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ResponseNow Belle System

ResponseNow Medical Alert Review

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ResponseNow Belle System
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Amie Clark

Amie has been writing about senior care products and services for the last decade. She is particularly passionate about new technologies that help improve the quality of life for seniors and their families. Seeing her parents and grandparents age made Amie ask herself, “Would this be good enough for my loved ones?” In her spare time, Amie enjoys outdoor adventures and spontaneous road trips. Learn more about Amie here


  1. I just got my belle response. I am wondering if it has fall or seizure response without pushing the button?..
    1. Hi Brenda, There are two versions of the Belle, the Belle+ does have fall detection, if you aren’t sure which one you have, check with your medical alert company.

  2. Have had mine now 2 months,, Ive accidentally called 3x as the string n device hang right where I stand at the sink,, I agree that cord is horrid,, bet I end up choking myself with the damn thing,,, it took them a bit to answer but they knew who I was and verified that I was ok,,, I also got the monthly price cheaper after I called them telling them I was cancelling!
  3. I tested my system often as recommended however most of the time it takes 5-7 rings before someone answers. Also I am in a nursing home now where do I return the belle?
  4. Thanks to Monica for her assistance with the clarity I needed to understand my alert system. Monica realized immediately my challenge was I had not read the information for usage of the equipment. However, it was reassuring to know my contact information was on file with the correct contact names and numbers. Monica suggested the information I needed to read. Again, Thanks Monica.
  5. I’ve had Belle for a few years now and I won’t recommend it to anyone. It wouldn’t charge on the base. They sent a second base. No one ever called to see if that base was working properly. And it did for a very short while. Then it stopped charging on the base again. I have lived with a book on top of it or a hefty rubber band holding it down to get it to charge. I want to return it and don’t even know who to contact. I used it successfully once but otherwise it was not charged when I fell. Cumbersome to wear, difficult to charge, company never calls to check for a good connection… I’m done. Please just tell me where to send it and how to stop my payments.
      1. Hi there. The only writing of any kind is “BELLE, used for Belle”! Redundant, I know. No words or marks of any kind on the pendant or the charging base. I’ve had a stroke and don’t remember where I got it from. My bank couldn’t locate info on my statement but I know it’s on auto pay. One base didn’t charge so I called (somehow I found a number) and they sent a second base that didn’t charge.
        1. Hi Carolyn, I would recommend getting in touch with Freeus- they manufacture the Belle and should be able to help- I found a customer service phone number, (888) 924-1026. I hope that helps, Have a nice Thanksgiving!

  6. I just received mine and made my first test call. It goes straight to 911 but it doesn’t give them a name or location so if you cannot speak, there is no way for any help to arrive. I can use my cell phone if I’m conscious and save the monthly fee. They also billed me from the day I ordered it which was almost two weeks from when I received it. I’m sending it back and looking for another more reliable service.
  7. Hi I was wondering on how to get a belle life alert wireless pendent to wear since I have a pacemaker . Give me a call at [phone number redacted-admin] and leave message so I can call back I am in Finksburg Maryland
  8. This company has deceptive sales tactics. I called a completely different agency from work and was connected to Belle. I was caught off guard and agreed to try this unit. It was mailed to me. I felt the alarm for the neck was out dated and very bulky. I never activated the system as I planned to return it. Out of no where I received a call from monitor asking me if I was ok. I also have compared with other systems and feel Belle is over priced. I have mailed this product back. Just want other people to be sure before they make this purchase.
  9. I’ve had this unit for about four months now and I charge it once a month as recommended by my provider and have only tested it twice, but as far as I can tell it has worked flawlessly each time I tested it. I’m still not sure if it has fall detection in spite of assurances by the people who responded to my test calls. I can find no reference to that in the manual. Any information would be appreciated.
  10. This is amazing! Can you guys put the prices up and maybe a comparison? Would be great to hear some reviews on this alert as well. Thanks

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