Silver Cuisine Meal Delivery for Seniors

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Maybe you are still enjoying your career, or perhaps you’ve retired and love spending your days exploring your hobbies. Regardless of why you’re busy, one thing is true: life doesn’t stop after 50. Busy days often mean less time to cook, but that doesn’t mean you need to skip healthy meals. That’s where Silver Cuisine comes into play.

Silver Cuisine meal delivery offers a wide variety of delicious, healthy options that keep your energy up and your body satisfied. Founded by a board-certified doctor of bariatric medicine, Dr. Caroline Cederquist, Silver Cuisine by BistroMD is a science-based plan. Dr. Cederquist is knowledgeable about how the body breaks down the nutrients in food, and she uses that knowledge to create meals specifically designed for the bodies of people aged 50 and older. All meals use fresh, high-quality ingredients to ensure nutritious value and taste.

Benefits of Meal Delivery Service

Meal delivery services have plenty of benefits. They help people remain independent and active without needing to spend hours each week planning, shopping, and cooking. A few clicks of the mouse or taps on the screen are all you need to order healthy and delicious meals that are delivered to your door.

Meal delivery is also beneficial for people who work as caregivers as they’ll save time on meal planning and can put that effort into other care regimens the patient requires. Silver Cuisine meals can be stored in the freezer for as long as one year, although you should be sure to unpack and store your order as soon as you receive it.

How Silver Cuisine Works

Simply put, Silver Cuisine does most of the work for you. Each meal is designed by a doctor to ensure it is as nutritious as it is healthy. Professional chefs then cook and package every meal to ensure freshness upon delivery. The menu, which rotates often, always includes at least 150 selections that you can choose at your leisure. There are no contracts or monthly subscription prices, and you can choose to order a single meal or a month’s worth.

Silver Cuisine offers a variety of special dietary options as well, including the following:

  • Dairy-Free
  • Diabetic
  • Gluten-Free
  • Heart Healthy
  • Low Carb
  • Low Sodium
  • Mediterranean
  • Meal offerings for menopausal women
  • Vegetarian

Silver Cuisine Meal Options

When choosing your Silver Cuisine meals, you can view all meals or check out the separate snack menu on the website. From there, you can sort the menu according to relevance, name, or price. Along the left side of the screen, you can choose to view breakfast meals or lunch and dinner meals. They are further categorized based on the type of food, such as chicken, beef, or pasta.

Some of our favorite meals and snacks include:

  • Lasagna with garden marinara
  • Chicken cacciatore
  • Shepherd’s pie
  • Pancetta leek and goat cheese frittata
  • Salted caramel pecan bars

Upon clicking on a meal or snack that you want to purchase, you’ll find plenty of information about the dish. The page begins with a paragraph that explains what the dish is, and which ingredients are in it. Scroll down to find a complete list of ingredients along with all nutritional information and any reviews that are available. The price is also clearly defined at the top of the page.

Silver Cuisine Pricing

Price Range Shipping Costs Taxes
Breakfast $5.99-$9.89 All orders ship for $19.95. Orders totaling more than $99 ship free. Shipping is not available for P.O. boxes or in HI or AK. Tax charges vary depending on your state and local guidelines.
Lunch/Dinner $8.29-$13.99 All orders ship for $19.95. Orders totaling more than $99 ship free. Shipping is not available for P.O. boxes or in HI or AK. Tax charges vary depending on your state and local guidelines.
Snacks $2.33-$19.99 All orders ship for $19.95. Orders totaling more than $99 ship free. Shipping is not available for P.O. boxes or in HI or AK. Tax charges vary depending on your state and local guidelines.

In addition to regular pricing, Silver Cuisine often features weekly specials on some of its most delicious meals. Other discounts are available on occasion as well, including one for AARP members.

The Delivery Process

Silver Cuisine meals are deliverable throughout the contiguous United States. The company currently cannot deliver to post office boxes or the states of Alaska and Hawaii. Orders ship via FedEx Ground Monday through Wednesday. Orders placed Thursday through Sunday are processed the next Monday. Typically, the entire packaging and shipping process takes about a week.

To ensure freshness, Silver Cuisine ships in insulated coolers packed with dry ice. Being environmentally friendly is important to the company, so all shipping boxes are 100 percent recycled and printed with vegetable-based inks. Even the foam used for the coolers is 60 percent recycled. Please keep in mind that due to the nature of this product, no returns are ever accepted.

The Billing Process

The billing process for Silver Cuisine is straightforward. There are never any monthly membership fees or contracts. You order and pay for only what you need when you need it. Upon ordering, the company will charge your card one time, although how fast the charge shows up depends on your individual financial institution. There is no minimum, so you can decide whether you’d like to order a day’s worth of meals to try the service or commit to an entire month’s worth at once.

Whether you enjoy relaxing evenings at home and simply don’t want to cook every meal on your own, or you are always out and about and need something you can reheat quickly, Silver Cuisine offers a variety of nutritious and delicious meals for you to choose from. If you’re interested in starting your own order, start by choosing your favorite meals. Also, be sure to check out our rundown of the best meal delivery services.