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Connect America Medical Alert

Connect America Medical Alert Review

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Connect America Medical Alert
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Amie Clark

Amie has been writing about senior care products and services for the last decade. She is particularly passionate about new technologies that help improve the quality of life for seniors and their families. Seeing her parents and grandparents age made Amie ask herself, “Would this be good enough for my loved ones?” In her spare time, Amie enjoys outdoor adventures and spontaneous road trips. Learn more about Amie here


  1. I would never recommend Connect America. Their customer service is deplorable. Product was not satisfactory and when I asked for a postage paid label they said I would need to pay for its return myself. It’s heavy! It took me over 2 hours and 2 months to get any satisfaction and that was only because I contacted the BBB (see the statistic from the BBB “At the time of this review they have an average of 260 customer complaints on file.”) It is very hard to get a hold of them because Customer Service NEVER answers and when put into the que for my call to be returned, they do NOT return the call. I was on hold for 15 minutes three times and each time gave up and hung up. When I did get to someone through email, they made threats such as, if they didn’t receive it (and I pay the postage myself) within 3 days the credit I would receive would have 3 months deducted. In today’s mail system packages are not arriving within 3 days to anywhere. Don’t sign up with these people.
  2. I had a Tunstall system from Connect America before I got the new MXD system today. I would have recommended them with the Tunstall equipment but NO LONGER RECOMMEND with the MXD equipment. With the MXD equipment, they cannot hear me in a different room from the base unit. I also get a loud busy signal every time the operator disconnects which will not shut off with the reset button on base unit. I was on the phone with tech support setting up the equipment when this happened. He said it was due to my landline carrier. That never happened with the Tunstall equipment even last night. They could hear me wherever I was at in my home with the Tunstall. I most likely will be getting rid of this system since the new MXD equipment is garbage.
  3. I STRONGLY advise against Connect America. They are excellent at selling – but make it very difficult to cancel. It took 4 phone calls totaling 1:43 minutes on hold to cancel the account after my mother died. (For comparison, I called back and chose the “set up new account” option on the phone tree and had a live representative in 34 seconds. I cannot help but believe they make this as difficult as possible to scam seniors. Very poor service.
  4. Lucky you…. I waited 59 minutes on the phone waiting to be transferred to the service department. When I told her that I wanted to check my contact list and their phone numbers… I also needed a copy of the form- she hung up! I called back… was told that I needed to speak with the service department… this time I left a number where someone could contact me… not holding my breath…. there has to be a better service out there!
    1. I had a similar experience. Four calls. Nearly 2 hours on hold. AND they said “We have not received your device so we cannot cancel the account.” Fortunately, I had the tracking number with confirmation of delivery. Avoid this company!
  5. How much would both a pendant and a wrist unit with a button in each cost. In others words – if I wanted an extra button
  6. Had the connect America medical alert installed it and worked good that day. Got a phone call to test the system did the test and did not work spoke to three different people at the company with no results then told to call a dedicated line to customer service spoke with them and told unit was bad and should be replaced following day unit started to turn on and send alerts, nobody was home found ambulance crew searching thru our house for no reason. We have never had to use the Unit and never took out of the charger stand do not go out during winter alone. Am not impressed called company and told them to cancel item and send return label to me..
    1. Hi James, Thanks so much for your feedback! We value our customers and appreciate the time you took to share your experience. Medical Alert stands behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and allow you to cancel at any time if you’re not satisfied. Plus, we’re a proud member of Medical Alert Monitoring Association (MAMA), have an A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau and are the main Medical Alert provider for over 7,000 CVS stores nationwide. As the parent company of Medical Alert, Connect America is a government approved provider of advanced products and services including telehealth and remove patient monitoring in over 30 states.
  7. Thank you for sharing your situation, Wanda. I am glad to know Barb was able to help you. If anyone else is in need of customer information, following is some helpful information: Address: 816 Park Way, Broomall, PA 19008 Customer Care: 1-800-906-0872 Monday through Friday: 9:00am – 8:00pm EST Saturday through Sunday: 9:00am – 6:00pm EST
  8. I previously left a complaint about needing to cancel but couldn’t talk to someone about it from connect america but I don’t see it now. I wanted to give an update. After reading everyones experience, I decided to mail equipment back by FedEx and insure it for $350.00. I also took a picture of all equipment before packing it. I then emailed the picture of the equipment and FedEx receipt with a letter to Ms. Barbara who seemed to be the person that was really trying to help fix the problems. After she received my email, she emailed me back to acknowledge receipt. She then called me twice while I was out and left 2 messages. I called her and left a message and she called me immediately. After discussing the situation, she asked me about a piece of their equipment that I didn’t send. I called my mother about it and found she never had that equipment (a small cell like with a button to press when away from home). I then advised Barbara that she never had that equipment so couldn’t send it back. She then told me she would cancel the service immediately so my mother would not be charged again and she would refund the price for the postage I spent just as soon as it reached the company. It was received 3days later and true to her word, I received a check for the $23.00 within a week. I didn’t have any trouble dealing with Ms Barbara and found her very willing to help correct whatever problem I had and very nice also. If connect america had more employees like her, they wouldn’t have these complaints. I did express to Ms Barbara that they needed a cancellation department. Of course she is probably not the person that can make this happen but I tried. I am happy with the help I got from this site and Ms Barbara. Thank you both from Wanda.
    1. Thanks for circling back to let us know your complaint was satisfied! I am so glad to know Barb was helping in sorting out your issue. Sincerely, Alex
  9. I returned my Medical Alert System to Connect America, and happily, it went without a hitch. Last Friday, I saw in my online bank statement that they credited me $224 for the unused months on my yearly payment. I was pleasantly surprised! Possibly because I paid the extra for tracking and delivery confirmation with a signature, and I included a signed letter stating my clear intentions. Whatever the reason, the process went smoothly.
  10. I’m getting conflicting information on the actual address to send my Medical Alert system back to. Should I address it to Medical Alert, or Connect America? I want to make sure I get it right the first time to insure there is no mix-up. From the comments I see here, I may be in for a struggle, so I want to minimize that as much as possible. I assume the address is 816 Park Way, Broomall, PA, 19008, right?
    1. Hi Dixie, Yes I see that address listed on both ConnectAmerica and MedicalAlert websites. Unfortunately, the return process is not spelled out clearly on either site. I would also recommend paying to track your package to ensure it arrives safely. Hope that helps! Amie

      1. Thanks for your reply, Amie. I will pay the extra for tracking and delivery confirmation/signature required. I want to cover all my bases for the least painful transaction possible! THEN I will have to see how long it will be before I get the refund, if any is due, which I believe I will, as I pay by the year and have used less than half a year of service for this year. Again, thanks for your swift response!
  11. My grandmother passed away a few months ago. She had medical alert. A neighbor told me that Medical Alert contacted them to collect on a past due bill. So, I called Medical Alert and was able to locate my grandmother’s account. I informed them she was deceased a few months ago and as the executor of her will and estate, I’m attempting to close all her accounts. Well, they said I would have to pay the balance that was due since her passing because the services are not free. If I don’t pay the balance, then they said they would send it to collections and they would come after me and my credit. They are trying to continue to take advantage of my grandmother, after her death. This behavior, along with the high prices of the service, is immoral and disgusting. Medical Alert is making money by preying and scamming on the elderly.
    1. I have contacted Matthew and I believe this problem has been resolved. I sent him a return label and a picture of the equipment. I credited the invoice he was being called about. I am not sure if he located the equipment yet. I know that it hasn’t been returned as of this date. I am sure Matthew will handle this as soon as he is able.
  12. I recently had issue with Medical Alert/Connect America regarding misinformation given to me by their reps. My mother was going to be in rehab and then a nursing home for an extended period of time. We didn’t know if she would ever live independently again and I called to cancel the service. I was told I could “suspend” the service for a time and not incur any charges for that time. This would eliminate the hassle of starting up again should she go home. Sounded reasonable. Unfortunately my mother passed away 2 months after.and when I cancelled the service I was told the “suspension time” is billed as normal because I didn’t start up the service again. So we paid for two months of non-service. It would have been so nice to know that at the time, but then, of course i might have canceled originally had I been given that information.
    1. Thank you for the information Denise! Issues like this one is why we recommend a select few medical alert providers. The good ones are usually great to work with, and if they make a mistake – they are quick to rectify it. – All the best! A

    2. Denise, Please contact me at I don’t know who told you that the suspension is billed as normal, but that is not the case. I am unable to straighten this out for you unless I have your Mother’s name. I am sorry this happened to you but I really would like the opportunity to straighten this out for you.
      1. Thank you Barbara! Your responsiveness (and interest) in helping out our community is getting noticed, and we appreciate it very much!

      2. Thank you Barbara for responding. I will email you. Your interest alone is worth noting.
      3. Thank you for reaching out, Barbara. I was astonished at how quickly this issue was resolved. This speaks volumes about this company’s customer service. As to responsiveness, whenever I tested my mother’s device inside and outside the call was immediately picked up. which did inspire confidence on our end.
        1. It sounds like things resolved nicely Denise. I’m so glad that you posted, and Barbara investigated your issue. This is why we’re here – to advocate for BOTH consumers and for providers that care. All the best, Amie

  13. Wow… didn’t expect all of the bad comments about Connect America! My mother in law used the Connect America alert system for many years and had absolutely no problems. It’s not a complicated system and is easy to set up. The service unfailingly contacted us each time there was a medical emergency and properly dispatched assistance to my mother in law as required. Don’t think I could ask for any better service! There are currently more sophisticated emergency medical systems available… but are more expensive. For a basic system, I would recommend Connect America.

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