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*Updated 04/5/2018

As we get older, the risk of slips, trips and falls increases. That's why we recommend investing in only the best medical alert systems.

Peace of mind for you and your family

A slip or fall is stressful for you and your loved ones. A medical alert system gives you reassurance that if you need help, it will be there. Your family and loved ones can rest easier knowing that you can get help if something happens.

We can help you choose the best medical alert system

Several years ago, we published a very popular post listing the best medical alert systems. We walked you through the list, providing honest reviews that gave you the pros and cons straight up with no bias.

The medical alert industry is constantly changing. These days, you can get alert options that are cellular, work on mobile devices, or even a smartphone app. Companies have come and gone and new, innovative companies are entering the market.


That's why we've refreshed our list to provide you with the best and most current information about medical alert systems. We know how important it is to find the system that best fits your needs and gives you the peace of mind.

Read on to find out our top picks along with honest reviews of each system. If you'd like to know more about what we look for when recommending an alert device, you can read all about it in our medical alert system overview.

Let's take a look and find out which medical alert system is right for you.

List of the Best Medical Alert Systems- Top Picks

MobileHelp is the top pick for medical alert systems.
New medical alert systems have been added to our recommended list.

MobileHelp has the best equipment on the market today.  MobileHelp offers a cellular in-home alert system, a mobile option, and a pendant with fall detection. Their mobile option is truly mobile – it connects to the AT&T network so it can be used anywhere with cell service.  Mobile Help will refund prepaid money if you cancel your service (not all companies do this). MobileHelp prices start at $29.95 monthly for the in-home unit. You can read our most recent review of MobileHelp here.

Pros: Go-anywhere device and excellent refund policy, no landline required, two pendants included, most others only include one.
Cons: A little higher priced, but you can't beat the quality of the equipment and customer service.
Fall detection: Yes
Mobile option: Yes
Cost: Starts at $29.95 monthly
Long-term contracts: No
Phone: 1-800-915-8738
Our verdict: The most comprehensive medical alert system we have seen to date with options for both in-home and mobile users.

#2 Bay Alarm Medical | Top Pick!

Senior List Approved Medical Alert SystemsA quick look at the customer testimonials and reviews for Bay Alarm Medical tells you why they're so popular! They offer a choice of a traditional medical alert system that works with or without a home telephone line, or a mobile GPS device if you don't want to be tethered to a mobile base station. What really makes Bay Alarm stand out though is their fantastic customer support. Add in the fact that you don't have to sign up for a long term contract, and it's clear why Bay Alarm Medical is one of our top picks. You can read our review of Bay Alarm Medical here.

Pros: Great range of options backed by excellent customer service
Cons: None – we highly recommend Bay Alarm Medical
Fall detection: Yes
Mobile option: Yes
Cost: Starts at $19.95 per month (Wow!)
Long-term contracts: No
Phone: 1-844-284-7976
Our verdict: 
A system you can rely on for true peace of mind, backed by excellent customer support.


#3 Medical Guardian | Top Pick!

Senior List Approved Medical Alert Systems

Medical Guardian is a reliable option which we definitely recommend. You can choose from a traditional device, or a cellular one if you want to stay protected on the go. Medical Guardian also offers optional fall detection. No long term contracts, easy to install. Excellent range on the in-home system (1300 feet). We also like the sleek, updated hardware that may be easier to convince a loved one to wear. Prices start at $29.95 monthly. Read our review of Medical Guardian here.

Pros: No fee to purchase equipment, choose from traditional or mobile options
Cons: None that we can see, though there are a few less expensive monthly contracts out there
Fall detection: Yes
Mobile option: Yes
Cost: Starts at $29.95 per month
Long-term contracts: No
Phone: 1-800-311-6165
Our verdict: A good reliable option, excellent customer service.


#4 QMedic | Top Pick!

Senior List Approved Medical Alert Systems

New medical alert systems have been added to our recommended list.QMedic is a unique “smart” medical alert system that packs a plethora of features into a small waterproof wristband or pendant (your choice depending on how you want to wear it).  With the option of a cellular or landline base station, your home is covered regardless of your landline status. The base station has an impressive 1,000ft radius, much larger than many systems we review. Beyond offering a dependable medical alert button, QMedic also features activity alerts to detect deviations in sleep and activity patterns.  You also have the choice of using the monitoring center or customizing alerts to go directly to a family member or caregiver.  You can read our most recent review of QMedic here.

Pros: Choice of pendant or wristband, completely waterproof, two year battery life. Excellent base station range around home, choice of landline or cellular base station. Activity alerts to detect deviations in sleep and activity patterns, choice of monitoring center or caregiver notifications.
Cons: No GPS option for out of the home (in home unit only).
Fall detection: No (but working on developing this feature)
Mobile option: No (in home unit only, but base station does not require a landline)
Cost: $25 monthly for an annual plan, $30 monthly for a month-to-month plan
Long-term contracts: No
Phone: 1-877-740-5243
Our verdict: Best choice for smart medical alert that includes activity tracking and option for caregiver notifications.

#5 LifeStation | Top Pick!

New medical alert systems have been added to our recommended list.

Recommended Medical Alert SystemsLifeStation offers traditional medical alert system options as well as a new mobile (cellular) emergency button which calls 911 in case of an emergency. Pricing starts at $25.95 per month and there are no long-term contracts.  LifeStation also offers a rare 30-day money back guarantee, regardless of the monthly payment option selected.  The mobile unit will hold a charge for up to 5 days! Setup is simple and call center staff are certified. Read the full review of LifeStation here.

Pros: Well trained call center staff, easy-to-use reliable equipment, 30-day money back guarantee, long battery life on mobile unit.
Cons: Must call for pricing, not all options listed on website.
Fall detection: Yes
Mobile option: Yes
Cost: Starts at $25.95 per month
Long-term contracts: No
Phone: 855-727-6797
Our verdict: Long-standing med alert company since 1977. We like seeing the much improved customer service and simplified cancellation policies.

#6 ResponseNow | Top Pick!

Senior List Approved Medical Alert Systems

We really like ResponseNow (you can read the ResponseNow review here). The company offers in-home and mobile options, including our personal favorite, their mobile device Belle. Belle has a battery life of 30 days, is waterproof and can be used anywhere that's covered by the AT&T network. We also like their range of traditional in-home devices, and we love their excellent customer service.

Pros: Excellent mobile service and great customer service
Cons: Fall detection costs extra
Fall detection: Yes
Mobile option: Yes
Cost: Starts at $24.95 monthly – Use the code “Senior List” to receive a free month of service
Long-term contracts: No
Phone: 888-725-8650
Our verdict: Great quality backed by excellent customer service.

#7 RescueTouch | Top Pick! New medical alert systems have been added to our recommended list.

Senior List Approved Medical Alert Systems

RescueTouch provides cellular medical alerts that are a unique-looking (aka not “medical device” aesthetics) alternative to the cellular alert system options. The personal alert device can be programmed to call anyone a user chooses, eliminating the middleman call centers if desired.  RescueTouch uses the AT&T cellular network and will send text alerts for exact location, speed, altitude, and geo-fence alerts if requested.  The device has a 4-5 day battery life up to one month, depending on usage. Read the full review of RescueTouch here.

Pros: Affordable, modern cellular unit, not dependent on call center. Tiered pricing depending on needs, two-way speakerphone, no contracts, no cancellation fees, no early termination fees.
Cons: Mobile cellular unit only, no landline option (which isn't necessarily a bad thing).
Fall detection: Yes
Mobile option: Yes (only option)
Cost: Starts at $19 monthly – Use the code “seniorlist” to receive a free month of service
Long-term contracts: No
Phone: 800-209-3815
Our verdict: Top choice for cellular medical alert system that is not dependent on call center.

Highly Recommended Medical Alert Options

Alert1 Medical Alert Systems

Alert1 has come a long way since the first Alert1 review back in 2011 (2015 Alert1 review here). They've made a couple of promising additions to their range, including a pendant with automatic fall detection, and a small mobile emergency response button called the Kelsi. You can also purchase a traditional pendant style alert if that's what you prefer. The Alert1 offers a US-based emergency response center and prices start at a reasonable $19.99 per month. No termination fee, but you will forfeit pre-paid services if you cancel. Highly recommended.

Pros: Range of services, and the mobile option has a longer battery life than most competitors
Cons: None that we can see – this is a well established and trustworthy provider
Fall detection: Yes
Mobile option: Yes
Cost: Starts at $19.99 per month (Wow!)
Long-term contracts: No
Our verdict: A reasonably priced and reliable system from a trusted provider.



We really like LifeFone's range of products. If you're looking for a traditional landline based system, they've got that. On the other hand, they also have equally high quality cellular options. If you're worried about staying safe when up and about, you'll like their pendant with fall detection. Prices start at $24.95 monthly, and there are no long-term contracts. Highly recommended.

Pros: Good range of services, covers U.S. and Canada
Cons: None that we can see
Fall detection: Yes
Mobile option: Yes
Cost: Starts at $24.95 monthly
Long-term contracts: No
Our verdict: A nice range of products, so you can find the one that suits your situation best.


Numactive is our top choice for Canadian medical alert systems.  Numactive carries several options for in the home and cellular medical alerts. We especially like the Numactive Alert Freedom, the cellular option that also offers GPS location and fall detection all in a small, lightweight pendant or belt clip.  Numactive has a friendly in-house call center that is never outsourced. Numactive also covers the U.S. and purchases made from the lower 48 will be getting more bang for their buck with currency exchange rates. Read the full review of Numactive here.

Pros: Quality equipment, excellent customer service, flexible pricing terms
Cons: Installation fee for some lower-tier pricing plans
Fall detection: Yes
Mobile option: Yes
Cost: Starts at $29.99 monthly – Use the code “seniorlist” to receive a free month of service
Long-term contracts: No
Phone: 1-800-265-5317
Our verdict: Top choice for Canadian medical alert systems, great deal for U.S. customers.

Other Medical Alert Systems to be aware of

Connect America

If you check out an older review of Connect America and scroll down to the comments, you will see multiple complaints.  Connect America has been providing medical alert systems for many years, and have recently extended their range to include a mobile option. Prices start at $27.49 a month with a yearly commitment.

Pros: Straightforward, no frills service
Cons: May not be as reliable as some more well-trusted providers. A recent web search suggests that Connect America has rebranded their information to the website
Fall detection: Available on some products
Mobile option: Yes
Cost: Starts at $29.95 monthly
Long-term contracts: No
Website: and
Our verdict: A basic no-frills provider, concerns about refund policies.

Costco MobileAlert

Update- Costco now offers Medical Guardian instead of Connect America. See our review of Medical Guardian above.

GreatCall Splash

The GreatCall Splash medical alert system has been replaced by the GreatCall Lively (see above).  This is the same company that sells the (very senior friendly) Jitterbug Smart and Flip phones.  We've personally used the GreatCall 5Star which is the prior model to the Splash.

Life Alert

You probably already know Life Alert. Yes, they're the ones behind the iconic (and heart wrenching) “I've fallen and I can't get up” commercials. Life Alert is a trusted household name that has been offering medical alert systems for three decades. This is a traditional in-home system, with prices starting at $29.95. Do be careful though – they like to lock you into long term contracts.

Pros: Trusted name, fast and professional response service
Cons: Long term contracts
Fall detection: No
Mobile option: Yes
Cost: Starts at $49.95 monthly (Also a one-time set up fee of $96-$198 depending on service)
Long-term contracts: Yes
Our verdict: A reliable and trusted name, but we're not a fan of the long term contracts

Lively Mobile

Lively has been purchased by GreatCall – we're hoping that won't affect their service,  Lively Mobile is a cellular, waterproof medical alert button with optional fall detection. The 24 hour battery life means you can use it all day without worrying.  Lively Mobile is easy to setup family alerts can be customized.  You can read our most recent Lively Mobile review here. Prices start at $19.99 monthly.

Pros: Affordable, reliable and easy to set up
Cons: Needs to be charged every day and fall detection costs extra, too large to be worn on small wrists
Fall detection: Yes
Mobile option: Yes, it's a mobile-based system
Cost: $37.49 equipment purchase plus monthly plans which start at $19.99 monthly
Long-term contracts: No
Our verdict: Easy to setup and robust, this is an alert system with a low monthly cost.

LogicMark Freedom Alert

If something happens, you need to call for help. The LogicMark Freedom Alert makes that easy to do. This tiny device conceals a state of the art 2-way voice system that can call up to 4 pre-programmed telephone numbers (plus 911). The Freedom Alert costs $169.42 up front, but once it's yours you don't have to pay any monthly fees.

Pros: Tiny easy to carry unit and nothing to pay after the initial outlay for the equipment
Cons: Needs to be plugged into a landline, no fall detection
Fall detection: No
Mobile option: No, but unit has a range of 600 feet and can be moved to a different phone jack if traveling
Cost: $169.42 initially with no ongoing costs or monthly monitoring fees
Long-term contracts: No
Our verdict: Tiny enough to fit into the palm of your hand or on a lanyard and convenient to use anywhere.

Philips Lifeline

If you're looking for a range of medical alert options to choose from, check out Philips Lifeline. As well as a traditional system, Philips Lifeline offers a GPS mobile option (called GoSafe) and their own smartphone app (the Response App). Philips has been around a while now and they're well-regarded. Their history of good customer service is reassuring, and all their call centers are USA-based. You can read our review of Philips Lifeline here.

Pros: A trusted provider that offers a good range of services and a long battery life on all devices
Cons: A little pricier than some options
Fall detection: Yes
Mobile option: Yes
Cost: Starts at $29.95 monthly
Long-term contracts: No
Our verdict: A trustworthy name that offers a range of solutions


ResponseLINK offers products with the same form factors and functions as their sister company, Alert1.  Prices start at $29.95.

Verizon SureResponse

The Verizon SureResponse was discontinued in November 2016.

VRI Medical Alert

The VRI medical alert system appears to no longer be available for direct purchase and focused now on dealers only.

Have you used any of the medical alert systems on this list? What did you think? We'd love to hear about your experiences, good or bad. If we hear a lot of positive feedback about a provider, we'll consider adding them to the list (after we do our own research) – and if we hear negative complaints, we may opt to remove them.

Go ahead and let us know if you don't recommend a system and why – and let us know about the ones you love too so others can find them.

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  1. Hi. Looking into this for my parents. My father (currently) needs occasional help to get up – out of bed, off of the toilet, etc). She isn’t strong enough to do it herself. Do any of these types of services offer call in help? It seems they are all direct to emergency services. Full time live in help is too costly and help needed only once or twice a day, if that. Thanks for your help.
  2. I don’t have any serious medical conditions, but I live alone and can sometimes go several days without being in contact with anyone. I suppose something could happen to me that wouldn’t set off any alarms on a device. I now have Great Call with a daily check-in service, and if I would ever not respond, they would notify someone. If everything works as it should, I would never go longer than 24 hours without them knowing and alerting my contact person. But lately I have been having problems with both their service and my phone. Is there any other company that offers some kind of check-in service?
  3. Useful information. Lucky me I found your web site by accident, and I am surprised why this accident did not happened earlier! I bookmarked it.
  4. Hi, Senior List – do you have any information about Helpbutton? In appearance it is identical to ResponseNow… except their pricing is dramatically lower.
    1. Hi Greg! We don’t know anything about the company Help Button . com and their identity is shielded on a domain whois lookup. That creates some red flags for us (regarding transparency, etc.). For example, how do you they will protect your financial information? How secure is your privacy information? What happens if you have a customer service issue? The LIST goes on and on.

      That said, the equipment does look like the same semi-branded (Belle) equipment that ResponseNow uses, and the company might be legit… I just wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending a company I haven’t personally met with, or work with on a routine basis. Our best advice is to pick a medical alert provider from our “Recommended List of Medical Alert Companies“. These are the companies that we trust, and the companies we’re comfortable referring consumers to.

    2. Do you have any system that is covered by Medicare. I am 79 years old and have Dementia. I receive $600 .00 a month in social security. Please reply.
  5. Thanks for the great article! Very informative overall including the comments. I’m searching for a quality medical alert system for my mother with the following attributes. What company do you recommend? – Calls a call center – Waterproof pendants – 2 way communication pendants – Fall detection – Radius of up to 150 feet. – Connects to a landline (because my understanding is that it’s less expensive than a cellular system…and my mom doesn’t need a pendant beyond the house and backyard). Thanks so much!
  6. Our mother has had numerous falls. She is quite ill but truly a strong woman. We have been researching many different options and were pleased to find these reviews on Seniorlist. First call was to Life Alert. The initial call was pleasant enough & informative. The 36 month contract was unacceptable. When I received a call back the CSR was beyond rude & unkind. I was telling him I do not even have a 36 month contract with my phone. He then stated “Well I hope you care more about your mother than your phone” That is when I said ,this is when I say goodbye and hung up on him. We are calling these companies because we care about our loved ones. Contracts aren’t necessary. I believe with these reviews we will find a good fit for our mom and the peace of mind that comes with helping our aging parents. Thank you for the links and the help.
    1. Hi Jennifer, I’m so sorry to hear how you were treated by Life Alert, that’s no way to treat anyone, especially family members and seniors. Sadly, our secret shopper had a similar experience. And yes, I agree, 36 months is absolutely unacceptable! Please let us know what you decide and any feedback you have about the company you choose. Best, Amie

  7. I need a medical alert system for my mother who lives alone without internet. She has a landline and a cell phone (not smartphone). Need for her to activate if she is unable to get to her phone(s). What options do I have?
    1. Hi Rosemarie, It sounds like you are looking for a traditional medical alert system that utilizes a landline connection. Any of our top recommendations will have great options for you. Let me know if you have specific questions that aren’t answered above in the recommended list. Best, Amie

  8. I contacted Medical Guardian in December as my mom was considering a medical alert system and wanted information from a few companies. The lady who answered the phone was very informative, which I appreciated. At this time, my mother is still on the fence about whether to get a medical alert system or not, and if she does, which one she wants to go with. In the meantime, employees from Medical Guardian call me at home at least twice a week to get me to sign up. I’ve asked them more than once to stop calling me, and I’ve told them that if/when I am interested, I will call THEM. They continue to call. I will probably need to follow up with a letter asking them to cease and desist. Very annoying. While I appreciate that the company may be prompt about calling people, and they may be very highly rated in general, their sales tactics have totally turned us off, and we are no longer considering them as a medical alert provider.
  9. Have you evaluated the Prime Medical Alert mobile system Nextalert. I need a mobile system with a long battery life 30 to 60 days. I tried Great Call Lively. The every 24 hour recharge is stupid.
  10. VRI DOES offer private pay with no long term contracts. They are not strictly dealer only. It’s a monthly rental that anyone can sign up for.
  11. Is anyone is familiar with Critical Signal Technologies? My mother had a mobile device with fall detection from them in the spring. It was provided to her through a home health agency for 60 days. After the trial she opted to send it back. Now, she is in need of an alert button. This particular device is not listed as a choice on this website. Just trying to get as much info as we can before we make our final decision. Thanks
    1. I’m not aware of them Tina (they might be just fine). Our List is meant to save our community (consumers) heartache. Our recommendations on medical alerts are based on our experience working with a select best-of-the-best. You could go at it alone and guess… but why take a chance? If you use our List – Tell them The Senior List sent you (when ordering). You’ll be glad you did. Also for another tip – Search our site for the top 10 questions to ask before buying a Medical Alert System.
  12. Faced with the challenging situation of our loved one being unable to speak, the usual medical alert system of pressing a button to speak with an operator would not work for us. Due to Lyme’s Disease and ALS our family member has lost the ability to talk and she has very limited mobility. We didn’t want an alert button that notified emergency services or health care workers because we (her family) are capable of helping her. We searched for a wristband alert system that could notify family members via text message as soon as she presses the button and QMedic came through for us! We had found out about QMedic on The Senior List and contacted them with our specific request and they were able to program their system to send text messages simultaneously to the cell phones of three nearby family members. Since I receive texts on my smart watch (Fitbit) from my phone, when she presses the alert button on her wearable wristband, a notification message shows up on my watch only seconds later! The QMedic system has already worked for us exactly the way that we need it to, and we are so thankful for this high tech system that we trust to alert us whenever she needs assistance. If you have a loved one who has the additional challenge of not being able to speak well, I recommend contacting them.
  13. Are there any medical alert systems where the person can hear and speak directly into the pendant or wristband? I have not been able to find one and am concerned that my mother may be in the basement and the base unit could be on the 2nd fl. She would not be able to hear or speak to anyone. I understand it is not necessary since the monitoring station will contact help anyway but it would be great to give her the option of speaking first.
    1. Hi Laura- One of the systems I like for this exact reason is RescueTouch- see my review here- Not only is there a speaker in the pendant, but you can also program it to contact you first if she needs something. Hope this helps! Best, Amie

  14. Hi Amie Well I did purchase the SkyAngel911FD from a company called Assistivetechnologyservices for $99 with only the “911” option. . After much consideration I decided at the same time to also purchase an extra cost option which allows contact with three others and acts like a cell phone that you can communicate with them. You have an actual cell phone number on the Sprint network. The communication part of the unit worked good. However I was not happy with the “fall detection”. After several attempts by the company to increase the sensitivity, I decided to return the item a week or so after purchase. Then came the big surprise ! Several days after the customer service people had agreed and sent me an return “RMA” communication, they re-contacted me, and advised me that unknown to them, the company policy was that if you purchased the “cell phone” option , there was no refunds for the equipment. Consequently I am left with the $99 pendant which does not seem to work reliably for the “fall detection” which is why I wanted it in the first place. Many others make pendants that you have to press the button yourself, and for less money. I am only relaying this information for others edification. Thanks for your website.
    1. Thank you for the information Michael. I hope this provides insight to others that are considering purchasing a medical alert system like this one.

  15. Whenever I am away from home there is always someone around if I have a medical emergency. I am alone at home with no relatives or friends around to be aware if I have a problem. I feel just a “fall detector” is what I would like. If I am conscious I can use a phone. If I am unconscious is when I need help. I have found a product called SkyAngel 911 GPS Tracker with fall detection . You simply purchase the product for around $200 and there is no further cost. You can press the button yourself, or if unable to push and you fall, it automatically calls 911. Unfortunately I cannot find any independent reviews of this product. Might you know about it or can anyone assist me in finding further . Thank you
    1. Hi Michael, I am not familiar with this product, but was able to find it online at Amazon for $160- I see that it’s not water resistant, so should not be used in the shower and of course, cell coverage is required. If you end up purchasing it, will you let us know what you think?

      1. Thanks Amie. Sorry I hadn’t seen your reply till tonight. If you Google “Skyangel911FD” you will find the link to the retailer “Anactivelife” I am a senior and don’t know how to copy and paste the whole big long long link but the Google works good. Anyway that one IS waterproof and is on sale there for $199. I am never anywhere there is not cell service. It uses only 911 so any carrier anywhere must forward the call. I still value your opinion, so if you could advise me if you know anything about the company selling it at least, $200 is a lot for me and I hate to buy something no one has heard of from a company I can’t seem to find any information about. Thank you for you time Michael
  16. Everyone needs to be careful when ordering a medical alert. My half blind 92 year old mother accepted an offer from Adler medical alert. She signed a contract for 60 months that they say can not be canceled without paying 90% of the contract. Does anyone know how to get out of these contracts?
    1. Ken, I’m so sorry to hear that. This is the reason we began shining a spotlight on this industry almost a decade ago. Today, The Senior List partners with a select few Medical Alert Companies – Those with the best product, best service, best terms/conditions, and those with integrity.

      We started looking into Alder Medical Alert after receiving your message. We’ll do an investigation on our end and if there’s anything we can do to help, we’ll be in touch.

  17. I’ve looked at Medical Guardian because it has been recommended frequently during my research. Do you know that neither the pendant nor the wrist band help button is waterproof? Both are only water-resistant according to their website. Does anyone have experience with this company? Most all that I’ve come across are 100% waterproof so the user NEVER takes it off – especially while bathing or showering. Getting in & out of a shower or tub is probably the most risky activity of all.
    1. Agree about the bathroom Miafortune. It’s is a risky place indeed. Actually many of the medical alert pendants are still listed water resistant, and this bugs us too. In speaking with the companies, they do say that “light showering” isn’t likely to cause an issue. As in everything, verify first.

      Here’s the quote from Medical Guardian’s “Classic Guardian” product: “While the base station is not water-resistant, the emergency help buttons are highly water-resistant so you can call for help from anywhere in your home – even in the bathroom.”

    1. Thx for catching that Rag – It was a typo (and you were absolutely correct about their in-home pricing. Note that for cellular (mobile) option, their pricing starts at $69/month, and if you add the “bathroom accessory” (button) the pricing goes up to $89/month.

  18. Anyone have any information about 911 Help Now? My mother bought it and I’m investigating for her if worth keeping or return. No monthly fee, only around $100, but I’m wondering if she’s getting what she’s paid for ( another words not much) since other similar products are much more expensive. Thank you
  19. Figuring out a long-term living solution for your parents, grandparents, or any seniors in your life can be difficult. Assisted living homes are always an option, but are often expensive and are met with hostility by many seniors. Moving them in with family may also be resisted, but might not be the best option if the family is not home during the day, putting seniors at risk. If you are trying to figure out an option for a senior who still wants to live their lives independently, but who needs a backup plan, emergency alert device for seniors might be an option worth investigating. Emergency / medical alert device for seniors are popular alternatives to assisted living facilities or nursing homes. These devices allow seniors to regain control of their lives, by living a normal, independent lifestyle, without compromising on their health or safety. If these medical alert system devices sound like something that would benefit the senior in your life, look into Tymin Health Care’s emergency alert systems telephone: [url redacted – admin]
  20. My Mother is non English speaking and we would like to get an alert system that she could push the button and talk to us directly through our cell phones, not an operator. Does something like this exist and where could we buy it from?
  21. Any serious medical emergency could occur anytime, and because doctors have no accurate way of predicting when it would happen, the only logical way to manage it is by conducting 24-hour monitoring of the patient. There is a gap in attention, and unfortunately, it is through those gaps that accidents happen. Caregivers and doctors recommend medical alert system primarily because the service could accomplish things that they could not. Thanks for the reviews.
  22. Cell calls have a tendency not to go through. I haven’t seen that any of the cell based units can detect this and retry the call. Do you know of any that do?
    1. Patty – I need a little more information to answer this appropriately. Most medical alert system providers use the same call center for the in-home medical alert systems AND the cellular based systems. Here are some reasons calls might not “go through” to the call center:

      You may be too far away from the base station for the pendant button to be detected by the base station.
      You may have an issue with your equipment.
      Your call center may be going through a staff event (like turnover, or whatever)

      Regardless of the reason, you should a) Notify your provider of your concerns, and b) Test your equipment again. You own these devices to notify others in-case of emergency… It should work perfectly under appropriate conditions. Hope that helps-

  23. Thank you for this great info. Which device would you recommend for my Mom who spends 3 months a year in Arizona and is based in Michigan? She does not have a smart phone and does have land lines in both homes. Many thanks for your help.
    1. Hi Terry- Any of the recommended alert systems above should work for your mom. If she chooses a traditional landline based system, she would need to let customer service know that she is traveling to her other home so that they could update her information. If she goes with a cellular system, it would work anywhere (as long as there is a cellular signal) but it would still be a good idea to update her location once she has settled. Hope that helps!

  24. Have a challenge for you I think, trying to find a medical alert device with fall detection that can be used in home and away, and contacts a help center on alert. I know, several out there, this is for my mother in law who has a pacemaker, which apparently prevents using the wearable cellular devices. I’m thinking a Bluetooth enabled button would work, which I have found one (V.ALERT), but it doesn’t have a help center or fall detection, only calls out to 3 predefined numbers. Does anyone know of any others? Thanks, Eric
    1. Hi Eric- V.Alrt does in fact have fall detection, fyi. Many medical alert systems are compatible with pacemakers- for example, on Bay Alarm Medical’s website, it specifically states that “there is no magnetic component involved so our equipment will not affect pacemakers in any way.” Hope this helps, let me know if you need additional suggestions. Best, Amie

      1. Thanks Amie, I think the issue is if its cellular based, and the pendant is actually the cellular device (this can disrupt the pacemaker). I checked with Bay Alarm Medical and they don’t have a solution. What I think would work, is a pendant like V.ALRT that uses bluetooth to connect to a mobile phone, that has the Call Center support. My understanding is the V.ALRT will text/call 3 predefined numbers, but doesn’t offer call center support, correct? Seems like it would be a pretty slick solution and cheaper since you aren’t paying for another cellular line for the device. Thanks for your help, Eric
        1. Hi Eric- Correct, the V.ALRT does not connect to a call center which is why there is no monthly fee for monitoring services. Have you checked out Better Alerts? Here is the review I did last year- This might be another option for you. Hope that helps! Best, Amie

        2. Just FYI, my mom has worn a cellular based system for years and has had no issues with her pacemaker. She had the Verizon SureResponse system, which is being discontinued and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyway.
        1. Hi Beth, Im not sure what you mean by “default”. We list them both as “Top Picks” and recommend both companies to our community members. They are both awesome to work with. Hope that helps! 🙂

      2. When I initially obtained a medical alert devise (Great Call Splash) for my mother a few years ago, the fall detection wasn’t very developed, so we did not get it. Now she needs it and wondering which company has the best rating for the fall detection option. We still have Great Call Splash device, but I have also been reviewing Medical Alert systems, but am open to any information since fall detection is the most critical need. Thank you, Maria
        1. Hi Maria, You can’t go wrong with fall detection from the top companies on our list. However, keep in mind that no fall detection is 100% accurate, but it gets better and better every year! Hope this helps, Amie

  25. I’m looking for something with gps and no monthy fees. Something like Next Alert’s One Button Emergency 911 Only Mobile Cell Phone, maybe, but with gps. Do you have any suggestions? I can’t seem to find anything like this.
    1. Hi Laro- Have you checked out VALRT? We wrote a review about it last year- It does need to be within bluetooth range of your smartphone to operate, but it does everything you are asking for $39.99. There are no monthly fees. Hope that helps! Best, Amie

  26. Avoid Life Alert at all costs. Once you contact them, they will keep on calling and bugging you. I have asked them repeatedly to stop, but they don’t.
  27. This was a great analysis and very helpful. However, all of these systems go through a call center of some sort. I’m looking for a device that will call my own cell phone. My Mom lives with me and I’m nearly always home, but I can’t always hear her call to me if she needs something, especially when she falls out of bed. I was planning to buy a pager-type call button, but it would be nice to receive the page on my cell phone rather than carrying an additional device. Thanks for your help!
    1. Hi Krista- perhaps the V.ALRT is closer to what you are looking for? Check out my review here- Hope that helps! Best, Amie

    2. Also wanted to make you aware of RescueTouch. This is a newer player on the market and we like them a lot. You can use this little device to call your loved ones, caregivers, or a neighbor. Your choice. You can read our full review here —>

  28. hi there, great info here. i’ve been looking for a system with gps, mobile, fall detection, and two way communication for a rural area. so far the systems all use AT&T. the only cell service we have is verizon. any advice? also, have you reviewed any of the apps available for iPhone? i’ve come across mandown and am wondering about that. any help is appreciated. thanks!
  29. Would like to have a brochure sent on this system. My mother is very hard of hearing and I want to find something she will feel safe on wearing and have the ability to hear someone if she should fall. Please send me pricing, etc…..thanks!
    1. Hi Nancy – I can’t tell which medical alert system you’re interested in. If you’re looking for 2 good ones to consider we’re recommending Bay Alarm and Medical Guardian right now.

  30. Thanks for the info! What do you recommend for a senior who is living in a rural setting where there is no cell phone service and who has a landline through wifi (Comcast/Xfinity cable provider.) The only time he doesn’t have any phone service, wifi or anyway to contact anybody when he loses power about 5 or 6 times a year. thanks for your help x
      1. Please check for a new type of self managed – using existing smart phones and 911 a safety device which you can purchase off the shelf, install, configure and use.
  31. As the population ages, it can be important to make sure that those that you love stay safe. I like how some personal health alarms have options to be connected to your mobile devices. This way you can check in on the condition of your family member when ever you feel like it. Thanks for the reviews.
  32. For those that have a smartphone, you could also look at apps like EyeOn App ( It’s the opposite logic of pressing a button (which is good when they don’t have it, can’t press it, or just don’t want to press it). Instead, you set a schedule inside the app for when you get checked on. If the user does’t respond, then friends/family are notified. No extra hardware and no subscription costs.
  33. Which ones do you recommend I look at? I know Life Alert has a 36 month (3 year) contract which surprises me. Why does it require that? Questionable. Expensive also at $70 a month for the mobile plan. But is it the best one (forget pricing)?
    1. Russ, It really depends on your needs which is hard to determine in a quick comment but I’ll try. If all you need is a functioning medical alert system (small pendant) for in-home use we like both Philips Lifeline and Bay Alarm. If you don’t care about size of the wearable look at Costco’s MediPendant or the GreatCAll Splash. If you need a mobile alert system (cellular) there are some other interesting options and newer alert systems to look at.
      Hope that helps, there are a lot of really great choices out there. We always recommend that you DO NOT sign a long-term agreement. If you do, make sure you have an out clause that allows you to leave without penalty (or minimal penalty). The reason we offer a variety of recommended options for consumers is that we want people to do their homework on these items. Each persons needs are unique, so you need to ask medical alert providers good questions to narrow down the options that are right for you.

    2. Here is my recommendation – Try this 100% DIY system – it is easy to setup, alert is connected to friends and family which can be setup and changed easily, you are connected to 911 or a monitoring station (for extra fees).. You can cancel it any time and continue it any time with your credit card or bank information. Check this short video for how Anchor works or visit [url redacted – admin]
  34. I have them now but I have not had to call in an emergency. I did a preliminary call to check to see if it was working. It took about 15 seconds to speak with a dispatcher.

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