ResponseNow Medical Alert Systems Review

ResponseNow offers quality medical alert systems at competitive prices with excellent customer service.  We had the opportunity to meet with the owners of this small-but-mighty PERS company and are very impressed by the level of customer service, equipment and “heart” behind it all.

ResponseNow provides emergency response systems to customers all over the US.  ResponseNow has been in business for 14+ years and has earned a solid reputation in that time.

ResponseNow offers a variety of medical alert options to fit the needs and budget of customers;  Traditional in-home (land line) alert systems, automatic fall detection and mobile (cellular) medical alerts.

In-Home Medical Alert Option

ResponseNow in-home medical alert systemThe tethered in-home option is perfect for those who spend much of their time in or around the home. This unit connects to a home telephone line, and comes with a waterproof pendant (necklace or wrist option).  *If a person has no home-line, there is a cellular option.  The base station has a range of 600 feet.  This is the old-school (traditional) pendant style medical alert system (I've fallen and I can't get up).


There is no equipment to buy and there is a 30 day money back guarantee.  The  cost of the in-home option is $24.95/month with an annual plan, $27.95/month with a quarterly plan and $29.95/month for a monthly plan.  Free shipping is offered for the quarterly and annual plan.  An additional pendant can be added for $2.95/month.

Staff Favorite: Cellular Medical Alert Option: Belle

The Belle mobile medical alert system offers many features packed into it's framework. Here are a few of our favorites:

    • Although it's bigger than a traditional (in-home) alert pendant, this one is very lightweight.
    • Belle has the longest battery life (30 days) of any mobile medical alert system.  When the battery does get low, the unit sends a notification that reminds the user to recharge.  Total recharge time is only 3 hours.  
    • The Belle unit is water resistant, and can be worn in the shower if necessary.

ResponseNow Medical Alert systems

We love the Belle medical alert platform. The Belle works anywhere in the US covered by AT&T (check out this AT&T coverage map for your area).

This cellular medical alert can be worn comfortably around the neck, or tucked neatly into a purse or pocket.  The Belle alert is a talk-through pendant meaning when you depress the alert button an operator speaks to you directly from the pendant.  The call center (for monitoring) is staffed right here in the U.S. and the monitoring company is very highly regarded.

The cost for the Belle is $34.95/month with an annual plan, $37.95/month with a quarterly plan and $39.95/month for a monthly plan.  Free shipping is offered for the quarterly and annual plan and a free lockbox comes with all annual plans.

Medical Alert Plans at ResponseNow

You probably already know that we don't like long-term (binding) contracts for medical alert devices.  You'll note that ResponseNow has no binding long-term contracts (and we love this).

You can cancel at any time by notifying ResponseNow and returning the equipment. For customers who have paid ahead on the annual or quarterly plans, ResponseNow can even refund the remaining (unused) months.

Visit ResponseNow to learn more about pricing plans. If you'd like to take advantage of a free month of service, let them know you read about them here at The Senior List.

If you're ordering online, insert promo code SENIOR LIST in the appropriate entry field.  Finally to speak to someone live, just call 1-888-725-8650.

The Bottom Line

If you're looking to purchase a medical alert system from a company you can trust, ResponseNow will fit that bill.  We love their cellular medical alert option (Belle) and think it may be the best mobile alert system on the market.

We've also had a discussion with ownership about long-term (binding) contracts, and you'll be allowed to cancel at anytime.  All this adds up to value in our eyes. We give ResponseNow 2-thumbs-up.


  1. I am looking for a GPS with a simple button on my wrist. I don’t care if i have to
    carry something on me at the same time
    I also have an ICD

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