SimpliSafe Home Security

Home security is important for everyone. The right system can help keep you, your family and your possessions safe. These needs are all the more important for senior citizens living alone, trying to maintain their independence and/or traveling in their retirement. A reliable home security and medical alert system is essential. SimpliSafe security for seniors may be the answer.

What SimpliSafe Offers

SimpliSafe is a home security system provider that offers options without lock-in contracts. Customers can purchase the wireless monitoring products such as camera, entry sensors, motion sensors and panic buttons and keep them without a contract. You can choose whether to have professional monitoring for a monthly fee.

Products are available in packages or as a custom-build option. These are some of the products offered by SimpliSafe:

  • Entry sensors for windows and doors
  • Motion sensors for large rooms and hallways
  • SimpliCam camera that connects to your computer or mobile device
  • Glassbreak Sensor that uses sound to detect smashed windows
  • Keypad for identifying authorized entrants
  • Central base station that controls the system
  • Smoke alarm
  • Water sensor for flooding
  • Temperature sensor to detect risks for frozen pipes

SimpliSafe Medical Alert

Although SimpliSafe is primarily a home security brand, it does offer some solutions for medical alert needs. Senior citizens who are at risk of falling or simply want to be able to maintain their independence as they get older can greatly benefit from these options.

The primary methods offered by SimpliSafe for medical alerts are the panic button and the key fob button. The panic button is a wall-mounted item that will instantly trigger and alarm and contact emergency services. The key fob offers the same functionality but can be attached to a keychain or lanyard.

Keep in mind that SimpliSafe is primarily designed as a home security solution. The key fob does not specify between a medical emergency and a security emergency. While the professional monitoring service will call for more details, you may be unable to answer the phone. It is a good addition to the security system but may not be ideal if the primary reason for purchase is medical emergencies.

SimpliSafe Product Pricing

The most basic SimpliSafe package is the Foundation for $229. This includes the base, keypad, a motion sensor and an entry sensor. The Fortress is the most complete package and includes the base station, two keypads, a key fob, six entry sensors, two motion sensors, a panic button and a siren. This costs $509 for all the products.

Some people opt to buy SimpliSafe products individually instead of in a package. These are the prices for the individual parts:

  • Base station – $114.99
  • Entry sensor – $14.99
  • Motion sensor – $29.99
  • SimpliCam – $99.00
  • Glassbreak sensor – $34.99
  • Panic button – $19.99
  • Smoke detector – $29.99
  • Temperature sensor – $29.99
  • Water sensor – $19.99
  • Keypad – $69.99
  • Key fob – $24.99
  • Siren – $59.99
  • Extra yard sign – $3.99

All packages including custom ones come with a base station, a keypad and a yard sign. Shipping and handling are free in the United States.

SimpliSafe offers refurbished systems for a discount. These are typically 25-30% less expensive than the new systems. They are tested by SimpliSafe but may show some wear and tear.

There are no specific discounts on SimpliSafe security for seniors. However, the products and monitoring services are relatively inexpensive compared to many other home security systems. Additionally, the company does offer periodic discounts, so you may consider waiting for a sale to purchase your system.

Professional Monitoring Pricing

SimpliSafe products can be used without professional monitoring. Features like the camera can be accessed from mobile devices and computers. The various sensors will set off the siren to alert you and your neighbors to possible threats. There is no contract and no recurring fee if you do not use the professional monitoring.

The professional monitoring service is available in two options: standard and interactive. The standard service is $0.50 per day and includes 24/7 alarm monitoring, a cellular connection for your base station and environmental monitoring.

The interactive monitoring service is $0.83 per day. It includes the same services as the standard option plus a mobile app for controlling your alarm, alerts to your phone, video alarm verification, cloud camera recordings and integration with smart home devices.

Neither professional monitoring package has any lock-in contract and customers can cancel whenever they like. If you have professional monitoring and cancel, you can keep your products and continue to use them with the siren.

Setting Up SimpliSafe

One aspect that makes SimpliSafe security for seniors a good choice is the setup process. All the items are wireless and can be placed around the house with relative ease. Many don’t even require tools to place them. Even if the homeowner is unable to use ladders and/or reach up, almost any family member should be able to set up SimpliSafe.

However, for customers who are not able to install the system themselves or prefer to get help, SimpliSafe offers a professional installation service. This is available for $79 no matter which products you buy.

SimpliSafe Return Options

SimpliSafe offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all its products. There is a 100% refund including the cost of return shipping with no questions asked if you are not totally happy within this timeframe. Additionally, since the professional monitoring has no long-term contracts, you can cancel that at any point.


 SimpliSafe is an effective and easy-to-use home security system. If you are using SimpliSafe security for seniors, it makes sense to add the panic button and key fob in order to also have some medical alert capabilities. However, the system’s primary purpose is as a security system.

The lack of lock-in contracts, DIY home setup, affordability and flexibility of SimpliSafe make it a popular choice. Furthermore, the professional monitoring is very robust and has fast response times. This can be invaluable with a home security emergency. SimpliSafe has won CNET’s Editors’ Choice for Home Security Award twice. It is an all-around strong option for anyone interested in a home security system.

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