ADT Home Security for Seniors

A Guide to ADT Home Security for Seniors

Home security is an important concern for many senior citizens. Whether you live alone, want to maintain your freedom or are traveling in your retirement, knowing your home and family are safe is a priority. ADT home security may offer the answer for seniors. It is a well-known and well-established brand that many consumers have come to trust.

What ADT Home Security Offers

Like many of the more traditional home security services, ADT focuses on subscriptions for monitoring. The equipment offered by ADT includes the following:

  • Keypad: This is the center of your ADT home security solution. It is how you identify authorized entrants at the door. It also allows you to connect hands-free with the monitoring service.
  • Entry Contacts: These detect when windows and doorways are opened. They help protect the most likely entrances that home intruders may use.
  • Motion Detector: Placed in a corner of a room, these can detect if there is any movement that shouldn’t be there. ADT offers pet-friendly options.
  • Alarm: Sometimes the best defense against home intruders is a loud alarm. This will alert you and your neighbors to unwanted entrants.
  • Keychain Remote: Control your home security system remotely from your keychain. This device also has a panic button for emergencies.
  • Battery Power Supply: Even if you lose power, ADT’s system will keep working for up to 12 hours. This gives peace of mind even during outages.
  • Signs: Home intruders often skip homes with security systems. Placing yard signs and window decals can help deter criminals.
  • Cameras: Get a video feed of what is happening in your house. This lets you check in on pets as well.
  • Window Break Sensors: These notify ADT if a window is broken. They are tuned to only respond to the sound of windows shattering.
  • Fire and Carbon Monoxide Sensors: These detect smoke and carbon monoxide in your home. These can keep you safe from common home dangers.
  • Flood Sensors: This detects water in your home where there shouldn’t be. This may require an additional cost on your subscription.

The traditional plan includes the keypad and several entry contacts. You can add other equipment for an extra cost. Some of the above, particularly the cameras and home automation, require higher-level packages than the traditional plan.

All ADT solutions come with monitoring. The traditional plan includes the basic equipment, 24/7 professional monitoring and fire, carbon monoxide and flood monitoring. The control package includes the same plus home automation, alerts to your phone and an app for controlling the system. The highest-level plan, video, includes everything the control plan has plus remote video feeds.

The home automation functionality integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Kwikset and Z-Wave. It lets you control your home security system through your favorite smart home device.

Similarly, the remote application lets you control your lights, locks and smart thermostat from your mobile phone. The app also lets you view video feeds from your cameras if you have the video plan.

ADT Medical Alert Options

Beyond its home security system, ADT also offers medical alert solutions for seniors. This includes a central hub for contacting the monitoring services, emergency lanyards with fall detection and wrist emergency buttons.

The monitoring services include 24/7 professional service like the home-security plans. Two of the plans include home temperature monitoring. The other plan is for on-the-go use and works with a mobile phone.

Alternatively, users can make use of the keychain remote panic button on the home security for medical alerts. Of course, this may not distinguish between security and medical emergencies.

ADT Home Security Pricing

ADT does not publish its numbers for pricing. Instead, customers must contact the company for a quote. However, other sources suggest these plans are priced as follows:

  • Traditional – $28.95 per month
  • Control – $36.99 per month
  • Video – $52.99 per month

Additionally, there is a $125 upfront fee for the equipment. This fee is the same regardless of which plan you choose. However, if you want additional equipment beyond the basic package, there is an extra cost. Contact ADT to determine how much the equipment you want will be.

ADT requires a three-year contract on all plans and equipment. However, the company does offer a money-back guarantee for the first six months. There are some restrictions to this, but it does appear to refund all installation and monitoring charges.

Like many home security companies, ADT does not offer any special discounts for senior citizens. However, there are periodic discounts as well as discounts for other customer groups such as USAA homeowners.

If you opt for the medical alert system, the pricing ranges from $29.95 per month for the basic, landline plan to $39.99 per month for the on-the-go plan. ADT’s medical alert plans have no contracts and no setup costs. However, additional equipment adds to the monthly subscription. Unlike some other systems, the medical alert products are entirely separate and have an additional subscription.

ADT Installation

The ADT home security requires professional installation. For some customers, this is likely a relief. For others, it may feel like an unnecessary expense. The installation fees range from $99 to $199, depending on the equipment you choose.

The advantage of this is that ADT offers hardwired security products. Consequently, you don’t need to worry about wireless connectivity to have your home secured. Since the installation is done by professionals, you don’t need to drill holes in your walls or run wires, either.


ADT has been an industry leader for decades. While other competitors may offer better value on paper, ADT has a reputation for offering good customer service and being a relatively hassle-free provider to work with.

Similarly, the equipment offered along with the monthly plans is fairly basic compared to some other providers. Depending on your needs, this may not be an issue. ADT certainly has the main bases covered with window break sensors, entry sensors and motion detectors. For many homes, that is a completely sufficient offering. However, other customers may prefer a more comprehensive offering.

Notably, ADT offers customer service from start to finish. The company provides a free consultation before you start, installation and good monitoring services. For some customers, this is a major selling point. For others, it may not be.

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