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Side-by-side comparison: Phonak hearing aids for seniors are a hearing aid brand. Beltone Logo
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When it comes to hearing aids, it can be challenging to choose from the many available devices on the market. Beltone and Phonak are two of the most popular and well-regarded manufacturers of hearing devices. Here's how these companies compare with one another.


Phonak, an industry leader, has a wide variety of hearing aids and is known for its high-quality, durable equipment. Its hearing aids immediately adapt to their surroundings for an optimal experience and pair with a variety of wireless accessories. Phonak also receives high marks for its rechargeable batteries. Some of the most notable models from Phonak are Lyric, the first completely invisible hearing aid on the market, which can be worn for months without removal, even overnight. Marvel, a brand-new hearing aid, can connect to any Bluetooth device and offers up to 16 hours of rechargeable battery life. Founded in Switzerland in 1947, Phonak began serving U.S. customers in 1989 and now sells hearing aids in more than 100 nations.

Founded in 1940, Beltone is headquartered in Glenview, IL. They have 1,500 hearing centers in the U.S. alone and sell their hearing aids in more than 40 countries worldwide. The most notable Beltone model is currently microInvisa, a completely invisible device about the size of a raspberry that fits snugly inside the ear canal.

Hearing Aids and Features

View the table below to compare and contrast the features and hearing aid styles available from Beltone and Phonak.

Behind-the-Ear Hearing AidsNaida B: the most feature-rich Phonak model, appropriate for moderate to profound hearing loss

Bolero B: appropriate for moderate to profound hearing loss, featuring a completely automatic operating system

CROS B: a custom solution designed with rechargeable batteries and automatic settings that provide an optimal hearing experience

Trust: suitable for mild to severe hearing loss, appropriate for profound hearing loss, features remote assistance, Tinnitus Breaker technology and a NanoBlock protective coating

Legend: appropriate for mild to severe hearing loss, features environmentally-targeted hearing programs, Tinnitus Breaker, and Personal Sound ID

Boost Max: appropriate for profound hearing loss, features remote assistance, Tinnitus Breaker technology and a NanoBlock protective coating

In-the-Ear Hearing AidsVirto B and Virto B-Titanium: custom products for mild to severe hearing loss and the world's first hearing aid with biometric calibrationTrust


Receiver-in-Ear Hearing AidsAudeo Marvel: a multifunctional device with rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth streamingTrust


Amaze: for mild to severe hearing loss, features rechargeable batteries, advanced microprocessing technology, and integration with the Beltone HearMax app

Completely-in-Canal Hearing AidsNaida B: appropriate for moderate to severe hearing loss, includes an integrated rechargeable batteryTrust


Invisible-in-Canal Hearing AidsCROS BTrust


Notable TechBinaural VoiceStream Technology, designed for excellent speech understanding, even in situations with significant background noise

SoundRecover 2 to balance high-pitched and low-pitched sounds

AutoSense OS immediately adjusts to the user's surroundings

Tinnitus Breaker provides relief for the ringing and buzzing sounds caused by this hearing condition.

NanoBlock protective coating safeguards the device from moisture and sweat

Personal Sound ID

 Awards and Accolades

Beltone has received a number of technology innovation awards for its hearing aids:

  • Edison Award (2017)
  • Stevie People's Choice Award for Best New Product (2016)
  • reddot Design Award (2015 and 2014)

Phonak's products have also been recognized by the industry, earning awards that include the following:

  • CES Innovation Award (2019)
  • reddot Design Award (2018)
  • Stevie Gold Award (2018)

Customer Service

Phonak offers a wealth of device support for its clients, starting with a free online hearing test that allows you to determine your hearing level in the comfort and privacy of your own home. It offers dedicated device support, a customer support app for troubleshooting on the go and information about cleaning and maintaining your hearing aids. Phonak has a direct customer care number, as well as an easy-to-use online email form to request product help.

Beltone's online assistance offers extensive FAQs and resources for each hearing aid model. Customer-specific support is available directly from the Beltone location where you purchased your hearing aid.


If you want to be able to pair your hearing aid with a variety of accessories for a customizable experience, both of these companies provide a range of options. Accessories by Phonak include the Roger Select to boost multidirectional hearing, the Roger table mic for meetings and professional situations, a TV connector, a remote smartphone app and the dedicated ComPilot streaming service. From Beltone, you can opt for the myPAL portable microphone, Direct TV Link 2 streaming connector, Phone Link 2, Tinnitus Calmer app and several remote and support apps for your device.

The Bottom Line

With such an extensive product line, Phonak is likely to carry the ideal hearing device for your needs. It is also the only hearing aid manufacturer that currently offers a model with a thin, lightweight, durable titanium shell. Beltone also carries an array of products. This company may be the best choice if you prefer an easily accessible company that likely has a location in your area.

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