Best Medical Alert Systems for Women in 2023

When it comes to medical alert systems, no one wants to wear a clunky piece of hardware, and this is especially true for women. Let’s take a look at the most stylish and easy-to-wear medical alert devices for this demographic.
The best medical alert systems for women are stylish and discreet.
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One of the biggest barriers for seniors who are considering a medical alert device –– or whose caregivers have floated the idea –– is the way they look. Few people are fond of the help button designs and their obvious appearance as medical assistive devices. We’ve found this is a particular concern for women.

Getting older doesn’t mean we suddenly stop caring about our appearance. Seniors understandably don’t want to wear a medical alert that looks ugly. Older adults are also wary of a medical alert that looks obvious because they don’t want to draw attention to the fact that they’re wearing it. Luckily, some of the best medical alert companies have started to address this issue.

In this rundown, I’ll take a look at three different medical alert providers, all of which offer either discreet or even beautiful help buttons, allowing the aesthetically-minded among us to remain safe without sacrificing their appearance.

Best Medical Alert Systems for Women

How We Chose the Best Medical Alert Systems for Women

Companies Evaluated 22
Hours of Research 80+
Hours of Product Testing 100+
Ranking Criteria 5
Finalists Chosen 3

Naturally, not all women have the same needs in medical alert systems; however, in my experience, I’ve seen that women are especially hesitant about the clinical appearance of medical alert devices.

Here’s what we looked for in the best medical alert systems for women:

My Favorite Medical Alert Systems for Women

1. Bay Alarm Medical - Affordable Charms

Bay Alarm Medical
4.8 / 5
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Call for best price:
What We Like Most:
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Optional fall detection
  • Location tracking on mobile units
  • Systems starting at $24.95 per month


Bay Alarm Medical has a strong reputation for excellent customer service and high-quality equipment. They have options for at home, on the go, and even for your car. Additionally, you can bundle systems to stay safe day and night, wherever you are. Check out our full review of Bay Alarm Medical.

Similar to Medical Guardian, Bay Alarm also offers a medical alert smartwatch, their SOS Smartwatch. For both men and women, this is a great way for people to keep help on hand without lugging around unattractive equipment.

For women, in particular, Bay Alarm offers stylish Bella Charms. Unlike the jewelry pendants from Medical Guardian, these charms clip right onto an existing help button, instantly enhancing its clinical appearance with a fun design. These charms can work with pendant help buttons (excluding fall detection pendants), and they cost a one-time fee of $25. You can also purchase a four-pack of these charms, making it easy to switch them up and coordinate with your outfits.

Bay Alarm Medical Medical Alert systems for women
Bay Alarm Medical Necklace

To learn more about this company, read our breakdown of Bay Alarm Medical prices.

  • One-time $35 fee for additional help buttons
  • $15 per month for additional fall buttons
  • 1,000-foot in-home range
  • Two U.S.-based monitoring centers
  • 32-hour in-home backup battery
  • Water-resistant devices
  • Equipment fees for some systems
  • Extra cost for fall detection

2. Medical Guardian - Watch and Pendant Options

Medical Guardian Logo
4.9 / 5
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Call for best price:
What We Like Most:
  • No long-term contracts
  • Quick response times
  • Fall detection available
  • 24/7 U.S. based monitoring


Medical Guardian offers one of the most impressive ranges of equipment we’ve seen. From indoor to outdoor, GPS, and even Wi-Fi, Medical Guardian truly has something for everyone. I also think that ladies will particularly appreciate the MGMove Watch (formerly Freedom Guardian). This medical alert-enabled watch is easy to wear, and it looks just like any other smartwatch, so it’s very unobtrusive.

Additionally, with their in-home systems, Medical Guardian offers jewelry pendants. These stylish devices substitute for your medical alert pendants. Available in black, turquoise, and pearl colors, they can suit any taste, and they’re the perfect solution for those who are bashful about wearing a medical alert device.

The MGMove smartwatch starts at $44.95 per month, and the jewelry pendants pair with an existing system and cost an extra $2.99 per month. If Medical Guardian sounds right for you, be sure to check out my rundown of rundown of Medical Guardian prices.

Additionally, be sure to check out my Medical Guardian review.

  • All-in-one mobile system
  • Landline and cellular options
  • Smartwatch option
  • Accurate location tracking
  • Fall detection available on most systems
  • No long-term contracts
  • Free month of service on annual subscriptions
  • Up to seven-day mobile battery life
  • Occasional false alarms with fall detection
  • Limited activity monitoring

3. LifeFone - Most Stylish Pendants

4.2 / 5
See Pricing
Call for best price:
What We Like Most:
  • Free Spouse Coverage
  • Price Lock Lifetime Guarantee
  • 1,300 ft. In-Home Range
  • $5 Fall Detection


LifeFone is another standard bearer of the medical alert community, with years of their systems exceeding my expectations. LifeFone offers a range of options to suit different needs, and their landline system actually travels with you. Simply take it to your new location (perfect for vacations within the United States) and plug it in when you get there.

LifeFone Wristband
LifeFone Wristband

In terms of discreet devices, LifeFone offers wristband options for their help buttons, in addition to vanity pendants, which can work with LifeFone’s systems. A vanity pendant, when substituted for the standard help button, functions exactly the same, but it boasts a more attractive design, similar to that of a nice piece of jewelry. These pendants have a one-time fee of $71.95.

To learn more about this company, read my full LifeFone review.

  • Landline and cellular options
  • One-time fee for extra help buttons
  • Price-Lock Lifetime Guarantee
  • Most Affordable Fall Detection
  • 1,300 ft. Range for In-Home Systems
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • In-House Monitoring Center
  • Occasional risk of false alarms with fall detection
  • Larger pendant size

The Importance of Wearing a Medical Alert

Seniors might have a preconceived idea of what a medical alert looks like, which is clunky and unattractive. “Grace and Frankie” fans may remember the episode in which Frankie insisted she didn’t want to wear a medical alert because she didn’t want to feel old. However, she needed the alert in the end, so it’s a good thing she decided to keep it with her.

Many of you or your loved ones may sympathize with Frankie’s feelings! Medical alerts can be emotionally charged, especially for women. After all, no one wants to wear something that makes them feel old or frail. Many seniors tell themselves they’re not ready for an alert button quite yet.

One easy solution for many women is to opt for a wrist option. Most standard medical alert buttons can be worn on the wrist instead of around the neck. They might be a little bulkier than a standard watch but are still wearable. Some companies even offer a smartwatch option, which is fantastic since they don’t look anything like a medical alert.

Pro Tip: We’ve tested out dozens of medical alert systems to come up with our list of the best medical alert bracelets.

Another option is to check if the pendant is small enough to tuck inside clothing, or otherwise unobtrusive enough to wear without feeling self-conscious.

We understand how hard it can be to choose a medical alert. No one wants to wear something ugly or obvious. These companies offer easy-to-wear buttons that don’t stand out too much, while still keeping senior women safe no matter where they are.

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