Hear.com Hearing Aid Costs and Prices

Hear.com is one of the newest players in the hearing aid marketplace. Open for business in 2015, the US-based company is dedicated to making the process of selecting the right hearing aid as easy as possible. Hear.com brings together the best, most advanced hearing aid manufacturers centered in the US and internationally. The result is a wide range of devices for mild to severe hearing loss.

Hear.com has a base of 1600+, hand-picked Partner Providers (audiologists) scattered around the US. The professional hearing experts at Hear.com want to assist those who need to augment their hearing in sorting through the more than one thousand hearing aids made by only cutting edge manufacturers.

Their goal is to “answer all your questions, and point you in the right direction.” Hear.com promises to be there for all aspects of the process including finding an audiologist, selecting the right hearing aid, dealing with insurance and financing. Their hearing experts continue to provide free support after the purchase as well.

How to Find a Hearing Aid with Hear.com

Finding the right hearing aid is easy with the tools and systems established at Hear.com.

  1. Either fill out the website’s email form or phone directly to request a free, no-obligation phone consultation with a hear.com representative (aka hearing aid expert).
  2. When the representative phones you, s/he will get facts as well as what you’re hoping for.
  3. Then the hearing aid expert will inform you of the audiologists (Partner Providers) in your geographical area and then set up an appointment for you to have your hearing tested.
  4. The audiologist will recommend the most suitable hearing aids for you, based on the results of your examination and your lifestyle.
  5. If you decide to make a purchase from Hear.com, there is a 45-day trial period. If you are dissatisfied, simply return the hearing aids for a full refund and no restocking fee.

Features of Hear.com

Hear.com’s goal is to help the client select the best hearing aid to meet their budget and lifestyle, assisting throughout the whole process.

Hear.com claims to be the only hearing aid provider that promises better hearing within 30 days. Their Hearing Success Program guides the user through that first 30 days to maximize the chances for success. The website claims a success rate of 92%.

Hear.com has its own team of licensed audiologists and hearing aid specialists, all of whom offer free consultations. Even if the client chooses not to use one of their audiologists or chooses, ultimately, to purchase from another website or dealer, there will be no charge for a consultation.

After the potential client fills out the onsite questionnaire, a hearing aid expert will respond within 10 minutes. From the outset, Hear.com staff guides the client through the maze of financing (offered by Hear.com) and insurance paperwork.

Hearing Aids Through Hear.com

Hear.com markets four styles of hearing aid: BTE (behind the ear), ITE (in the ear), CIC (completely in the ear), and IIC (Invisible in the canal).

Hear.com aims to carry only the best hearing aid brands. Currently, they have at least 12 major brands including Oticon, Rexton, Signia, and Starkey. They are also promoting the most recent German development; a powerful hearing aid so small, according to the Hear.com website, “it disappears behind or inside your ear.”

Available accessories for hearing aids include a charger, a cleaning kit, and remote control. There is also a mobile app that works with an iOS or Android smartphone. (There may be more accessories, depending on the manufacturer involved.)

Each of the brands has its own page where you can read their mission statement and why someone should pick their product, as well as details (apart from any reference to cost) about each of the hearing aids they offer.

Depending on the hearing aid, the wearer will have Bluetooth and internet connectivity, directional mics, and/or digital noise reduction.

Benefits of Hear.com

The website has a chart detailing what the wearer should expect from these three categories of hearing aid technology: Basic, Mid-range, or Premium. These categories correspond to the degree of the wearer’s hearing loss as determined by an audiologist.

The client can receive as many as five free hearing aid service appointments with a hear.com-provided audiologist. There is a maximum of three years’ warranty on hear.com devices. (Warranty will vary per hearing aid or accessory.) Free advice from hear.com whether via phone, email, or the free downloadable hear.com smartphone app.

You can go through the process, visit with their recommended audiologist and say, “No, thank you, I’m going with another company” and that’s fine resulting in no charge.

Customers who successfully refer someone else to Hear.com will receive a $10 Amazon gift card.

Cost of Hearing Aids from Hear.com

Though there are no prices shown for specific hearing devices at their site, hear.com breaks down the price range of a pair of hearing aids by the categories of Basic, Mid-range, or Premium.

  • Basic: $1,599 – $3,499
  • Mid-range: $3,499 – $4,999
  • Premium: $4,999 – $6,999

Bottom Line

The online customer reviews reflect a high level of satisfaction, not only with the range of products and the quality of staff but with Hear.com’s follow-through. If, within that 450day period, the client is less than fully satisfied, they can return the hearing aids for a full refund. There is no restocking charge. There also is no obligation to use one of their audiologists, nor to ultimately purchase hearing aids from Hear.com.

The website is rich with information, both from Hear.com and from the manufacturers they have elected to work with. Online reviews at websites further support Hear.com’s reputation as reliable and straightforward.

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