New Medical Alert Systems Launch at CES 2018

Back in September of 2014, The Senior List® published an article predicting the future of new medical alert systems as we looked into our crystal ball. It was then that we predicted that the next best medical alert system would be a smart watch device. Behold a new dawn is here, and what do you know… We were exactly right!

CES 2018 in Las Vegas Nevada
CES 2018 – Las Vegas Jan 9-12

In the fall of 2017, The Senior List attended the PERS (personal emergency response system) Summit in Park City Utah. It's an excellent industry event hosted by AvantGuard Monitoring. While in Utah, we were begging the industry gadget gurus to get out of the dark ages, and modernize the product line-up.


In fact, I remember distinctly telling a number of medical alert providers that “innovation was happening right now under their very noses.”  If they didn't push for new and better devices, new players would come and take this market away… They could be dinosaurs in no-time.

Apple Watch New Medical Alert Systems
2014 prediction: The future of Medical Alert Systems

The market was inevitably going to move to smaller (mobile) form factors, that didn't intrude on people's lives. The future was going to eliminate the stigma of the old “I've fallen and I can't get up” pendants, and move-on to the “I'm protected, but you wouldn't know it by looking at me” watches.

Consumers should be happy to know that a number of medical alert companies are debuting their new wearables at CES 2018 in Las Vegas this week.  Since The Senior List (media group) is covering CES this year, we're happy to report that three current medical alert companies are launching new wearable medical alert devices in a smartwatch form factor.

Here's a look at the new Medical Guardian “Freedom Guardian”, a great looking watch that includes round-the-clock monitoring. Here's what Medical Guardian says about the new Freedom Guardian wearable;  “The Freedom Guardian is a discrete, customizable watch designed to blend in while providing round the clock monitoring, support and connectivity.”

Freedom Guardian from Medical Guardian Medical Alert Systems
Freedom Guardian from Medical Guardian

ADT has also launched a new PERS (personal emergency response system) device which comes inside the sleek Gear 2 and 3 watches from Samsung. ADT says; “Gone is the stigma from pendants and wristbands, users can proudly wear their PERS device with confidence, knowing that help is a simple tap away to a live two-way voice assistance with a specially-trained ADT agent directly from the watch’s speaker.”

ADT medical alert go app 2018
ADT Medical Alert Go App

In addition to the ADT Health smartwatch product, they're also launching a medical alert app called ADT Go.

Finally, another leader in medical alert technology – MobileHelp has launched a new platform built on the beautiful smartwatch from Samsung.  This gorgeous watch also comes with built-in medical alert technology.

Here's what MobileHelp has to say about their new medical alert watch: MobileHelp Smart, the new solution delivers the company's customized user interface to make it easy for anyone wearing the device to get help in an emergency situation. It also allows the user to take advantage of existing Samsung Health fitness-monitoring features available on the Gear S3.”

MobileHelp Smart Watch Alert System
MobileHelp Smart at CES 2018- via PRNewswire

These are exciting times for companies like The Senior List, and for innovative medical alert system providers. Over the years we've reported on the medical alert system marketplace, and tried to advocate for more transparency and greater protection for consumers purchasing medical alert systems.

For consumers looking for the best medical alert companies in the USA and Canada, The Senior List publishes our popular List of Recommended Medical Alert Systems. These are the best-of-the-best medical alert companies in North America. In fact, the companies on our recommended list are the ONLY COMPANIES that we recommend to friends and family members.

We'll expand on these stories and more, as we continue to report from the grand ballrooms of CES 2018!


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