ResponseNOW FAQs

Looking to learn more about ResponseNOW as you choose your medical alert system? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that customers of ResponseNOW have about the product before purchase.

Who Will Help Me If I Have an Emergency? 

When you sign up for this service, you provide the names and contact information for your emergency contacts. If you press your pendant, you will have the choice to have one or more of those people contacted and sent to you, or you can ask for emergency services if you need them. In that case, you will be assisted by response teams in your own community.

What Happens When I Press the ResponseNOW Pendant? 

The pendant sends a signal through your phone connection, whether that is a landline or a cell phone. After that, you are put in two-way voice communication with an operator who will take your information, pull up your emergency contacts, and send you the help you need.

Can I Take The Pendant Into the Shower? 

Yes, you can. All pendants are safe for showers and rainfall. They will be damaged by full submersion in standing water, though, so they can’t go in the pool or the bathtub with you.

What Happens if I Can’t Hear the Operator? 

Whether it’s you unable to hear them or them being unable to hear you, the operators are trained for just this event. If you are in this situation, your pendant’s unique signal can be used to identify you and your location and dispatch emergency services. This ensures that customers who press the pendant and then lose consciousness receive prompt help from trained medical professionals.

What Happens if the Equipment Breaks or Becomes Faulty? 

If your equipment breaks, ResponseNOW takes responsibility for battery replacement and repair. You simply send the faulty equipment back and wait to receive your new gear. The service is prompt, because your equipment is part of the service you pay for when you opt for this brand of medical alert system.

What Are the Differences Between the Service Tiers? 

If you opt for the In the Home system, you get traditional landline service that works anywhere in your house, using your regular phone connection. A console connects to your phone line. It also needs an outlet for its own power cord. Then, it connects wirelessly to your pendant, like a cordless phone does.

If you choose the Belle medical alert pendant, you don’t need to set up a console at all. It is a mobile solution that harnesses a 3G cellular connection to provide two-way voice communication with an operator wherever you have a 3G signal. That makes it ideal for customers who spend a lot of time outside the home.

In the Home allows for multiple pendants, as well as for fall detection pendant add-ons. This allows couples to share a plan. The Belle mobile medical alert pendant does not have this option, so everyone who needs a pendant will have to start a plan.

How Long Is the Battery Life on the Belle Unit? 

The mobile medical alert plan that uses the Belle 3G unit has a robust battery life that lasts up to 30 days under optimal operating conditions. Recharging it just once or twice a month ensures you have your pendant at your fingertips and charged for use whenever you need it. This makes it easy to find a time to charge that is convenient for you.

Remember, temperature extremes and extreme temperature changes can affect any battery’s life, and batteries also lose some charge capacity as they age. You can count on ResponseNOW to replace faulty units when the batteries fail, but you might notice a slight decline in battery life before that happens.

How Much Does Service Cost? 

ResponseNOW uses a pricing system that avoids traditional contracts by offering discounts for the purchase of a larger block of service time. This means you can purchase coverage by the month, quarter, or year for any of the three plans offered. You can also customize the monitoring level and add extra device protection and other add-ons. The prices below reflect the basic month-to-month billing cycle with no add-ons:

  • In the Home: $29.95
  • Belle: $39.95
  • Belle+: $49.95

Remember, the Belle mobile medical alert pendant is capable of providing coverage both inside and outside the home, so you don’t need to add a home system if you decide on a Belle or Belle+ plan.

What Will Shipping Cost? 

Shipping is free on all ResponseNOW equipment, so you just pay for your plan and any required activation fees. No need to worry about shipping carrier costs or comparison shopping. All you do is purchase your plan and wait for your equipment to arrive.

What If I Decide This Service Is Not a Good Fit? 

ResponseNOW offers a 30-day money back guarantee to all new customers. This allows you to change your mind within a reasonable time frame while still giving you a few weeks to really get used to the service and make sure it’s a good one for your needs. This is a great way to check out a plan like Belle+ before deciding between its coverage and a more basic plan.

What Happens When I End My Service? 

If you discontinue service, you need to send the equipment back to ResponseNOW after notifying the company you are discontinuing service. It’s that simple. Since you can cancel whenever you need to, this makes it easy to start and stop your plan whenever you need to do so.

How Can I Get a Plan? 

The company connects to new customers online and through a phone sales and customer service number, so it’s easy to shop for service. The online checkout makes it as simple as ordering a book, and the ability to prepay for your annual plan to save a little money means you won’t have to worry about a recurring monthly bill unless you decide that’s what you want.

What If I Have More Questions? 

If you have any questions that are not answered here, the ResponseNOW customer service team is always happy to field them. The company prides itself on maintaining the service customers expect from a family-owned operation while providing national service to the entire United States, so don’t hesitate to call when you need to.

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