Rexton Hearing Aids

Rexton Hearing Aids got its start in 1955. Though a subsidiary of Signia Siemens hearing aids, the Rexton designs are completely Rexton’s own. Over the years the company has earned a reputation for its original approach to resolving hearing issues. The result: the smallest hearing aids on the market and a sound quality that may be unbeatable.

The hearing professionals and technical innovators at Rexton understand the stigma that has long attached to those who wear hearing aids. The age of the “ear trumpet” is long gone, though, and Rexton has done their part to move the industry forward. Just two of the advances to their credit are the development of the first Bluetooth version, as well as their invention of the first shockproof, dustproof and waterproof hearing aid.

Rexton Features

Rexton has a full range of hearing devices, perfect for those with anything from the most minor to severe hearing loss.

Currently, the company offers three separate lines of hearing aids: MyCore (10 distinct models), TruCore (5 models and the most advanced of the three lines), and Essential 1.
The hearing aids come in three different styles, the style determined by the degree of hearing loss: Receiver in the canal (RIC, also termed Receiver in the ear or RITE); behind the ear (BTE); and, the least visible, in the canal (ITC) (the least visible). Your audiologist will discover which style is appropriate for you.

The Rexton website includes a detailed description, plus an image, of each of the models.

Accessories include three small, sleek handheld remotes: Smart Key (which works with any of their hearing aids), Smart Remote, and Smart Mic. The third is the most advanced with three functions including use as a remote control and as a mic for streaming conversations to the hearing aid, all the while using Bluetooth to stream the speaker’s voice to MyCore devices, permitting hands-free operation of other Bluetooth devices.

Chief on their list of accessories is the Stellar Li hearing aid and charger. This model is meant for those with the most severe hearing issues. The efficient charger, compact hearing aids, and nifty carrying case makes travel, let alone everyday life, much easier and neater. Four hours of charging results in up to 24 hours of use.

There are three, free, remote control apps for discreetly controlling hearing aid functions: the Smart Direct App for an iPhone or Android smartphone; the Smart Remote App (precluding the need for any other remote); and their latest, the Smart Connect App (requires a Smart Connect accessory) that has Bluetooth streaming, provides full remote capabilities, with a subtle ease of use that draws the least attention to the user.

Unlike some other hearing aid companies, Rexton does not sell its products directly to the public. The upside to this is that you will (a) have a local hearing specialist to whom you can turn to at any time and (b) should your hearing aid need adjusting or repair, you would contact the dealer who is also local. Such service might be much speedier than having to mail your hearing aid(s) back to the manufacturer.

The Rexton website includes a “Find a Professional” link for those who have already obtained an audiologist’s report and are now ready to contact a local supplier of Rexton aids. Be aware that, before opening a discussion with a Rexton representative the client must have received a professional assessment of their hearing level. The audiologist determines what type of hearing apparatus, as well as what accessories, will be needed, and all this information must be given to the Rexton representative.

Once the representative has the audiologist’s report, the customer will be allowed to access a list of Rexton-recommended audiologists by zip code.

The website also offers detailed advice on how to travel with and maintain your hearing aids; how to recognize hearing loss in an infant; the connection between hearing loss and depression, and more.

Rexton Hearing Aids Cost

Rexton, unlike some other hearing aid manufacturers, does not sell directly to the client nor do they service their equipment; that’s up to the dealer from whom you purchase it. Additionally, there is no discussion of costs at their website. However, you can enter “Rexton hearing aids prices” into your favorite search engine. The range of prices you discover may not tell you much. If you already have a dealer you trust, contact them to see if they sell this brand. Searching online for prices may result in more confusion than clarity.

Of course, once you’ve submitted your doctor’s prescription and recommendation, you will be allowed to access Rexton’s list of dealers. Whether you choose to use the dealer recommended by your audiologist, by Rexton, or as the result of your own research, keep your eyes open for special deals and discounts. If you don’t see any, don’t hesitate to ask, just to be sure. The bottom line, though, is selecting a dealer you can rely on for customer service.


Over the last nearly 65 years, Rexton has garnered a high reputation for producing cutting-edge, comfortable, quality hearing aids. Their website is informative, as regards their product, and easy to navigate.

Remember that any repair or replacement is taken care of by the dealer; the manufacturer, Rexton, cannot be contacted. There is no phone number, and the only website email form (to request data on local dealers) is the one the potential client submits once they have their audiologist’s recommendation.