Freedom Guardian Watch Review

Wearing a medical alert is a smart idea for seniors. Whether they’re struggling with health issues and need extra support, or are spry and active and need extra peace of mind, a medical alert helps seniors remain at home longer.

With a medical alert, seniors can get help whenever they need it at just one press of a button.

However, it’s a simple fact that for some seniors wearing a medical alert button or pendant feels uncomfortable. They might not like the look or feel of wearing a pendant or a bulky bracelet. Or perhaps they feel a little self-conscious about wearing a visible alert.

Enter Freedom Guardian. Brought to you by Medical Guardian, who is well known for their medical alerts, Freedom Guardian gives you medical alert features in a smart watch. Now there’s no need to worry about how it looks – to the casual observer it’s simply a sleek, modern watch.

Let’s take a closer look.

Who Is Medical Guardian?

Medical Guardian was founded in 2005 by Geoff Gross. Gross founded Medical Guardian after experiencing the shock of his grandmother taking a fall at home. He wanted to help older adults live independently, and Medical Guardian was born. To begin with, he did everything himself, selling via phone calls made from his apartment! Medical Guardian is based in Philadelphia, PA.

How Does Freedom Guardian Work?

Freedom Guardian looks just like a smart watch but has all the power of a medical alert device. It uses a combination of advanced GPS tracking and WiFi technology to track the wearer’s location anywhere in the United States – even if they’re lost or are unable to explain where they are.

Freedom Guardian has a wealth of great features (more on those below) but the one we want to highlight right now is the direct line to the dispatch center. Just one press of the help button on the watch face and seniors are connected to the Medical Guardian dispatch center, where staff can locate them, send EMTs or trusted friends and family as needed.

How Much Does Freedom Guardian Cost?

Freedom Guardian starts at $44.95 monthly, plus a one-off $99 activation fee.

Benefits Of Freedom Guardian

There are plenty of benefits to wearing Freedom Guardian, including:

  • Looks and acts just like a smartwatch.
  • Instant access to the call center in case of emergency.
  • Text to speech messaging so you can send and receive messages without typing a single letter!
  • Calendar with alerts so you can set reminders for all the things that matter, from doctor appointments to taking medication to family days out.
  • Oversized icons so it’s easy to see.
  • Reads messages, calendar alerts, reminders, date and time out loud.
  • 3-day weather forecast so you can always plan ahead.
  • Battery alerts on every screen so you always know when you need to recharge.
  • Charge each night for use all the next day.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Freedom Guardian?

Overall – no! This is an excellent product which helps keep seniors safe in an easy hassle-free way. The only drawback we can see is that Freedom Guardian doesn’t offer any kind of health monitoring, so it’s not suitable for those that want that. Some people may find the equipment doesn’t work depending on the cellular coverage at their location, but this is a risk with any mobile equipment reliant on a cellular network.

What Does Freedom Guardian Offer In The Way Of Caregiver Tracking?

Freedom Guardian gives caregivers access to a companion mobile app. Users establish certain people as members of their Care Circle, and those people can then check the app to make sure all is well. Care Circle members can see alert history, send messages, track the location of the watch, and even help schedule appointments and reminders.

The Bottom Line

Freedom Guardian is a great solution for seniors who need extra peace of mind but don’t want to wear a traditional medical alert. It’s discreet, easy to use, and packed with helpful features. The cost is reasonable for the standard of equipment and service as well.

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