SimpliSafe Home Security Review

Everybody likes to feel secure in their own home. Seniors can feel particularly vulnerable about being at home. A home security system is one way for seniors to feel more secure, and know it’s easy to get help in the event of an emergency.

SimpliSafe is a wireless security system that monitors doors and windows for signs of intrusion. Some of their systems include smoke detectors, water detectors, and temperature sensors. SimpliSafe was designed to protect your whole home, while still being easy to use and set up.

Who Is SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe is a home security company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Chad and Eleanor Laurans founded SimpliSafe in 2006 after several of their friends in the Cambridge area experienced break-ins. They noticed there weren’t any home security systems suitable for renters, so they set about creating something simple and effective that could be used by homeowners and renters alike.

Today SimpliSafe employs hundreds of people and serves thousands of customers in the USA and in the UK.

How Does SimpliSafe Work?

SimpliSafe home security systems consist of motion sensors, door and window sensors, a base station and a keypad. The base station has a built-in cell connection to the call center, so you don’t need to plug it into a landline.

SimpliSafe is monitored 24/7 – alerts are sent directly to the monitored call center. Monitoring staff call if the system detects a problem, and stay on the line until the problem is resolved.

What Kind Of Home Security System Does SimpliSafe Offer?

SimpliSafe offers a range of different home security systems, or you can create your own customized system. Customer service staff are on hand to advise you on what you need for the size of your property.

The Essentials is SimpliSafe’s most popular system. You get a base station and keypad, plus three entry sensors and a motion sensor. That gives you enough coverage to protect most sizes of home, for just $259.

The Foundation is ideal for small apartments. You get a base station and keypad, plus an entry sensor and a motion sensor for $229.

The Knox, on the other hand, is ideal if you have a large home! It comes with a base station and keypad, plus six entry sensors, two motion sensors, a key fob, a smoke detector, and a 105db siren.

The Haven is a complete security system that protects you against water and fire damage as well as intruders. You get a base station and keypad, plus two motion sensors, a freeze sensor, a water sensor, a smoke detector, a panic button, a key fob and a 105db siren. Retails at $489.

You can add accessories such as a smart lock, a video doorbell, or an HD camera. You can also build your own system from scratch. If you’re not sure what you need, SimpliSafe advisors can help you decide.

Benefits Of SimpliSafe Home Security Systems

There are lots of benefits to signing up for SimpliSafe:

Installation and operation

  • No drilling or tools required. SimpliSafe is quick and easy to set up. If you’re a caregiver, getting this set up for mom or dad should be a cinch. If you do want help, SimpliSafe can send a professional to help with installation (for a $79 fee.)
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Watch and more so it’s easy to control your system.
  • A generous 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied you can return SimpliSafe in this time for a refund – and SimpliSafe will pay the return postage, too.
  • Add HD security cameras so you can keep an eye on what’s happening both indoors and out.
  • Sensors are tiny and unobtrusive.
  • Sensor batteries last for up to a decade which means you don’t have to worry about battery life.

Monitoring and accounts

  • Monitoring staff call you the moment trouble is detected, and stay on the line until they know the situation is resolved or police are on the way.
  • The verification system means they know the alert is for real before contacting police, which allows police to dispatch faster.
  • No long term contracts. You pay $14.99 monthly for your system monitoring, and you can cancel your contract and stop monitoring at any time, no questions asked.
  • Silent alerts for safes and other private areas so you can alert authorities without giving yourself away.
  • Duress pin system so that in the event someone forces you to disarm your system, you can alert SimpliSafe of the situation without an intruder realizing.
  • Motion sensors designed to alert for humans but ignore pets, cutting down on pet-related false alarms.
  • Glass break sensors are sensitive enough to know the difference between a broken windowpane and a broken plate.


  • SmashSafe technology means that SimpliSafe works even if an intruder damages the keypad.
    Runs on a secure cell network, with WiFi backup so even if the cell network goes down, SimpliSafe will still work.
  • Backup battery that lasts 24 hours, so even if there’s a blackout your system still works.
  • Six call centers monitoring your alarm at all times, so in the event something happens to one center, you still have plenty of backup.
  • Signals between the base station, sensors, and monitoring centers are all encrypted for maximum security.

For caregivers

Although SimpliSafe isn’t designed specifically for caregivers, we love that users can set up text alerts to keep friends and family in the know. This is a great way to keep caregivers in the loop and give both caregivers and their loved ones reassurance that they’ll know if something happens.

How Much Does SimpliSafe Cost?

SimpliSafe has a range of systems at different price points. Foundation, one of their smallest systems, costs $259.95. The Knox, their biggest system, costs $449.87.

You also have a choice of two monitoring options:

  1. Standard includes 24/7 professional monitoring and environmental monitoring (if your system has a smoke, water, or freeze sensors). It works out to 50 cents a day.
  2. Interactive includes standard features plus a mobile app to manage your system, secret alerts for if you need to send a silent signal, alert verification so police know it’s not a false alarm, unlimited camera recording, and smart home integrations. The math works out to 83 cents a day.

SimpliSafe Reviews

We took a look around to see what customers are saying about SimpliSafe.

What people like: People found SimpliSafe very easy to install and use. We also saw lots of positive reviews of their monitoring service, especially the care received during an incident. The low installation and running costs were also popular with customers.

What people didn't like: The main complaint we noticed was with the sales department, due to long hold times on calls, and customers struggling to get issues resolved in cases where the system didn’t work right.

Bottom Line

The verdict: SimpliSafe is fairly affordable compared to other alarm systems and we like how customizable it is depending on the size of your home. Most people find it easy enough to install, but if there are any problems a professional installation service is available.

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