Embrace Hearing Aids

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Embrace Hearing offers quality European-designed products for the hard of hearing. Founded in 2011, they have been the highest-rated hearing aid company by Consumer Affairs for three years running.

Embrace functions as an online-only store, and everything can be done right from their website. Due to this, Embrace is able to provide top technology at affordable prices. Embrace Hearing Aids come with a 45-day free trial period, warranties, and helpful online reference videos. They also provide a range of free resources on hearing loss, hearing tests, and technical terminology.

Embrace Hearing Aids

Pros and Cons of Embrace Hearing Aids

There is a wide range of options when considering which hearing aid is best. Here’s how Embrace stacks up against competitors.

Pros of Embrace Hearing Aids

  • Quality at Affordable Cost: Offering hearing aids direct-to-consumer, Embrace provides quality hearing solutions that are also affordable.
  • Return Policy: Embrace offers a 45-day return policy. Within this time period, any undamaged model can be returned for a full refund. There are no fees associated with these returns.
  • Warranty: Embrace Hearing Aids come with a two or three-year warranty depending on the model. During this time, all defects in receivers or rechargeable batteries will be replaced free of charge.
  • Online Hearing Test: The Embrace website offers a free hearing test on their website to help potential customers understand their hearing loss needs.

Cons of Embrace Hearing Aids

  • Online-only: Embrace does not have traditional brick-and-mortar stores to visit. Customer service and all other forms of communication, as well as the hearing test, must be done via the internet or by calling their service phone number.

FYI: While many hearing aid companies offer a hearing test, you may want to start with the self-evaluation published by the National Institute of Deafness.

Embrace Hearing Aid Models

Embrace offers a range of hearing aids for various lifestyles and levels of hearing loss. These are classified into three series.

2 of the Embrace Hearing Aids
2 of the Embrace Hearing Aids

The X-Series is Receiver in Canal (RIC) and is the most technologically advanced of the Embrace models with Bluetooth and smartphone capabilities.

  • X-502: The X-502 is designated as working best for home and small group use. This model includes the ability to connect to smartphones and Bluetooth devices. Settings can be adjusted through a smartphone app. This model has four listening environments, 12 programmable channels, and a three-year warranty.
  • X-920: The X-920 is designated by Embrace as working well almost anywhere; this includes noisy places like restaurants and large group gatherings. Like the X-502, this model can connect to smartphones, Bluetooth devices, and it can be controlled by an app. Embrace rates this model as ‘Outstanding,’ with seven listening environments. The X-920 has the added feature of Live Speech Focus that identifies and allows the hearing aids to focus on the voice speaking in an otherwise-noisy environment. It comes with 20 programmable channels and a three-year warranty.

The A-Series is Embrace’s more basic RIC model series for individuals that do not need or want the added advanced smartphone features.

  • A-410: The A-410 model is designated as working best at home and with small groups. This model is Bluetooth capable only with the additional purchase of a Bluetooth remote. Volume and programming can be controlled with a button on the hearing aid itself or with an included remote (different from the one for Bluetooth). Embrace rates the A-410 model as ‘Limited,’ with three listening environments. It has ten programmable channels and comes with a two-year warranty.
  • A-710: The A-710 model is a step-up in quality and can be useful in noisier environments. Like the A-410, Bluetooth capabilities require an additional remote purchase, and it can be programmed with a button on the hearing aid or with an included remote. Embrace rates the A-710 model as ‘Good,’ with five listening environments. It includes 16 programmable channels and comes with a two-year warranty.
  • A-920R: The A-920 model is the most advanced of the A-Series. Like the X-920, the A-920 works in a wide array of noisy places. As a model in the A-Series, it does require the purchase of a separate remote for Bluetooth connectivity and is programmable on the hearing aid itself or with the included remote. Embrace rates this model as ‘Excellent,’ with seven listening environments and includes Live Speech Focus. The A-920 comes with 20 programmable channels and a two-year warranty.

The C-Series is the smallest model series offered by Embrace, being nearly invisible when worn properly.

  • C-660: The C-660 model is designated as a high-performance model that works in many noisy environments. While not Bluetooth-capable, this model is programmable with a mobile phone app. Embrace rates this model as ‘Good,’ and it comes with a three-year warranty.
  • C-860: The C-860 model is classified, like the X-920 and the A-920R, as providing quality hearing assistance even in the noisiest environments. It can be programmed with an app downloaded onto an iPhone or Android mobile phone and is rated as ‘Excellent’ by Embrace. This model has Live Speech Focus and comes with a three-year warranty.

FYI: According to the Hearing Health Foundation, fewer than 1 in 3 adults over the age of 70 with hearing loss use hearing aids. As technology has progressed, so has the quality of these devices, and today there are many options to cope with hearing loss.

Cost of Embrace Hearing Aids

As with any major purchase, you should carefully consider your lifestyle and needs when it comes to the best hearing aid model for you. While Embrace boasts affordability for the quality of the products they offer, you may also want to check out our list of the most affordable hearing aids.

Embrace, like most hearing aid providers, offers a range of prices depending on the quality and technology of the product.

Embrace Hearing Aids Comparison

Model X-502 X-920 A-410 A-710 A-920R C-660 C-860
Style Receiver-in- Canal Receiver-in-Canal Receiver-in- Canal Receiver-in-Canal Receiver-in-Canal Invisible-in-Canal Invisible-in-Canal
Bluetooth Connectivity Connects to all Bluetooth devices and smartphones Connects to all Bluetooth devices and smartphones Purchase of additional remote required Purchase of additional remote required Purchase of additional remote required None None
Warranty 3 years 3 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 3 years 3 years
Cost $899/ear $1,199/ear $599/ear $899/ear $1,099/ear $949/ear $1,249/ear
Unique Features Smartphone App Smartphone App, Live Speech Focus N/A N/A Live Speech Focus Smartphone App Smartphone App, Live Speech Focus

How to Purchase Embrace Hearing Aids

As Embrace is an online-only hearing aid company, everything can be done from the comfort of your own home on your personal computer. The first step in purchasing hearing aids from Embrace is to visit their website. A hearing test is required before an order can be placed, and this can be done directly from their website. It is also possible to submit the results of a hearing test done by your doctor, and the Embrace website can even help you find an audiologist in your area.

Then, once you have explored the various models and features, you can place an order online or by calling their toll-free phone number. Embrace will send your custom-programmed order to you in five to eight days. They ship to a number of countries around the world. For payment, Embrace accepts all major credit cards, as well as PayPal. They also offer a number of options for payment plans.

Embrace Hearing Aid
Embrace Hearing Aid

Embrace Accessories

  • Smartphone App: This is a free app that works with the X-Series and C-Series models. It is available from the App Store for iPhone and from Google Play for Android. Features include volume and programming control, as well as the ability to make hands-free phone calls when connected to the X-Series models.
  • TV Streamers: These accessories allow you to pair your hearing aid with your television so that you can adjust the volume of the program you are watching through your hearing aid without changing the volume in the room. These are available for the X-Series and the A-Series.
  • Remotes: Remotes for the A-Series come in premium (with Bluetooth capabilities) and standard versions. The C-Series has only a standard remote available.
  • Professional Drying Unit: This is recommended by Embrace, especially for customers that live in humid climates. It uses ultraviolet light to kill germs and effectively dry hearing aids on a nightly basis. This accessory can be used with any Embrace hearing aid model.
  • Travel Power Pack: This is a unit that can be used with any model that runs on rechargeable batteries. It provides five to seven days of charging without needing to plug anything into a power outlet.

Embrace Returns and Warranties

Embrace offers a 45-day return policy on all of its hearing aid models. This means that within this time frame, you can send back any undamaged hearing aids for a full refund; Embrace does not charge any restocking or reprogramming fees during this trial period. Refunds are processed within 48 hours of Embrace receiving the return.

Warranties on X and C-Series models last for three years; warranties on the A-Series models are good for two. While Embrace Hearing Aids are under warranty, all defects are covered, as are replacements for rechargeable batteries and receivers. The warranty also covers reprogramming and adjustments during the warranty period.

While you have a warranty, you can get one replacement for a lost or irreparably damaged hearing aid at half price. Returns and replacements can be requested by filling out an online form or calling Embrace at the phone number provided on their website.

FYI: Studies show that there is a connection between hearing loss and a decline in loss of cognitive function in seniors.

In Closing

Embrace offers affordable options for top-quality products. When it comes to finding the right fit for something as important as a hearing aid, it is best to be well-informed, and there are a number of resources available on the Embrace website (including guides and videos) to help you understand the best product for your needs. They also sell a wide range of accessories to get the best use out of whichever model you choose. While Embrace does not have physical stores or clinics to visit, they are able to keep their costs low by functioning entirely online.

If Embrace is not right for you, you may want to consider some other popular options and check out similar solutions from Audicus, Beltone, and Lively.

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