Best Cellular Medical Alert Systems

Cellular (or mobile) medical alert systems are becoming more popular for people looking for a medical alert device to use at home AND while out and about.

Cellular alert systems are not tethered to a landline like traditional in-home devices.  They operate on the same cellular signal that mobile phones do, offering mobility anywhere you would pick up a cell signal.

One common misconception about cellular medical alert systems is that users have to pay an additional fee to a cell phone company, but this is not the case, there are no additional cellular contracts required for these units.

In this updated post, we take a look at the most popular cellular medical alert systems available today.

Cellular Medical Alert Systems – MobileHelp Solo is our Top Pick

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MobileHelp manufactures top-notch medical alert systems as we have written about in other posts. They have been a leader in developing fall detection technology and were one of the first companies to offer a full lineup of cellular options to consumers.

MobileHelp products are fairly priced with consumer-friendly terms and conditions. Keep in mind, all of their products are cellular, no landline needed!

MobileHelp PricingMonthlyQuarterlySemi-AnnualAnnual
$19.95/mo$83.85/3 months$159.70/6 months$324.40/year
$41.95/mo$99.85/3 months$186.70/6 months$393.40/year
Mobile GPS
$37.95/mo$89.85/3 months$172.70/6 months$360.40/year
MobileHelp Smart
Fall Detect Pendant+$10/mo+$10/mo+$10/mo+$10/mo
Call today to get the best deal! 800-915-8738 

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Other Cellular Medical Alert Providers

If you are in the research-phase of adding a cellular medical alert device to your home, we highly recommend the following:

  • Read the Terms and Conditions (T&C's) before purchasing
  • Get T&C's in writing and make sure you fully understand the fine print before you decide to buy
  • Understand the return policies- are there restocking charges? Will you be offered a pro-rated refund?
  • Is your current pricing locked in for life?
  • Long-term contracts may offer better monthly pricing, but ensure that you understand how long the contracts are good for. We do not recommend any contract longer than one year.

We make recommendations based on our own hands-on research and customer feedback (click here to see other reviews of medical alert system providers as well as the comments that follow each article).

With each medical alert system we review, we look closely at the following criteria; transparency of acquisition costs, ease of use (of website), knowledge of customer service personnel, fees, excessive charges, long-term agreements, return policies, and more.

Do you have experience with cellular medical alert systems?  Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Amie, I need some advise on a cell phone with medical alert. I have been with Great Call for years and am really please. The last of last year i call Great Call and told them i had a crack glass on my phone & they say they did not fix, i needed a new phone. I got one of there new phones & none of them are any good. I have had three and all three are no good. I have got to leave Great Call and i would like the mane of a co. that has a good phone & medical alert Please advise. — Thank –C B Lewis —

  2. Do you know of any systems that work off of Sprint. It is the only reliable network in the area where we need it . My daughter is going to college and has cyclic vomiting syndrome that comes on very quickly, usually in the early morning hours, and she can’t communicate to call for ems

    1. Hi Monica, I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter, I have a friend who is also afflicted by cyclic vomiting syndrome and I know how debilitating it can be. We have not identified a good option for medical alert systems on the Sprint network. Would a smartwatch work for her? Most on the market will call 911, and some with the push of a button. There are a few that can operate separately of a cell phone too if that’s needed. Let me know if you need additional info. Best, Amie

  3. I’m trying to find out if the companies in and around Pueblo CO that provide the wireless lifeline services all use the at&t cellular towers? If not who provides the service to which company other than at&t ,and what company uses what towers?

  4. Wondering if there is a system. that allows for someone to push a button and it alerts to a cell phone of a family member and not emergency services. I am looking for something that my mother can push when she needs to get up so we can be alerted that she needs assistance.

  5. That’s interesting that these services operate with cellular providers. That must allow for greater access. I bet there are Voip systems like this, too.

  6. Guess I do not understand the concept of a landline vs cell service. If the customer has a cellular “hotspot” which provides phone service if you plug a landline phone into it, Why wouldn’t any alert system work with that, Isn’t it just like another “phone” that dials out to the service being contracted?

    1. Hi Howard, great question.

      Yes, they all call into a monitored “call center”. Usually the cellular systems and the land-line systems all use the same monitoring call centers. IF a person doesn’t have a land-line, or have a cellular hot-spot, they may want to have a cellular based medical alert system. These essentially work like cellular phones, that connect only when the button is pushed. Hope that helps! AC

  7. Hi Amie, Are you aware of any medical alert systems that work over the Sprint cellular network? My mom lives in an area that is only reliably covered by Sprint. Unusual, but true. Thanks for any feedback.

      1. Many thanks for your quick response, Amie. I checked out the MyShield SOS. It looks like it only operates over the Verizon cellular network. We’re seeking a system that works over the Sprint network. From what I’ve found in my research, the cellular offerings from most of the medical alert providers operate over Verizon or AT&T, with a few of them operating over T-Mobile. It’s frustrating that most everywhere else in our area has excellent service from both Verizon and AT&T, but not the neighborhood in which my mom lives. We can go with a landline solution for her home, but she is highly active; working, taking care of her granddaughter, visiting and helping friends, social and cultural activities, etc. She recently had two somewhat minor strokes, but they see a blockage in the middle cerebral artery so I am very concerned about recurrence. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.

      1. I’m looking for a simple non-monthly fee system that basically links a button to my cell phone via our home wifi system. I don’t need monitoring or cellular connection. Just need an alert for my son so if he becomes sick in the night with his chronic illness, he can alert me. Any ideas?

  8. I’m looking into Medical Alert Systems for my Grandpa. He is very independent, living in a seniors home, he loves going out for walks. However he suffered a stroke several years ago so cannot walk or talk very good, just rides along on a scooter. We had an incident awhile ago where he fell off his scooter and laid on the ground helpless for hours. What system would you recommend for him when he’s out on his scooter?

  9. We provide supplemental staffing to independent living facilities and are looking to provide a localized call alert system to the clients we provide care for. The system would need to contact our caregiver coordinator, which is a local number, and the caregiver could respond to the client. I am not sure which systems operate in this manner. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    1. There are many options to make the connection Philip. I would probably just look at the inexpensive wireless telephone options, that call pre-programmed numbers right from the handset. Or you could go with an option like GreatCall, and have the call center operator notify your caregiver coordinator. Here’s a list of speakerphone medical alert systems, and here is a link to GreatCall.

  10. I’ve been interested in finding a cellular alert system that is effective when I’m away from my home. such as driving from La Crosse WI to Fond du Lac (Approximately 300 miles round trip) or from La Crosse WI to Oklahoma which is 833 miles one way. If this system can accomplish this, I would like more info. I will be 60 this month and my kids are worrying about me living along.

    Thank you

  11. Hi Amie, I just wanted you to be aware of what we created here at . I had worked for a competitor in the Pers/Mpers space and realized that their had to be a better way.


  12. These alert systems are very helpful to seniors. In many houses, seniors have to stay alone and such devices proved beneficial to them. It will send an alert message when the need arises. I purchased a big button mobile device for my mother as it served two main purposes- 1. Used as communication purpose. 2. Serves the purpose of her safety. She can send an alert to me when she urgently needs me and this made me tension free. I purchased it from homecaretechnologies mobile collection.

  13. I have found most medical devices route calls through call centers. I found this company called that directs 911 calls directly to your emergency dispatch rescue center. They offer all of the same systems and basically have only a 10.00 monthly charge for updating medical conditions and medications. It was awesome service with no contract. I switched from LifeAlert and am very happy and saving ALOT of money. Has anyone heard of this…if not check it out. Christine

  14. I’m pretty new to researching all the different med alert options — so I just want to confirm : none of the cell-based medical alert pendants have auto-fall detection yet, right?

    1. Hi Elizabeth, We’re not aware of any mobile products that have fall detection systems in good working order. There are 2 coming on the market this fall (one from mobilehelp and one from philips) but we haven’t seen anything that we’d trust as yet. There are some claims out there in the marketplace, but not sure we’d fully trust the technology on the players that claim to have it. We’re pretty skeptical, but also optimistic that competition will make this space better and better!

      If you’re looking for a mobile option see our (above) list of mobile medical alert providers and recommendations.

      Best! A

      1. Thanks, Amie!
        I appreciate the clarification. We just ordered the philips product with auto fall detection – seemed like the best option for our family member’s particular situation. Can’t wait for the new products with both mobile service and auto fall detection!

          1. Be very certain that you understand how the fall detect system works. Mine is using AT&T and coverage which is spotty in my area. Also be certain that yu know what a FALL is! It’s an effective system if you know how to use it correctly. I’m sure that the seller will be happy to explain it. It doesn’t replace a human. I’m certain THAT will come later.

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