would like to attend a speed dating event in either NJ or NYC. I am male, 66, healthy, active, financially secure.
  3. Hi, I am 65, retired, active and enjoy traveling. Are there any speed dating opportunities in or near the Augusta GA. area?
  4. I am 61 YO male Looking for a woman that is retired or very close to retirement. 55-65 age range. I am in the Las Cruces N.M area. So far no luck! I find most women in this area are consumed with family and really don’t want a retirement of travel atc.
    1. I am not in your area. However, I am retired and interested in travel. Before the pandemic hit, I was involved a community that I just moved to in Florida. It would be nice to chat and get to know each other.
      1. Hey I am interested to in getting to know someone retired! It won’t be long now for me… love love love to travel❤️
  5. Sounds exciting. I’m 53yrs old and would be interested in trying this. Looking for a Male in the age range of 50-65. Anything in the Willoughby, Ohio area?
  6. Hello All, I am 64, divorced, retired and living in Amish country in Ohio. There is not much opportunity to meet anyone to date. The church I attend is small with only a few single people much younger than me. I have considered speed dating as a way of meeting new people. Most seems to be geared for a much younger audience. Just wondering if anyone has had any positive experiences with senior speed dating?
    1. I’m an athlete 68 year old in good shape retired woman interested in speed dating interracial relationships.
  7. This is strange. There is only one male, on this string of responses. I myself am 48 years old…I am a successful business woman in a long term relationship. My father passed away at age 57, leaving my then 50 year old mother widowed. The two of them were married for nearly 30 years. Both of them good looking, fun and well to do. My mother had men making passes at her routinely while she was married. I thought she would end up getting married shortly after, because she is pretty. She is very pretty and in shape as she exercises daily and eats right (unlike me). I have met a few men I thought may be a match with my mom, only to find that these people, my father’s age, want to date someone around my age…or younger. The men her own age already look much older than my mom. They look more like her father’s age…but without even thinking about it, they are comfortable saying they want to date someone no older than 45. It bothers me because someone younger would probably be with an older man to use him…instead of being with someone age appropriate who may actually learn to love him. Lots of senior woman have their own money, live longer, take good care of themselves, have good hair, plastic surgery, makeup and clothes that make them look vibrant but have to settle for less than, accepting someone their own age. I wish I could find some men between 60- 80, who were comfortable with themselves so that the only thing that mattered wasn’t someone younger than them willing to trade off love for money. There are many good woman out there, but many less decent men. I would host this event myself for fun.
    1. I could not agree more with your comments. Men my age look so much older…to the point I’m not even interested. And the thought of the trade off of an older man being with a young woman knowing it’s only because of money is so degrading to both parties. It’s gotten to where I’ve only dated men that are quite a bit younger than me, but I would be so happy to find someone at least relatively near my same age. Sometimes I think I sound really superficial and maybe I am, but we all know there has to be physical attraction for a relationship to work.
  8. I am a senior, active flight attendant two lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There is little opportunity to meet men in this area, and I am looking for someone who shares my interests and desires. Since I am gone so much, it is difficult to connect with anyone. I lead an active and fulfilling life, and want someone that loves to travel and enjoys some of the finer things in life. I I am flexible as far as places that I would enjoy retiring.
  9. I am a 61 year old female looking for male companionship.,I enjoy having fun and living life. Would be interested in Speed Dating in Raleigh/Durham North Carolina areas.
    1. Hi I live in the Orlando FL area. I am looking for Speed Dating 60 + I would even be willing to help with the event.
  10. Im interested in speed dating but dont want to drive 2 hrs to detroit to get there. Im 72 live in michigan. Would like speed dating here.
  11. Love this idea! When is the next one? I live in Vancouver, but Portland is not too far to go. Mi hope there is one soo !!
  12. Hi I am 71 y/o widow of 7 years had been married for 42 my daughter says I am a spry 71 like to read treadmill few times/week enjoy movies pretty good cook looking for a friend or perhaps a relationship I am 5ft1 I am a woman of color college and grad school education sense of humor I am a Scorpio

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