Best Speakerphone Medical Alert Systems

Many cellular medical alert systems have built-in two-way speakers enabling seniors to talk directly with the monitoring center in the event of an emergency. We reviewed the top rated medical alerts with built-in speakerphones to help you choose the best fit for your loved one.

Many cellular medical alert systems have built-in two-way speakers enabling seniors to talk directly with the monitoring center in the event of an emergency. We reviewed the top rated medical alerts with built-in speakerphones to help you choose the best fit for your loved one.
#1 MobileHelp

Their Speakerphone Alert System:

MobileHelp cellular medical alert systems with speakerphones are top of the line when it comes to quality, clarity and the latest technology.  The brand new cellular unit from MobileHelp is the first of its kind to use the 4G network.

Why We Recommend MobileHelp

  • Water resistant
  • High quality equipment
  • Risk free 30-day trial period
  • No long-term contract, no activation fee
  • Two cellular alert systems for the price of one
#2 Medical Guardian

Their Speakerphone Alert System:

Medical Guardian offers two speakerphone cellular medical alert options. The Mobile and Active Guardian are both cellular units with clear speakerphones, the Active Guardian has a longer battery life and built-in fall detection.

Why We Recommend Medical Guardian

  • Built-in fall detection
  • No long-term contracts
  • Location tracking with GPS
  • U.S. based monitoring center
  • 5 day battery life on Active Guardian
#3 Bay Alarm Medical

Their Speakerphone Alert System:

The most recent addition to Bay Alarm Medical’s offering is its 4G LTE cellular system. The new mobile unit has up to 72-hour battery life on a single charge and GPS tracking. Also includes optional fall detection.

Why We Recommend Bay Alarm Medical

  • 1 year warranty
  • Water resistant
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Fall detection add-on for $10/month
  • 4G LTE with GPS monitoring and tracking
#4 GreatCall Lively Mobile

Their Speakerphone Alert System:

The GreatCall Lively Mobile runs on the Verizon cellular network, is waterproof and starts at just $19.99.  Optional fall detection and urgent care services included in Preferred and Ultimate packages. Basic package starts at just $19.99 per month.

Why We Recommend GreatCall Lively Mobile

  • Starts at $19.99
  • Multiple ways to wear
  • GPS enabled for location tracking
  • Products replacement plan available
  • Month-to-month, no long-term contracts

Speakerphone Medical Alert Systems – No Base Station Needed

For seniors and their caregivers, having a medical alert gives peace of mind. It’s good to know that if a loved one falls or is having a medical emergency, they can get help.

There are so many medical alerts out there, with different features, that it can be hard to choose. Today we’re going to talk about a feature that we know some readers will find helpful – two-way speakers.

The Difference Between a Two-Way Speaker and a Traditional Medical Alert Pendant

Many medical alert systems, especially in-home systems, have a traditional base station and button setup. The wearer keeps the button on them at all times, and if they fall or feel ill, they press the button for help.

The speaker used to communicate with the medical monitoring center is in the base station itself. In most cases, it’s possible to communicate through this base station even if the wearer is in another room of the house.

Two-way speakers are a bit different. The wearer has a handheld unit with a speaker in it, through which they can communicate with the monitoring center. The unit can usually be worn on a lanyard or wristband, clipped to a belt or carried in a purse.

Although two-way speaker units are a bit bigger than the traditional button pendant, they have a clear benefit: Seniors can talk to someone no matter where they are, so long as their two-way unit is charged and has cell service. This provides extra reassurance for both users and their loved ones.

Keep Help Close At Hand

A unit with a two-way speaker is ideal for more active seniors.

Some units come with a wearable button – seniors can use the device or the button to call for help (two-way communication is still only available through the device.)

Others are all-in-one units, so rather than having a mobile device and a separate button to call for help, everything is included in one piece of kit. Alerting the monitoring center and chatting to someone there can be done from one device, at just the touch of a button.

For seniors who go out and about regularly, this is a straightforward way to stay safe and get help without having to carry a separate unit and button.

For seniors who spend most of their time at home, this can still be super helpful. Seniors who need extra peace of mind benefit from knowing that they can talk to someone by using the device, which is deeply reassuring.

These units can also work for seniors who live in big houses or have large yards and are concerned that a traditional pendant and base station won’t work for them. After all, shouting to be heard through the base station isn’t always practical.

What To Look For When Choosing a Medical Alert With a Two-Way Speaker

There are so many medical alerts on the market these days that choosing can be daunting. Here are some must-haves that will make your decision easier.

  • Straightforward pricing. It should be obvious how much you’ll pay, and what you get for that fee.
  • Comfort. These units tend to be a bit bigger than traditional buttons, so make sure it’s comfortable to wear or carry. Some can be worn as pendants, while others can be clipped to a belt or even worn on a keychain.
  • Water resistant. It’s important to know that the unit can be worn in the bathroom or while out in a rain shower. If you can find one that’s fully waterproof, that’s even better. In some cases, you might find the unit has a separate, waterproof, wearable button, while the main mobile unit is not water safe.
  • No long term contracts. Be sure you won’t be locked into a long term contract
  • Battery life. The longer the battery life the better! A long battery life is more convenient because seniors don’t have to remember to charge the unit as often.

Find out which medical alert system is best for you…

1)Who are you shopping for?

Questions To Ask Before Buying a Senior Medical Alert With a Two-Way Speaker

Before buying a medical alert, we recommend asking:

  • Do I have to pay an equipment or setup fee?
  • Can I cancel my contract at any time?
  • How easy is it to cancel?
  • Will I be penalized for canceling early?
  • How long is the battery life?
  • Can I add fall detection?
  • What is my monthly cost?
  • What happens if the system stops working?
  • What is the typical response time for a call?
  • Which cellular network does it run on?
  • Is it waterproof, or just water resistant?

How We Chose The Providers On This List

We only recommend products that offer good service and a dedicated call center, with no long term contracts. To make this list, each provider must have:

  • Reliable equipment that works as advertised
  • No long term contracts, ever
  • Straightforward pricing with no hidden fees
  • Excellent customer service

Top picks for medical alerts with a two-way speaker

#1. MobileHelp

MobileHelp is a popular medical alert company that offers a range of systems for every need and lifestyle. Their equipment is solid, reliable, and easy to use.

Systems with a two-way speaker: Solo is a mobile device that comes with a two-way speaker in the unit, plus a separate wearable button as well. Duo comes with a mobile device and button, plus a base station. Both offer coverage in and out of the home.
Cellular network: AT&T
What’s included: Solo comes with the mobile device, a wearable button, and a charging cradle. Duo has the device, button and cradle, plus a base station for in the home. The base station also works on the AT&T network, so no landline is required. As of this writing, all orders come with a free lockbox.
Waterproof or water resistant: The wearable and fall detection buttons are waterproof, the mobile device is water resistant.
Add-on features: All users get access to MobileConnect, an online caregivers portal. Caregivers can track device location and usage. Activity tracking is available for those who have a fall detection button, and medication reminders are available for Duo users.
Fall detection: Yes, for $10 monthly. This is worn as a separate button.
Range: Help and fall buttons both work up to 600ft from the base station or 350ft from the mobile device.
Battery: Mobile device battery lasts 24 hours between charges. The base station has a backup battery of 30 hours in case of power outage.
Long term contracts: No
Equipment / set up fee: No
Cost: $37.95 monthly for Solo, and $41.95 monthly for Duo.
What customers are saying:

“I love my MobileHelp. I feel so safe when I have my pendant on.”
“I am very pleased with the MobileHelp system when I have tested the system the operator responded very quickly.”
“I’m 91 and I was having a lot of falls and ended up in the hospital. My granddaughter ordered MobileHelp for me. They respond very well and are right on there. With MobileHelp, I have more freedom than worries.”

Pros: We love that MobileHelp is flexible enough to work in and out of the house. The caregiver portal is a great addition too.
Cons: Having to wear a separate button for fall detection could be annoying.
The Verdict: A reliable device that’s great for in or out of the home. Read our full review of MobileHelp here.

#2. Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is a well known and well liked medical alert company that offers a range of modern, powerful medical alert options for seniors at all stages of life. Everything is designed to be easy to use, whichever system you choose.

Systems with a two-way speaker: Both of Medical Guardian’s mobile units – Mobile Guardian and Active Guardian – have a two-way speaker. Mobile Guardian is a GPS unit with a two-way device and a separate help button too. Active Guardian is a combined GPS and Wi-Fi unit with everything in one device, no need for a separate button.
Cellular network: AT&T
What’s included: Mobile Guardian comes with the device, a button, a charger, and a leather carrying case with belt clip. Active Guardian comes with the unit and a lanyard to wear it on, plus a charger.
Waterproof or water resistant: The Mobile Guardian is neither. However, the Mobile Guardian button is waterproof, and so is the Active Guardian unit.
Add-on features: Customers can buy wall buttons, spare buttons, a car charger, a lockbox, and a protection plan.
Fall detection: Yes, for $10 monthly. For Mobile Guardian, this is a separate button. For Active Guardian, fall detection is activated within the mobile unit.
Range: The Mobile Guardian button works up to 350ft from the device.
Battery: Mobile Guardian lasts 24 hours between charges. Active Guardian lasts an impressive five days!
Long term contracts: No
Equipment / set up fee: No
Cost: $39.95 monthly for Mobile and $49.95 monthly for Active.
What customers are saying:

“Everything went smoothly. I tested out the button one time and I got a response. It’s reassuring to know I have the button. It’s a valuable asset for people who are living alone and have health problems.”
“We’re doing great with Medical Guardian. We really like it. It’s very effective, and it helps us out a lot. I wear the one around my neck, and I don’t even know it’s there. I’ve had to use it twice because I fell and I couldn’t get up. Medical Guardian’s team responded within minutes when I pressed the button.”
“I would definitely recommend Medical Guardian. I absolutely feel like there’s somebody there if I need them.”

Pros: We love that Active has such an impressive battery life and is waterproof too – truly a go-anywhere medical device.
Cons: Both options could be a little costly for some seniors, though the quality is worth the price.
The Verdict: Two excellent and high-quality mobile options that seniors can rely on. Read our full review of Medical Guardian here.

#3. Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical has been around for over 70 years now, and their dedication to customer service is outstanding. We also love that they’re always innovating and looking for new ways to serve their customers.

Systems with a two-way speaker: On The Go is a mobile GPS button with a two-way speaker. Bay Alarm also offers something we haven’t seen anywhere else – a car-specific mobile device. This also has a two-way speaker and is perfect for seniors who are still active enough to drive but need a little backup. It only works in the car though, so we’d recommend purchasing it in addition to On The Go.
Cellular network: AT&T
What’s included: On The Go includes the mobile device, charging cradle, lanyard and a carrying case with belt clip. In The Car comes with the device itself, which is charged in the car.
Waterproof or water resistant: On The Go is water resistant enough to wear in the shower or a rainstorm. In The Car is not watertight.
Add-on features: Customers can also get wall buttons, a lock box, or extra system protection in case of damage. Customers with On The Go can add access to a caregiver tracking portal for $4.95 monthly, too.
Fall detection: Yes, for $10 monthly
Range: Both systems are with you when you need them, as there’s no separate button.
Battery: On The Go lasts up to 72 hours on a single charge. In The Car charges when the car is on, so it’s always ready to use.
Long term contracts: No
Equipment / set up fee: No
Cost: $29.95 monthly for On The Go and $19.95 monthly for In The Car
What customers are saying:

“The Customer Service staff has been pleasant and helpful getting things set up correctly. The alarm personnel has been responsive when testing the unit to make sure it is working properly. I hope to never have an emergency, but feel like this would help.”
“Excellent response time and knowledgeable customer service team.”
“Bay Alarm saves my mom’s life due to the speed and efficiency of their staff. The equipment was easy to connect, and worked well, even with my mom’s poor hearing.”

Pros: There’s so much to love here – integrated button, water resistant, great customer service, affordable, and with amazing battery life.
Cons: It’s hard to find anything we don’t like about Bay Alarm Medical.
The Verdict: Bay Alarm offers everything seniors need to feel safe no matter where they are, backed by amazing customer service. Read our full review of Bay Alarm Medical here.

#4. GreatCall

GreatCall offers a sleek, modern set of medical alert options designed with active seniors in mind. They put a lot of thought into making their systems easy to use wherever you are.

Systems with a two-way speaker: Lively Mobile is a mobile device that gives two-way speaker access wherever you are.
Cellular network: Verizon
What’s included: The device and charging cradle, a magnetic lanyard, and an accessory clip. A specially designed wristband also available.
Waterproof or water resistant: Waterproof – can be submerged for up to 30 minutes.
Add-on features: Users can choose to upgrade to two different packages. Preferred gives access to GreatCall Link, an online caregiver portal that tracks activity and device usage. Users also gain access to UrgentCare, which means they can talk live to a registered nurse or doctor any time day or night. Ultimate includes GreatCall Link and UrgentCare, plus fall detection and a free replacement if the device is lost, stolen or damaged.
Fall detection: Only on the Ultimate package
Range: Goes wherever you go!
Battery: 24 hours per charge.
Long term contracts: No
Equipment / set up fee: Yes – $49.99 initial equipment fee
Cost: $19.99 monthly, or $24.99 monthly for the Preferred package and $34.99 for Ultimate.
What customers are saying:

“The call response speed is incredibly fast and the quality of GreatCall’s Lively Mobile product is unmatched.”
“I have difficulties in walking and I always have to take help for going to wherever it is needed. I have two – one for home and another one when I go out. I got Lively Mobile and I’m so happy because it has helped me at least twice in the last three months.”
“My husband has fallen twice, and before I could get to him. GreatCall was on his beeper asking if he needed medical help. It has been of great comfort to us – no need to press the button, help is right there. I recommend it to anyone, especially someone living alone.”

Pros: Sleek and easy to wear, with amazing added extras, and it works on Verizon which is great if you don’t get great AT&T coverage in your area.
Cons: We’d like to see fall detection as a separate added extra instead of bundled in with the most expensive package.
The Verdict: A great little device, easy to wear in several different ways, and so easy to use. Read our full review of GreatCall here.

A medical alert system with a two-way speaker is perfect for providing extra peace of mind. Seniors know that so long as they have the unit on them, they can talk to someone any time day or night. This is great for caregivers too – even when they can’t be with mom or dad, help is always at hand.