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Side-by-side comparison: Signia is a hearing aid brand for seniors. ReSound Logo
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Choosing the right hearing aid for you is an important decision. Finding one that works for you and getting it properly calibrated for your ear can offer a major benefit to your quality of life. However, it can be hard to know where to start when shopping. Below is a comparison of two top brands, ReSound and Signia, to help you better understand which is right for you.


ReSound traces its history back to 1943 in Denmark. Throughout its history, ReSound has been an innovator in the hearing aid field. They created a sound processing system with wide dynamic range compression. They were also the first large brand to offer open-fit hearing devices, a style that continues to be popular among many hearing aid users.

More recently, ReSound was one of the first brands to create a hearing aid designed to work with iPhones. ReSound’s commitment to innovation helps them consistently bring devices to the market that will better serve the needs of users.

ReSound’s flagship hearing aid, the LiNX 3D, offers some impressive features such as Spatial Sense technology. This helps to create clearer, more natural sound based on your surroundings. The hearing aid can also be used as wireless headphones with your smartphone and other media devices.

The company’s LiNX Quattro touts an impressive 30 hours of battery life under normal use. Even if you use it to stream media for more than half of the time, it should still last more than 24 hours. This is an immense benefit for many users. Additionally, the automatic speech recognition technology makes this one of the easiest hearing aids on the market to use.

For users with significant hearing loss, ReSound offers a great product in the ENZO 3D. This creates excellent sound with two behind-the-ear devices. This is one of the best options on the market for severe hearing difficulties.

ReSound devices are available primarily through their network of distributors. Consult with your hearing aid professional to learn whether ReSound devices are available to you. If they are, this is a brand worthy of serious consideration.


Signia is a sub-brand of Sivantos, Inc. It was previously known as Siemens Hearing Solutions. This brand’s country of origin is Germany. However, the parent company, Sivantos, is from Piscataway, New Jersey. Signia is one of the oldest hearing aid brands in the world with a heritage dating back to 1878.

Roughly 25% of all hearing aids in the world are manufactured by Sivantos, although not all are sold under the Signia brand. The company has a strong reputation and, in part due to its age, is considered a pioneer in the field of audiology.

Some of Signia’s devices include Own Voice Processing. This technology automatically recognizes the user’s voice and processes it separately from other sounds. The result is a more natural sound free of the tinny effect that many other hearing aids produce.

Several Signia devices feature an exchangeable windscreen. The screen prevents excessive noise or wind from creating a blown-out sound from the microphone. Since it is exchangeable, you can swap it out to avoid dirt buildup. Similarly, most devices are rated IP68 for wax buildup, meaning they will stay cleaner and require less maintenance.

For users who have two hearing aids, the devices use an Ultra HS e2e link, which provides ear-to-ear connectivity. This high-quality connection helps to create a superior and more synchronized audio quality from the two aids.

Signia’s parent company, Sivantos, Inc., has perhaps the largest network of distributors of any hearing aid company, serving over 120 countries. You can be confident in finding a great hearing aid from Signia.

Comparison of Brand Highlights

Founding Date19431878
Phone ConnectivityYY
Ai FocusingYY
Tinnitus ProgramYY
Smartphone AppYY
Customer ServiceOnline support, 1-800 number, videosOnline form, FAQ, videos


Hearing aid pricing is highly variable based on a number of factors, including the device, your insurance, and the deal between the brand and your provider. You should consult with your hearing aid professional to determine what the price of any given device will be for you.

Most entry-level hearing aids begin around $1,000 while higher-end devices are closer to $5,000. Both ReSound and Signia offer competitive pricing within the generally accepted range. So, expect your hearing aid to be somewhere in that area depending on your specific case.


Both of these brands offer excellent devices. ReSound offers a broad range of devices and focuses on making the hearing aid experience easier. It is a strong choice for users who want something that works with no fuss. Of course, some of their advanced models also offer more complex features for savvy users.

Signia provides excellent smartphone integration and options for controlling the device. It is one of the best brands for savvy users. However, getting customer service can be a challenge if you prefer to just have someone do it for you. Whichever brand you choose, you can find a great hearing aid.

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