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Side-by-side comparison:

Side-by-side comparison: MobileHelp logo LifeStation
Editor's Rating
4.7 / 5 stars
4.0 / 5 stars
4.9 / 5
4.3 / 5
Price Range$19.95 - $37.95/mo.$19.95 - $34.95/mo.
Up-front CostsNoNo
Contract RequiredNoNo
Return PolicyStandardWithin 30 days
Product OptionsIn-home cellular, cellular+GPS, in-home and cellular combo, smartwatchlandline and cellular in-home, cellular + GPS
Battery Life24 hours (for cellular)5 days (for cellular)
In-home Ranges600ft500ft for in-home
Water-safe PendantYesYes
Fall Detection$10/mo$7/mo
Smart Watch$349.95 + $24.95/moNo
Spouse Monitoring$2/mo.$3.99/mo.
Phone Number*800-908-4952855-727-6797
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Editors Recommendation

Generally, we recommend MobileHelp over LifeStation for their high quality equipment, excellent customer service and unique smartwatch option. However LifeStation may be a better fit if you are looking for more traditional medical alert options and longer battery life in the cellular unit.

MobileHelp and LifeStation are professionally monitored medical alert system that offers seniors a chance to remain as independent as possible. Both provide quality equipment for affordable prices without a long-term contract. MobileHelp manufactures all of its own equipment and provides medication alerts to subscribers. LifeStation's call centers are Five Diamond Certified. Both companies offer response times that average less than 20 seconds.

MobileHelp vs LifeStation Differences

MobileHelp and LifeStation have significant differences in terms of features and equipment. One of the biggest differences is the Smartwatch offered by MobileHelp. It uses cellular service like the other devices and GPS-enabled so that it can be worn almost anywhere that AT&T has coverage. MobileHelp also manufactures all of its own equipment as well. LifeStation offers reliable a variety of devices to choose from. In order to start service with LifeStation, you have to pay for nine months upfront for a total cost of $233.55 (non-refundable).

LifeStation vs MobileHelp Similarities

MobileHelp and LifeStation both offer reliable medical alert protection for seniors who want to maintain their independence. Their wearable devices are waterproof and most of them are capable of two-way voice communication. Neither company requires a contract or service agreement. Both systems are designed to be installed by the subscriber and can be in place and operational in less than 30 minutes.


MobileHelp is known for its GPS-enabled Smartwatch and medication alerts that help seniors remember when to take their medicine. Fall detection is offered as an option and can be included with most packages. MobileHelp designs and produces all of its equipment with the wearables being waterproof. The system is 100% wireless and uses AT&T cellular service.

LifeStation offers waterproof, wearable devices in addition to a lockbox, hallway/bathroom buttons, and a base that is capable of two-way voice communication. Fall detection is available for most packages for an additional fee. They offer various packages for coverage both at home as well as when the subscriber is away.

Systems & Devices

The devices offered by MobileHelp include wearable pendants and wristbands, as well as a Smartwatch. They also offer a base unit and mobile base unit. Each of the devices offers two-way communication. Wearable devices are waterproof and extremely durable. Devices are all UL Certified and registered with the FDA. Batteries around 30 hours of backup power available.

In addition to the base unit offered by LifeStation, they also offer traditional devices such as the waterproof pendants and wristbands. Belt clip-ons, lockboxes, bathroom/hallway buttons, and a mobile emergency button are also available. All devices are UL Certified and have battery backup time of approximately 32 hours.

Costs & Contracts

MobileHelp offers four primary medical alert packages. The Classic/In-Home package costs approximately $20 per month. The Solo/On-the-Go plan costs approximately $38 per month. The Duo/Compete package can be purchased for $42 per month, while the Smartwatch/wearable package costs $25 per month. You also have quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payment options.

With LifeStation, the first nine months must be paid upfront. The $233.55 fee is non-refundable. The In-Home Landline option costs $30 per month, $28 per quarter, and $26 per month if paid annually. The In-Home Cellular plan costs $37 per month, $35 per quarter, and $33 per month if paid annually. The final package, the Premium GPS, runs approximately $40 per month, $38 per quarter, and $36 per month if paid annually. Other devices, as well as fall detection, can be added for additional monthly fees.

Emergency Response & Call Centers

MobileHelp's call center has earned awards for its exceptional service and reliability. When an alert is received, the staff at the call center will immediately send texts or emails to the numbers on the contact list provided by the subscriber. Emergency personnel will also be dispatched to the subscriber's location. Response times are generally less than 20 seconds.

LifeStation call centers are Five Diamond Certified. As soon as an alert is received by the staff, texts and emails are sent to the contact numbers provided by the subscriber. The call center will also relay the message to local emergency teams and dispatch them to the location provided in the alert. Response times are normally 20 seconds or less.

Our Conclusion

MobileHelp offers reliable service for affordable prices and is a good choice for individuals who want the convenience of the Smartwatch without the long-term contract.

LifeStation is a good choice for individuals who are looking for affordable prices and multiple package choices that include the more traditional devices.

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