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As we get older, daily activities like bathing often become more difficult than they were before. Where we might have once taken bathing for granted, we soon realize that stepping over the edge of a tub is no easy feat.

For seniors who struggle with joint pain, dizziness, weakness, or those recovering from an illness or surgery, getting in and out of the bath can be difficult. Caregivers find themselves worrying that mom or dad will fall or hurt themselves in some other way while trying to get in and out of the tub.

Walk-in tubs provide a safer alternative to standard bathtubs. There’s no more clambering over the edge of the bath – instead, seniors can walk right in, sit down, and let the tub fill up with water around them. Then when they’re done, they simply let the water drain, and walk right back out.

Many walk-in tubs also offer optional hydro jet and massage features, which can be very soothing for painful joints and muscles.

Today we’re taking a look at Safe Step tubs. What makes them a top-rated brand?

Who Are Safe Step Tubs?

Safe Step tubs are an American-based manufacturer of walk-in bathtubs, showers, and hybrid tubs (bathtubs with a rainfall shower head.)

Safe Step tubs are made in Tennessee. Safe Step is proud of their tubs being American owned and made, especially because it gives them greater quality control. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

How Much Do Safe Step Walk-In Tubs Cost?

Safe Step tubs are a significant investment, as are any quality walk-in tubs. Expect to pay upwards of $9,000 for a tub.

Safe Step’s starting price for walk-in tubs is higher than some of the other tubs we’ve reviewed. However, there is a good reason for this: Safe Step offers some features as standard that other manufacturers only offer as an add-on, such as hydrotherapy. Compared to similar features in other tubs, Safe Step’s prices are in line with the industry.

Benefits Of Buying A Safe Step Walk-In Tub

Safe Step tubs offer plenty of benefits to their customers.

Installation and warranty

  • Free in-home visit to assess the best option for your existing space, and let you know about pricing.
  • Lifetime warranty on the tub itself, including the door seals, faucets, pumps, heaters and blowers.
  • Lifetime warranty on parts and labor.
  • Every tub is self-cleaning using ozone cleaning.
  • Air jets have an anti-gravity purge feature to keep them clean of mold (not available on tubs with MicroSoothe option).

Safety and accessibility

  • Every tub has two grab bars so users can climb in and out more easily.
  • A wide seat and low threshold to make it easy to get into the tub and sit in it.
  • Non-slip gel coated seats and floor to reduce the risk of slipping, and help surfaces stay mold-free, too.
  • Anti-scald technology and temperature regulation to prevent burns.
  • Easy to reach controls and quick drain system.
  • Right or left opening door so you can choose the easiest to use.
  • A sturdy locking door handle that keeps the tub secure but is also easy to open and close.

Comfort and spa

  • Heated seat and back so you can stay warm while the tub fills and drains (comes with thermal cut-off control so it won’t get too hot.)
  • Handheld shower wand to make it easier to rinse hair, or even rinse out the tub after use.
  • Built-in towel bar – this is a great feature! Now you can always keep a towel or washcloth to hand.
  • Aromatherapy and chromotherapy for a relaxing multi-sensory spa experience.
  • Hydrotherapy jets to soothe the body. The jets have adjustable speed and intensity, and you can also choose to focus them on specific body parts such as the back, legs and feet.
  • MicroSoothe air therapy, which uses microscopic oxygen-filled bubbles to massage every inch of the skin.

Please be aware that Safe Step tubs are not wheelchair accessible due to their inward-opening doors. At this time, the only outward swinging doors on walk-in tubs we are familiar with is from American Standard.

Do Safe Step Tubs Offer Different Models?

Safe Step tubs come in different sizes to fit your space. They also offer a hybrid walk-in tub and shower combo which looks like their standard walk-in tubs but has a rainfall shower head over it.

Safe Step Tub Reviews

We took a look online to find out what consumers are staying about Safe Step walk-in tubs.

What people loved: We’re seeing a lot of positive reviews about Safe Step. People especially seem to love the sales and installation teams, referring to them as courteous, not pushy, and excellent at the job of installation. We also noted that people are enjoying the heated back feature and the relaxing spa features.

What people weren’t so keen on: We noticed that some people were surprised at the extra amount they’d need to pay to update their plumbing, and a few people found that their system simply couldn’t fill the tub adequately. This is not a complaint necessarily unique to Safe Step, we recommend asking your walk-in tub installer about any plumbing changes you’ll need to have made, and how much those will cost. We also saw a handful of complaints regarding issues with the tub leaking, but these were quickly fixed.

The verdict: Safe Step has clearly put a lot of thought and care into designing their tubs for maximum comfort and ease of use. Consumer reviews report that their team is knowledgeable and easy to deal with, and we like the addition of the hybrid walk-in tub and shower option for those who just don’t want to miss out on the pleasure of a long shower. They also offer a good range of safety features so seniors can enjoy a long, relaxing, and healing soak in peace and comfort.

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