Active Guardian Review

Medical alerts aren’t only for use in the home. In fact, it’s a great idea for more active seniors to have a mobile medical alert. A mobile alert means that no matter where they are or what they’re doing, they can get help when they need it.

For seniors who like to go out and about in their local community, meet with friends, go on trips or enjoy a night out, a mobile medical alert system means they’ve always got support. That means more peace of mind for them, and for their families, too.

Active Guardian is a state-of-the-art mobile alert from Medical Guardian, who provide a range of medical alerts to meet every need. It’s a small device that’s worn around the neck on a lanyard and goes everywhere you go.

Let’s take a closer look.

Who Is Medical Guardian?

Medical Guardian is based out of Philadelphia, PA. Geoff Gross founded the company after his own grandmother fell at home and he realized she needed extra support. Giving seniors the help they need to stay independent is a driving force of the company. In fact, Gross was so committed to the cause that he started right out of his apartment and made every single phone call himself.

How Does Active Guardian Work?

Active Guardian is a lightweight mobile wearable that uses a combination of GPS and WiFi to triangulate the wearer’s position at all times. If a user needs help, all they have to do is press the button on the device and they’re immediately connected to the call center via the two-way speaker.

Call center staff can then assess the situation and send out EMTs, or registered caregivers or family members, as needed.

How Much Does Active Guardian Cost?

Active Guardian starts at $39.95 monthly, plus $10 monthly for fall detection.

Benefits Of Active Guardian

There are plenty of benefits to wearing Active Guardian, including:

  • All-in-one device, no need to wear a separate alert button.
  • A high enough waterproof rating to wear it in the bath or shower. This is unusual for a mobile device, and a definite selling point as the bathroom is the most commonplace for slips and falls.
  • Powerful two-way speaker and large tactile button mean it’s easy to get help.
  • Add automatic fall detection for extra peace of mind – if the device detects a fall, it automatically calls the help center.
  • Lasts up to five days per charge which is notable for a cellular medical alert system.
  • No equipment charges.
  • No long term contracts.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Active Guardian?

Nothing major – this is a good, reliable cellular medical alert. It is slightly higher priced compared to some competition, but the technology and especially the long battery life are worth paying for.

The Bottom Line

Active Guardian has great coverage and is lightweight enough to wear comfortably. We particularly like the fact that it’s truly waterproof and safe to wear in the shower or bath, as that means it’s truly a go-anywhere mobile device that can keep you protected anywhere, anytime. We also love the long battery life – longer than many other mobile devices out there, and it means you don’t need to worry about charging it every day.

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