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Cooking is a responsibility. Perhaps you spent years running around a big kitchen, preparing meals that raised a family. You may find joy in rolling out a buttery crust from scratch or solving the puzzle of putting together a meal to suit everyone’s tastes and dietary restrictions.

While most of us love it, cooking isn’t all that easy, especially as we get older. Day after day, year after year, it can be a struggle to plan meals and prepare things that maintain a balanced diet. Additionally, some of the joy is lost when you live alone and have no one to cook for.
Maybe you slump into preparing easy foods—macaroni and cheese or frozen meals.

As we get older, however, the need to eat healthfully increases. Many of the conditions commonly affecting older adults are exacerbated by malnutrition. So what is one to do?

Meal Delivery Services

One of my favorite ways to stay healthy while minimizing the work is through meal delivery services. Whether they deliver the whole prepared dish or simply the ingredients, meal delivery service can help you get those greens, proteins, and vitamins you may have never bothered to think of.

Meal delivery services can be an excellent solution to the problems that arise for seniors as they age. As any single person can tell you, cooking for one is not cost-effective.

When it comes to meal delivery services, you can choose companies that offer meal kits that involve some preparation, perfect for those who still enjoy cooking but hate going to the store. Some companies are geared more towards pre-prepared dishes if you seek real healthful food without the legwork.

What’s more, many of these companies will adhere to your dietary restrictions, whether you have diabetes or simply wish to avoid dairy. There are even phone apps and websites where you can choose to eat meals from your favorite restaurants and have the food delivered right to your door— yes, even from nice restaurants. Takeout is no longer limited to drive-thrus and Chinese.

In recent years, meal delivery services have become very popular for seniors, singles, and families alike, and so there are tons of options to choose from.

Meal Prep Kits

If you’d prefer to skip the grocery store, but you still enjoy cooking, then one of these meal prep subscriptions might be just what you’re looking for. Here are my favorite options for prepackaged ingredients delivered straight to your door.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh Logo

Hello Fresh allows you to do a bit of cooking with their convenient meal kits. Meal Kits give you everything you need to make a complete and healthy meal, as well as detailed, simple instructions. The best part about this service is that you have a choice of 20 different recipes, even within whatever dietary preference you choose.

Hello Fresh is a good option for older adults who still enjoy light cooking but want to ensure they are getting a balanced diet without the burden of grocery shopping.

Benefits of Cooking: Apart from the health benefits of a well-balanced diet, studies have shown that the act of cooking can improve your psychological well being.


Sun Basket Logo

Sunbasket is another meal kit delivery service. They work with local farmers to provide meals that include fresh, seasonal produce. They also allow mixing and matching between meal plans, so if you see something interesting from the paleo diet meals, you can order it, even if you don’t usually adhere to this diet.

Green Chef

Green Chef Logo
What sets Green Chef apart is the dedication to using only organic products, which is thought to be beneficial for overall health. However, they only offer three dietary options, which are fairly strict. If you are committed to the organic lifestyle, this can be a great option.

No Preparation Meal Delivery Services

If cooking is not your thing, then you’re in luck. There are also meal delivery services that send you food that has already been prepared and packaged. All you need to do is heat it with either a microwave or oven.


Freshology Logo

Freshology makes it easy to eat a healthy diet. Their menus are designed to be nutritious, delicious, and healthy. Each dietician-designed meal comes packaged and ready to heat and eat. You can manage your account online easily, and you’re welcome to change plans, pause, or restart your service whenever you like, perfect for those who often travel.


Diet-to-Go Logo

Diet-To-Go is all about healthy eating. Their meal delivery service makes it easy to enjoy healthy meals that can help with weight management. Their meals are portion-controlled to help support getting to and staying at a healthy weight. One of the best features of Diet-To-Go is that customers also get free access to a health coach via phone or email for ongoing support. You can pause and resume their service at any time.

Fact: According to Feeding America, as of 2018, 5.3 million seniors in the United States, or 7.3 percent of the senior population, are not properly nourished.

Meal Delivery from Restaurants

There are many apps and websites today that allow you to have foods from your favorite restaurants delivered right to your door. Whether you want a burger from McDonald’s or a four-course meal from The Cheesecake Factory, these apps give you all of your favorites right at your fingertips.

Uber Eats


Uber Eats is one of the most popular restaurant delivery services, from the same transportation service you’ve probably heard of. Uber Eats will deliver food to your door from a wide variety of restaurants.

PostMates, GrubHub, and DoorDash

PostMates, GrubHub, and DoorDash are all the same concept as Uber Eats. You can use the app, or pull up the website, type in your address, choose a restaurant, pay, and the food will arrive at your door. In addition, PostMates delivers from more than restaurants. They will bring you products from places like Walgreens and 7-11, as well.

Meal Delivery Services for Seniors

In addition to all of these modern services, there are also a few meal delivery services that are tailored specifically to the needs of seniors. Here is a closer look at my favorites.

Silver Cuisine

Silver Cuisine Logo

Silver Cuisine is a meal delivery service specially designed for seniors. Their meals were created to offer balanced nutrition for those aged 50 and over. This company is great for finding a way to feed a loved one and ensure they will get the nutrients they need. Silver Cuisine has senior health at the top of their minds, and you can find out more in our full rundown of their services.

Magic Kitchen

Magic Kitchen Logo

Magic Kitchen offers a wide variety of nutritious meals, free of artificial preservatives. They also offer a plan specifically geared towards seniors; however, unlike Silver Cuisine, it is not company-wide. Customers can choose from an A La Carte menu, which means you can mix and match as you please, or from complete meal bundles which include main dishes and sides. Customers can also set up a meal plan to get regular deliveries. Magic Kitchen will choose your meal plan menu based on your preferences.


From smartphone apps to weekly subscription services, there are more ways than ever to get food delivered to your door. that it can be overwhelming. Since none of the services above require long-term contracts, however, there’s no harm in trying out one or more. They can be a great way to stay healthy without having to leave your home. Also, check out our rundown of the best meal delivery services for seniors. It’s full of additional ways to stay healthy in your home.

Meal Delivery Service Frequently Asked Questions

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