Beltone Hearing Aids

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Beltone is a well-known company that has been in the hearing aid industry since 1940. Their mission is to positively affect the lives of the 48 million-plus Americans and others around the world who suffer from some form of hearing loss. Because they are so experienced, Beltone is regarded as an innovator of hearing aids. They have one numerous accolades and awards over the decades for their ability to provide reliable products for individuals suffering from even severe hearing loss. Such awards include the Big Innovation Award and the Edison Award.

Headquartered in Illinois with various locations around the United States, Canada and overseas, Beltone Hearing Aids are only available through Beltone’s exclusive hearing centers. Users are evaluated, diagnosed and given recommendations for hearing aids if necessary—during a personal consultation with a licensed audiologist.

Beltone guarantees the quality of their provider’s services as well as their products, and they also promise to never sell hearing devices to any individual who doesn’t truly need them. That being said, while there are many companies out there to purchase hearing aids from, Beltone is one to give consideration to if you have complex hearing needs, are seeking greater variety, and the latest technological applications.

Beltone Hearing Aid Features

Hearing aids are available from Belton in an impressive array of styles, models, sizes and even designer colors making it by far the most versatile company for those seeking customized hearing aids. The smallest option they offer are invisible in the canal (ICC) devices, and they offer a good variety of options amid the categories of in the canal (ITC) and behind the ear (BTE) styles. Beltone also has a line of completely in canal (CIC) and mic-in-helix hearing aids available. However, it is their receiver in ear hearing aids—the newest on the market—that are their best sellers. While the options and features available for each line they offer will vary, here are some features available for Beltone Hearing Aids.

  • Ear to Ear Synchronization—This is a one-touch setting that offers a discrete solution for automatic volume adjustments from one ear to the other to allow for greater hearing in three-dimensional sound environments.
  • Cross Link Directionality—Share data across hearing devices, and they will automatically adjust settings for the current soundscape environment.
  • Sound Cleaner Pro—An advanced noise reduction system that automatically alters amplification according to surrounding sounds to provide more natural sounds when hearing.
  • Spatial Directionality—This feature cleans up sounds and allows for greater clarity to the sounds the user is truly attempting to hear.
  • Speech Spotter—This directionality feature intuitively detects the source of spoken sounds and hones in on the appropriate spacial zone.
  • Feedback Eraser—A five-setting feature that prevents feedback, one of which is Beltone’s patented Whistle Stop technology to eliminate buzzing and whistling feedback responses.
  • Silencer System—A great feature that suppresses white noise such as ceiling fans, etc.
  • Wind Noise Reduction—Squelch wind noises automatically with three options for sensitivity concerning the hearing aid’s sounds.
  • AFX Music Mode—This impressive option reduces or eradicates ‘sound artifacts,’ which are echoes that frequently occur while listening to music.
  • Asymmetric Phone Handling—Enjoy automatic volume adjustment in both hearing aids accordingly when utilizing a phone. This feature makes conversing by phone easier because it reduces background noise simultaneous.
  • Music Audio Alerts—Users will receive brief musical ‘alerts’ acknowledging direct or automatic adjustments setting changes.
  • Personal Sound ID—This is an innovative feature that maximizes upon spatial hearing and directionality technology through a patented omnidirectional mode. Personal Sound ID integrates binaural compression and pinna restoration capabilities using one singular platform.
  • Data Logging—This feature keeps an itemized record of each hearing device’s preferences that streamline adjustment sessions with your hearing case practitioner.
  • Tinnitus Breaker Pro—This feature generates a specific white noise scientifically proven to hinder the effects of tinnitus.
  • Beltone Mobile Apps—Beltone offers four mobile apps free to users that are compatible with most of their hearing aid products: HearMax for remote care, HearPlus to connect with older devices, SmartRemote for additional audio capabilities on specific devices, and TinnitusCalmer.

Popular Beltone Hearing Aid Models

Beltone Amaze™

This rechargeable unit is ideal for mild to moderate hearing loss and is available in RIE styles and custom models including ITE, ITC, MIH, and CIC. One of Beltone’s most feature rich models, the Amaze allows users to stream audio and connect to various apps with ease.

Beltone Trust™

Those with mild to severe hearing loss can gain independence with the Trust from Beltone. Ready for any situation, the Trust features Remote Care, Feedback Eraser, Tinnitus Breaker and much more.

Beltone Legend™

Available in all styles, the Legend is equipped with Tinnitus Breaker, Sound ID, Data Logging, Ear to Ear Sync, Personal Sound ID and offers full connectivity to other devices.

Beltone Boost Max™

The ultimate hearing device for those with profound hearing loss, the Beltone Boost Max™ is available in BTE, RIE and MIH, ITE, IIC, ITC, and CIC in custom Beltone hearing aids. They offer just about every feature and all of the advanced technology that the company’s devices can offer.

Beltone Hearing Aid Costs

Because of the vast offerings of each of Beltone’s hearing add device class categories and the company’s ability to customize almost any hearing device, the company does not offer any solid pricing scheme. Rather, users typically receive a recommendation for device options after their Beltone audiologists has confirmed their need for hearing aids. In order to get Beltone devices, one must visit one of their authorized retailers directly to receive permissions to purchase them, as they do not sell directly to consumers. In essence, this middle man does equate to a greater cost for consumers.

With that in mind, the Beltone Hearing Aid website and authorized retailers currently estimate the price range of their hearing aid devices as follows. Pricing starts at $2300 per pair for Beltone’s basic models designed for those with minor hearing loss. For users with moderate hearing loss, they can expect to find price ranges between $4000-$6000 per pair. However, the cost factor increases up to $9000 per pair for those seeking custom devices or users with profound hearing loss. While Medicare currently does not offer coverage for hearing aids, many insurance plans, VA benefits, Medicaid and other supplemental plans do.

Customers should note that the exclusive perks included with the price of hearing aids through Beltone might make the cost of their initial investment worthwhile. Some continuing benefits of choosing Beltone Hearing Aids include:

  • Complementary hearing evaluations by a licensed audiologist employing state-of-art equipment
  • Custom fit hearing devices and selection assistance by experienced providers
  • All follow-up visits for life as a Beltone client
  • Access to automatic device adjustments via apps without needing to see providers
  • Free maintenance and care for the life of the devices
  • Ongoing support for device features such as using apps, Wi-Fi connectivity, choosing accessories and more.


Those suffering from mild to profound hearing loss who desire customized hearing aids and personalized service such as check-ups, evaluations, and maintenance will find that Beltone Hearing Aids is a great option. While the initial purchase price for devices with the company is higher than average, the perks included and their advanced technology and universal compatibility make them a top choice for users with any type of hearing loss.