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MDHearingAid has been in business for just over 10 years and is based in Chicago, Illinois. Founded by Sreekant Cherukuri—an ear, nose, and throat specialist—MDHearingAid touts itself as a provider of top-quality hearing aid devices at the best prices possible. The company also manufacturers these products themselves as a USA-based facility in Michigan. Because they have eliminated the middleman through self-production and by offering hearing aids directly to consumers, they do indeed offer some of the most competitively priced devices on the market today.

MDHearing Aids are FDA-registered, medical grade devices specifically designed for those with mild to moderately severe hearing loss. Shopping online or by phone is simple, and they have a dedicated US-based customer service center with hearing instrument specialists to guide buyers through every step. The company offers financing with monthly payment plans and a free 45-day home trial. Currently, they offer devices in four primary models: MDHearingAid PRO, MDHearingAid AIR, MDHearingAid VOLT, MDHearingAid CORE. Here, we’ll discuss each of their standout features and price ranges.

MDHearingAid Features

MDHearingAid makes devices that are relatively easy to use and maintain, and their technology and features are considered somewhat simple amid the hearing aid industry. This approach is what allows MDHearing Aids to be so affordable and ideal for those who aren’t so tech savvy. Amid the four tier levels available, features increase between analog and digital models and even more so between digital and smart-compatible hearing aids. These are designed to meet the needs of those with various sound profiles and differing levels of hearing loss.

One feature present in all MDHearingAid devices include noise reduction settings with advanced options to accommodate multiple sound environments in higher-end models. Digital hearing aids offer digital sound processing and feedback cancellation and dual directional microphones. Those interested in having more options accessible through adaptive technology, will want to look into the MDHearingAid Smart CORE device which is smartphone compatible and offers personalizing hearing settings through a custom app.

Another feature that allows MDHearingAid to stand out from competitors includes their option to purchase an MDShield Protection Plan that offers full device accidental damage coverage for one or two additional years. The service contract will also cover malfunctions and defects after the warranty expires. Customers also get access to free one-on-one phone support, and the company offers individuals support from their MDHearingAid audiologists.

MDHearingAid Pricing

MDHearingAid PRO

The PRO model is the company’s most affordable device, with prices starting at $199.99 for a single unit and $399.99 per pair. This option is a great budget hearing aid for those suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss due to some of the most common conditions. Features include:

  • Analog Noise Reduction—This increases human vocal frequencies, but doesn’t amplify background sounds.
  • Environmental Sound Settings—The PRO boasts two environment settings that assist with both flat and sloping types of hearing loss.

MDHearingAid AIR

The AIR model from MDHearingAid is their base digital model and also their best-selling unit out of all four options. Voted frequently as being a top value, the cost of a single AIR device starts at $399.99, and a pair will cost users $799.99. This unit utilizes advanced digital technology and has an omnidirectional microphone for superior sound capabilities and noise separation in busy or loud environments. In addition to a long-lasting battery that can last for up to 26 days, top features of the AIR include:

  • Feedback Cancellation—AIR eliminates the high-pitched frequency that often emits from hearing devices.
  • Multiple Sound Environment Settings—Users will be able to use MDHearingAir within noisy, quiet and social situations with ease.
  • Digital Sound Processing—Rather than amplifying every single sound, this feature can detect and hone in on individual voice signals accurately.

MDHearingAid VOLT

The VOLT model offers the same digital sound processing, advanced noise reduction and feedback cancellation features as the AIR and even more perks. It is the only MDHearingAid model that is also rechargeable.  At $599.99 for a single MDHearingAid VOLT device and initial pricing at $1199.99 per pair, the technological advances make that extra investment well worthwhile for most users.

  • Rechargeable —MDHearingAid VOLT devices have up to 22 hours of battery life on a single charge. The magnetic charging base provides indicating lights for easy charging.
  • More Advanced Sound Environment Options—The VOLT has four sound selections to allow the user to adjust to different environments
  • Dual Directional Microphones—Advance mic technology has tremendous background noise reduction qualities while clarifying important conversations and sounds.

MDHearingAid CORE Smart Devices

For the incredible perk such as smartphone compatibility, customizable features and top-notch sound technology, the CORE is a great deal at $799.99 each or $1599.99 per pair. Users enjoy a 4-6 day battery life depending on how often smart features are employed. The CORE hearing aid is wholly adaptable and fully customizable for one’s needs, meaning it’s comparable to having a personal audiologist right in your ear. The LifeEar App makes is easy to create one or more personal profile preferences for an ideal experience every day, in any environment.

The MDHearingAid CORE hearing devices boast all the features of the VOLT and more including:

  • Personalized Hearing Options—This smart hearing aid creates a sound ‘map’ of each user’s hearing patterns, which are then processed through the LifeEar App to self-customize.
  • Smartphone Compatibility—The CORE lets users control functions with their free app available on Google Play and iTunes.


MDHearingAid’s devices are developed and designed by a team of audiologists and doctors who utilize their knowledge and experience to create high-quality hearing aids at very affordable prices. Their mission is to offer consumers the latest and most effective technology at a fraction of the expense of rival company’s comparable models. This allows some individuals who might not otherwise be able to afford quality hearing aids and enjoy all the benefits they provide.

MDHearingAid has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and offers a free 45-day trial free of risk or return expenses. Simply put, they offer you full satisfaction or a complete refund with no questions asked. The company also offers convenient home delivery for consumers for products and accessories such as extra batteries, storage cases, hearing aid cleaners, and replacement domes and tubes.