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As you or your loved ones age, it is imperative to plan for the possibility of accidents, falls, and other potential injuries that can happen at home. Incidents like these can take place at any moment, and without safety measures in place, they can be disastrous for senior citizens. The emergence of medical alert systems has addressed this concern and made seniors everywhere much safer, but the sheer number of options might be overwhelming to anybody surveying the market for the first time. If you happen to be looking at MobileHelp, consider the following FAQs and answers.

Where Can I Buy a MobileHelp Medical Alert System?

MobileHelp makes its system available through its website. This is the primary source for buying MobileHelp products, though you may also buy over the phone. The company does not make the system available through many third-party retailers, so buying directly is typically the best option for getting the system and choosing your subscription.

What Features Makes MobileHelp Unique?

MobileHelp was one of the first medical alert companies established, so its products and systems offer a number of unique benefits that seniors can take advantage of. Perhaps the most notable is its focus on mobile functioning — as the name suggests. While many other alarm systems rely on a home phone connection, MobileHelp utilizes a cellular connection and GPS technology in order to generate alerts when the system is activated. This makes it ideal for customers who are commonly on the go and looking for a transportable security solution.

MobileHelp also offers a fall detection feature that responds to sensors in the device. When sensors indicate that the device’s wearer has fallen, an emergency alert will be triggered, even if the button itself is not pushed. This adds additional level of protection in circumstances where a user may have an accident but be unable to reach his or her device to activate an alert.

How Much Does MobileHelp Cost?

MobileHelp has several plans that offer a range of features to users. Your selection depends primarily on whether you want access to an alert system while you’re on the go. The following is a review of MobileHelp’s membership plans, features, and subscription options:

Membership OptionBilling OptionsFeatures
  • Monthly subscription of $19.95
  • Quarterly subscription of $98.85
  • Semi-annual plan of $179.70
  • Annual plan of $359.40
  • Cellular in-home emergency system
  • No home phone required
  • Two-way communication system
  • Easy-to-use help button
  • Monthly subscription of $37.95
  • Quarterly subscription of $119.85
  • Semi-annual plan of $221.70
  • Annual plan of $443.40
  • Monthly subscription of $395.40
  • Use anywhere with cellular coverage
  • Easily use while traveling and on the go
  • Monthly subscription of $41.95
  • Quarterly subscription of $104.85
  • Semi-annual plan of $197.70
  • Annual plan of $395.40
  • Both cellular and on-the-go alert systems included
  • Installation in seconds
  • No home phone required
  • GPS technology makes alert location simple
Automatic Fall Detection
  • Monthly subscription of $10.00
  • Add to any of the above plans
  • Alert is activated when fall is detected, even if button isn’t pushed
  • Works within 350 feet of mobile device and 600 feet of cellular base

How Do You Use MobileHelp?

MobileHelp is a simple-to-use system that utilizes a cellular connection and GPS technology to generate alerts if an accident takes place. The unique system makes a home phone unnecessary and also allows customers to take their alert systems on the go. How you use the MobileHelp system depends on which plan you select. You can use the most basic MobileHelp system, the Classic, as follows:

  • Install and activate home cellular base
  • Link alert device to cellular base
  • Test system to ensure it is functioning
  • Activate alert in the event of emergency

MobileHelp’s more advanced system, the Solo, functions similarly but has the following steps:

  • Install and activate home cellular base
  • Link mobile and home devices to cellular base
  • Test devices to ensure functionality
  • Activate alert while at home or away if emergency occurs

MobileHelp’s most complete system, the Duo, is unique in its inclusion of a two-way communication system. To use this feature, follow these steps required for the Classic and Solo systems, and then complete the following:

  • Connect devices to intercom device for in-home use
  • Test to ensure it functions properly
  • Activate alert or in-home communication system in case of emergency

Does MobileHelp Require a Contract?

MobileHelp does require a subscription in order to work, but it does not require a long-term contract from customers. You may choose from monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual subscription plans, so how long you commit to MobileHelp is entirely up to you. This makes the system great for customers who would like to try it out for a short period of time before deciding if it is the right option.

It should be noted, though, that the longer you choose to subscribe for, the less expensive your subscription is on average. This incentivizes longer subscriptions, but it can also offer some substantial savings. It is also important to note that MobileHelp does not charge for equipment on many of its systems so long as there is an active subscription, but if you discontinue your subscription, you become liable for the cost of the devices.

Is MobileHelp Right for Me?

With no long-term contracts and a selection of different plans to choose from, MobileHelp is a great option for seniors who want extra security when they are at home or on the go. The company’s reliance on cell connections rather than a home phone makes it easier to install and potentially less expensive, too. If you are considering whether or not MobileHelp is for you, you should review the FAQs above and consider what you are looking for in a medical alert system. If mobile functionality is important to you, and you want a selection of plans to choose from, MobileHelp might be the best option for you or your loved ones.

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