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Beltone Hearing Aids: Features, Prices, and Devices

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Beltone Hearing Aid

One of the leading manufacturers of hearing aids, Beltone hails back to 1940’s Chicago. The founders created their first miniature hearing aid for a friend who was hard of hearing. In the decades since, Beltone has advanced their technology and design manifold, but they have retained their original purpose: to help people hear as clear as the tone of a bell.

Beltone hearing aids and accessories are sold at any of the 1,500 worldwide Beltone store locations. In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs of the Beltone brand: what sort of hearing instruments and accessories they sell, their price range, as well as our own take on their offerings.

Pros and Cons of Beltone Hearing Aids

EXPERT TIP: If you’re unsure of your hearing loss status, you can try out Beltone’s free online hearing test.

Beltone Hearing Aid Models

Beltone offers some of the most technologically advanced hearing instruments on the market. Most of their devices can integrate with your iPhone or Android device, allow direct streaming, and use rechargeable batteries.

Here is an overview of their current models.

Beltone Imagine

Touted by Beltone as having a tailored sound experience, the Imagine hearing aid serves up the latest in hearing technology. Suited for mild to severe hearing loss, this model is especially discreet (a great feature for those new to hearing aids). Here are a few unique features of the Beltone Imagine.

Beltone Amaze

Another great option for those with mild-to-severe hearing loss, the Beltone Amaze, is available in all styles. It uses rechargeable lithium batteries, and it can be managed through a user-friendly smartphone app. Below are a few features of the Beltone Amaze we found particularly useful.

Beltone Rely

Beltone’s Rely hearing aids are great for those on a budget who don’t want to compromise on quality or comfort. This hearing device is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. Here are some special features you can expect from the Beltone Rely.

Beltone Boost Ultra

For those with severe to profound hearing loss, Beltone provides an innovative solution with their new Boost Ultra model for those with severe to profound hearing loss. The Boost Ultra is 20 percent more battery efficient than the earlier Boost Max model. Here are some features this model can offer those with more acute hearing loss.

Beltone Hearing Aids Pricing

Innovative technology often comes with a hefty price tag. Beltone hearing aids range from around $2,800 to $8,000 — much higher than the national average of $2,400. However, some may view this higher price level as an investment — as the purchase of a Beltone device guarantees free on-demand servicing and hearing tests.

Beltone attributes their higher price point to their superior technology (constantly improved through leading research) and the extensive resources they provide their customers. To help mitigate costs for customers, Beltone runs a trade-in program. You can choose to trade-in your old hearing aids for a discount on your new purchase. Beltone also offers leases on their products through a partnership with Allegro credit.

It’s also important to note that Medicare does not cover costs for hearing aids or hearing aid exams. However, if you have alternative insurance, it’s possible that your policy will cover hearing instruments. Additionally, those with Veteran’s Administration (VA) benefits may qualify for full coverage of their hearing aids.

In order to purchase Beltone hearing aids, you can call or book online for an initial appointment with a Beltone hearing professional at the closest Beltone retail center. At the appointment, you will receive a hearing test from a hearing professional and will be walked through your device options.

EXPERT TIP: Be careful when considering online-only hearing aid stores. Though prices may be lower, without a hearing specialist and customization, you may not be happy with what you receive. Many online-only retailers carry one-size-fits-all amplifier devices, which solely increase the volume of sounds rather than fine-tune and balance sounds for a natural hearing experience.

Beltone Accessories

Beltone offers a range of accessories to bring your hearing experience to the next level. You can purchase these accessories via their online store, as well as at your local retailer.

Beltone myPal Micro and Pro help you to extend your hearing range by up to 82 feet. These handheld microphone devices can be held by a speaking person to direct sound or placed closer to a sound source.

Price: $350 – $425

The Beltone TV Link 2 allows you to link your TV, stereo, computer, or other devices to your hearing instruments for clear and direct sound streaming. You can also adapt the volume level of your sound stream so you can speak with those around you.

Price: $450

A Beltone Remote Control 2 puts maximal control of your instruments in the palm of your hand. Control streaming, volume level, balance, and even block out additional sounds.

Price: $325

With the Beltone Phone Link 2, you can talk on the phone hands-free with a direct, high-quality audio stream straight to your hearing device.

Price: $350

Beltone Apps

Beltone devices are accompanied by user-friendly phone apps to streamline sound customization and offer direct access to hearing professionals.

Beltone HearMax: Described as “the most advanced app for hearing aids,” this app pairs up with your Beltone hearing device. Features include volume and setting control, a tracker for misplaced hearing devices, direct customer service, and Apple Watch compatibility.

Beltone HearPlus: This carries similar features to HearMax, but is programmed to work with older Beltone models the Beltone First and Beltone Boost.

Beltone SmartRemote: This app turns your phone screen into a remote so you can easily adjust volume, reduce sounds, and switch between listening programs.

Are Beltone Hearing Aids Good?

With over 75 years of experience, Beltone is a company committed to producing quality, comfortable hearing instruments. Though Beltone’s higher price points may deter potential customers, we see value in their cutting-edge technology and range of devices and customizations. If you are someone who prefers premium quality products and customer service, Beltone has a reputation for both.

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